Bob Orleck: Question what they are claiming is ‘science’

This commentary is by Bob Orleck, a retired pharmacist and former Vermont assistant attorney general under Vermont Attorney General Jerome Diamond.

In our local newspaper, The Herald of Randolph, it was headlined that an “unvaccinated” person died of COVID19. I point this out solely because the unvaccinated are being singled out for scrutiny. New reporting shows that such was perhaps misplaced at best.

As the Vermont Department of Health spokesman was quoted as saying:

In addition to being more likely to have severe illness and consequences like hospitalizations and deaths, older Vermonters were among the very first to be vaccinated, and therefore, have had more time to potentially become a vaccine breakthrough case, with these more severe outcomes.

The length of time those vaccinated who died is an interesting way to rationalize the larger percentage of deaths in the vaccinated, but such logic doesn’t stand up against the length of time that the unvaccinated have been unvaccinated and had much longer time to get infected.  Also, the statement seems to admit that deaths should be blamed on other causes instead of the virus. Such an admission seems to find support in the now-shown-wrongful diagnosing from the PCR test results.

Vermont Health Department spokesman Ben Truman also pointed to a Sept. 29 Covid dashboard slide showing “the extent to which the overall vaccinated population in Vermont is older than the unvaccinated population.” With every day bringing a change in the narrative about this or that and considering that the data being accumulated is likely coming from the discredited PCR test results, we cannot take this statement at face value. I want to know from the department the actual numbers that led to that quote. My guess is there is no such information available, and this is another grab-it-out-of-the-air statement.

Which brings up the question again about PCR. I doubt if many know that the FDA at the request of the CDC is withdrawing the Emergency Utilization Authorization (EUA) from the PCR test as of December 31. Why? It has been crystal clear to many in the medical field that the PCR test was never meant to diagnose a disease and has no way to show if a person is sick or not. Even the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry with that invention, was emphatic about that. It also cannot distinguish between a dead or live virus. Its results are also dependent on the cycle threshold at which it is read (anything past 35 cycle threshold will result in 97 percent false positives. The big question remains unanswered as to what cycle threshold are Vermont laboratories using to read the tests? We need those answers and no one who is tested should stop asking until they know what cycle threshold their test was read at. If the test is going to have any value, it must be used in connection with other clinical indications that a person is sick and if a person has no symptoms, there is no reason to even test, since such a test is worthless. Which brings another big question: Why are they waiting until Dec. 31st to withdraw the EUA for use in diagnosing. Why are the questions not asked and answered?

As was stated in the article:

However, other public health experts say the changing nature of the Covid virus also may be a factor. The CDC has noted that virtually all Covid-19 fatalities this month succumb after contracting the Delta variant. Critics of CDC vaccine policy say the current vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant.

And another quote from the article from the Dept of Health: “Age is an important predictor of disease severity, and we have been seeing that the Delta variant is taking a tragic and disproportionate toll on our older population.”

So again, we need to test these bald-faced statements such as “we have been seeing that the Delta variant is taking a tragic and disproportionate toll on our older population.” Department of Health, please tell us how many of the deaths were the result of Delta variant and how do you know that? Do you have a specific test for the Delta variant or is this another one of those assumption things? And if the answer given is that this person tested positive using PCR, we can assume that since the Delta variant is widespread nationwide, that even though we have never tested anyone for the Delta variant (which would require a genome study that is very expensive), we can assume that is the case. Really? Even though the PCR test results are inaccurate and all “false positives” are reported as “positives”? What does that say about the assumption?

The big question here then is how often and has anyone ever been tested for the Delta variant in Vermont? Further another big question is where can the data be found nationwide for testing that shows that the Delta variant is the primary virus now infecting people. It is very unlikely that there is data. And if there is data of positive PCR, that in and of itself is damning for this conclusion regarding the Delta variant.

As the article noted:

However, other public health experts say the changing nature of the Covid virus also may be a factor. The CDC has noted that virtually all Covid-19 fatalities this month succumb after contracting the Delta variant. Critics of CDC vaccine policy say the current vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant.

All I can say is prove it. My suspicion is that the CDC, if personified, would just be shaking its head and saying, “Oh well, I guess we will need a different and new jab to give to all the people out there, so let’s do it again to the economy, the schools, and just lock them down — after all, no real damage was done and we know what is best for the common folk out there.”

How come all the smart scientists connected with the government seem to miss the obvious issues, or are they just ignoring them and for what reason? With PCR data driving the planned yet to be unveiled campaigns until the New Year, just imagine the damage that can and will be done to us all, and especially the economy and our young people who are pawns in this battle.

If you care, get educated and question what they are claiming is science — for without questions, science becomes superstition and as worthless as believing the earth is flat.

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10 thoughts on “Bob Orleck: Question what they are claiming is ‘science’

  1. I had my COVID shot at the VA.

    The nurse said you may have this or that, which should last no longer than a few days.
    If those side effects last longer, come and see me.

    I waited for side effects to kick in, but I had no side effects at all.

