Christina Nolan on Biden speech: ‘Damage from Defund Movement already done’

March 1, 2022

Burlington – Today, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney and Republican candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address:

“While President Biden went out of his way to express opposition to the misguided ‘defund the police’ movement, the damage is already done and Vermont communities are paying the price. Crime has ravaged our cities, law enforcement is demoralized, the opioid epidemic is taking too many lives and public safety hangs in the balance. As U.S. Attorney, I consistently supported fully funding the police to ensure law enforcement has the resources to serve and protect our communities. And as Vermont’s next senator, I will always stand up against policies that are detrimental to our state, regardless of party lines. Congressman Welch cannot say the same, as he votes 100 percent of the time with his party in Washington. Vermont can do better with a fresh perspective from its leaders in Congress and I am running to be an independent voice that will work across the aisle to do the right thing for our state.”

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11 thoughts on “Christina Nolan on Biden speech: ‘Damage from Defund Movement already done’

  1. Why are comments here negative towards Nolan when comments on her same press release are very positive in Vermont Daily Chronicle? Chittenden County Rino’s? Stardust any thoughts?

    • I and others opposed may not comment to those sites…I can only speak for self…Guy Page does great work however between Gab, Gettr and TNR stretched a bit thin but I drop in to the Chronicle and check it out occasionally. Whats the problem sir

  2. Nolan the Rino still has a primary to win before the voting begins – we patriots need to hope for a viable conservative even Indy to jump in

    • Plan was hatched by Leahy himself or he would be supporting Welch. And Leahy wouldn’t support his seat-taker if anything less than a stone-cold communist like Murkowski or Collins who do the bidding of the DemocratMarxists in Congress

  3. I am not a communist and those jumping on bandwagons unlike I for one and waiting for a better option rather the one served on a platter from the likes of the communists Chairman Phil and Pat Leahy shoehorning this communist Rino in will not vote for Nolan or Welch! 😀

    • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you do not vote for the lesser evil YOU are the problem!!

      • Nolan is no ones enemy oh stupified one and you are breathtakingly deceived poor fool… she like Bolshevick Bernie have delared they are not party members just borrowing the ticket for own selfish political pipedreams…in Nolans case to avoid crowded Dem field and fight with Welch…and suceeding in fooling Republicans and rallying fellow Rinos and Democrats in one fell swoop…further cashing in on the inevitable red wave

  4. Yes, DemocRATs are seeing support for their agenda ” TANK “, time to change the format
    for a vote, let’s tell the people to “support” the police now………. No shame !!

    Vermont, real Vermonters not the snowflakes going to college here, that think it’s cool to
    jump on the liberal bandwagon, like ” defund the police” and tax-paying citizens are the
    ones who suffer the most.

    But now PINO Biden is jumping off the socialist left’s agenda, so why now, he’s tanking and
    needs votes,…………Senile Joe, is a one-term PINO……Thank God !!.

  5. Let’s hope people wake up and vote Welch out. I doubt we will see that day but one never knows. Unfortunately, a majority of Vermonters complain, but no one voices their opinions. The responses to another rate hike for GMP is a perfect example. They send a letter so people can go on the PUC website and voice their opinion but so far only 3 people have taken the time to do so.

  6. Ms. Nolan understands the fundamental concept that it is the FIRST RESPONSIBILITY of government to have a system in place to protect it’s law-abiding citizens from those who behave in a predatory manner. Before any semblance of an organized society can ever evolve, A CREDIBLE system of sanctions against predatory individuals has to be in place. This concept is completely lost on demoprog leftists.

  7. You will have my vote. And the votes of everyone who is not a communist or stuck in deep stupid.

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