Chinese official attempts to blame US for coronavirus, despite spread’s origination in China

By Chris White

A Chinese official suggested Thursday that U.S. officials introduced coronavirus into China’s Wuhan region as the virus makes its way to the West from the communist nation.

“The director of the US Centers for Disease Control was arrested,” Lijian Zhao, deputy director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, said in a tweet suggesting Centers For Disease Control Robert Redfield was apprehended by authorities. Redfield was not arrested.

Zhao went on to accuse the U.S. of starting the pandemic.

He added: “When did Patient Zero appear in the United States? How many people are infected? What is the name of the hospital? It may be that the US military brought the epidemic to Wuhan. America needs to be transparent! The United States owes us an explanation!”

The first case of COVID-19 is believed to have appeared December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The virus has spread since February to 36 other countries and territories and has a global death toll of 3,041, according to the CDC‘s numbers.

Deaths from the virus in China hit 811 on Feb. 9, surpassing the number of patients who died from SARS, China’s National Health Commission noted at the time. China has reported roughly 80,000 cases since February, though the number of cases in the country appears to be declining.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is growing, with more than 1,000 in 39 states as the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic Wednesday. A global pandemic is defined as a virus that spreads across the world, and declaring an illness as such can have both political and economic consequences.

China found its own way to deal with the initial outbreak. Zhao’s government’s censors reportedly worked to suppress information about the virus as health professionals in the country spread their concern on a Chinese app called WeChat. They even punished officials who discretely warned superiors before it became a pandemic.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese official attempts to blame US for coronavirus, despite spread’s origination in China

  1. Claims of Red China victimization patently ridiculous – as they victimize their own ppl and everyone else wherever they go. As a Communist dictatorship never should have been admitted to WTO – thank the criminal Clintons for that one…as well as outsourcing of our manufacturing leading to the gutting of urban areas and rise of the ills we are now seeing – minorities, primarily the black community plus women and youth unemployment preTrump, addiction, rampant crime and gang warfare to name a few. Oh and as the importer of black market fentanyl – murdering our people while they’re at it.

    We do not share a common culture including the value of life or shared humanity. Barbaric practices of killing sentient beings using cruel methodology also a huge red flag as to who they are as a people. Ripping organs out of political prisoners and enslaving ethnic and faith communites including torture and hiding the evidence w/handy crematoriums is on par with Nazi Germany.

    Most of the world pandemics have started in China where filth and overcrowding of livestock is also part of their way of life -victimizing the rest of the world is their hobby.

  2. yeah … and how do we know the moon isn’t made of green cheese? Those astronaut stories haven’t been verified. It’s all just part of the military/industrial complex’s plan carried out by the CIA to victimize the Chinese people. Just like they did to the Cubans and Venezuelans.

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