    I think there are many people, not just elderly, etc, who have physical or even genetic weaknesses.
    Those people likely will have side effects, ranging from mild to very serious and even death.

    • The thing is, coronaviruses mutate rapidly: we knew that. The Wuhan vaccine strain doesn’t inactivate other strains. Vermont is an example of fundamental coronavirus vaccine failure; Israel is another. The answer isn’t more of the same.

      If the authorities would acknowledge inevitable harms– it’s simply unbelievable to think they could roll out mass vaccines in record time with minimal testing and not anticipate potentially serious side effects– and take care of the people so affected, then maybe we could have faith in the whole system. But those harmed aren’t taken care of at all.

      So the industrial medical complex is making billions off these vaccines and the boosters. Billions: the government is paying for everything. They have no liability whatsoever. We, the people, pay for harms.

      To boost vaccine sales they have to deny early treatment because if people take medicines to prevent Covid and so aren’t afraid of Covid, then they won’t be compelled to take what are largely useless, ineffective vaccines that many physicians believe are dangerous, but that are huge profit makers for the industrial medicine system.

      The extent of vaccine harm may depend on where the vaccine goes: if it mostly stays within the muscle and lymph system, OK. If it gets into the bloodstream and circulates, then by definition these vaccines induce the epithelial cells of the blood vessels to produce spike proteins, which white blood cells then attack– our own cells lining blood vessels. Hence, reports of clots and cardiac problems.

  2. Well they say, we’ll need more blind clinical tests….see what this man says and he didn’t even get the entire Math+ treatment.

    What are we doing in Vermont to treat our sick???? What????

    Entire countries are using different medicine, a state of 231 million in India is now Covid free and they didn’t use any vaccines!….they are making the truth hard to find. Peoples feet will be swinging in the wind when this is all over. Serious crimes against humanity.

    Course we have propganda exclusively in this 1st colony of the united nations, formerly known as Vermont.

    • Sorry for your friends father… at least he go counted in the statistics..
      another trick the cdc is pulling is not counting deaths as being from the
      vax unless they die more then 14 days after the jab…
      this along with altering the questions on the vaers report and making it more
      complicated to fill out… The cdc and fauci are not working for you and me, their working for the pharmaceutical industrial complex and it’s share holders
      in congress…
      Even with Vaer’s only reporting 10% of cases using the vax their showing 24k dead from it and 120k with permanent disabilities but still are forcing the poison crap on we the people

  3. We’ve always known that the elderly and frail were overwhelmingly the victims of serious Covid-19, but we continue to make our little children suffer by masking them and separating them.

    Who gains from all the restrictions, the fear, the masking, the over-reliance on vaccines, and the suppression of early treatment to prevent hospitalization and death? Industrialized, authoritarian, top-down medicine gains. Who is supporting industrialized, authoritarian medicine? Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, the WHO, and the VTDOH.

    Focus on early treatment: it’s out there, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve hot-button, politicized drugs. By vaccinating the entire population instead of high risk groups, and by reaching down to vaccinate younger Vermonters, we’re creating a monster: a never-ending stream of income and aggrandizement for industrialized medicine.

    We’re pretending that no one, anywhere, has ever come up with effective and safe early treatment options for Covid-19. Such pretense is a deliberate deception whose purpose is to foster dependence on industrialized, authoritarian medicine. This is the way of fascism. This is how we lose our liberty, but as Dr. Fauci said: “it isn’t about freedom.” Dr. Fauci, if we live in America, then anytime there’s government over-reach, even ostensibly for medical “necessity,” then it’s all about freedom.

    The Nazis did things they thought were medically “necessary,” too. People lost their liberty and their lives because of this misguided necessity, and we’re going down the same path with our insistence on authoritarian, “necessary,” medicine. We’re seeing the purging of doctors and nurses who don’t go along with the program: this is EXACTLY what the Nazi regime did. This is no exaggeration. It’s not about “spreading”: the vaccinated spread the disease too, as they’re doing in Israel and Vermont, which are now seeing the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began (the vaccines only target the Wuhan strain, and viruses mutate.) It’s about ideological purity within the medical profession. The parallels with Nazism are frightening, and real.

  4. If ONLY viruses were real.
    Even doctors don’t know virology is a made up field that Pasteur admitted to in his diaries discovered by his son after his death: NO SUCH THING AS VIRUSES.

    In 2021, Dr. Robert O. Young reveals the results of Freedom of Information Act requests to the CDC, for any evidence that viruses exist.
    You can download and read the FOIA’d responses from the CDC on DOZENS of viruses – THEY DO NOT EXIST. NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED.

    If only doctors did due diligence too. We might feel safer taking their advice.

  5. The political before science is silent now, it’s part of the NWOnics. (New World Order phonics).

    It’s all about power and money. Then this type of science makes perfect sense. This is not to be confused with the old fashioned scientific method, which has been replaced with the scientific consensus and silencing, which is much more effective science*

    Facts and truth get in the way of agenda’s you know.

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