Scott admin unaware if DHS is flying illegal immigrants from southern border to Vermont

By Guy Page

The Scott administration is unaware of any plans by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to fly illegal migrants from the southwest border to Vermont, Press Secretary Jason Maulucci said Thursday.

An internal Department of Homeland Security memo discusses the transfer of migrants from the overwhelmed southern border to the Swanton Sector of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), which includes all of the Vermont-Canada border and parts of the international border, the Washington Free Beacon reported Oct. 7.

“This is the first anyone in our office has heard anything about this. We are unaware of any plans DHS might have,” Maulucci said.

A Customs and Border Patrol spokesperson answered a Chronicle inquiry Friday: “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continually evaluates possible contingency plans and adjusts its operations as circumstances dictate, but currently there are no plans to transfer migrants from the Southwest border to the Northern or Coastal borders.”

Neither answer is surprising, as the memo shows an agency considering options for relieving the overcrowding on the southern border, not an agency that has a plan it’s ready to announce to other governmental affected states. For example, the memo — which is not reproduced in the story — asks whether additional “processing machines” are required. This may refer to CBP fingerprinting machines that immediately load prints into a data base.

Viewed from the office of a Homeland Security senior official, the quiet Swanton sector would seem a tempting place to process and detain suspected illegal immigrants. Last year, the Swanton Sector had a mere 2,155 “encounters” — CBP-speak for apprehensions of attempted crossings by illegal immigrants. However, such a ‘central office’ decision could overwhelm the Swanton Sector’s processing facilities, which presumably are scaled to handle a relative trickle of encounters. By comparison, the southern border district had over 400,000 encounters, according to CBP statistics:


Not that attempted entry into Vermont has been a trickle in recent weeks. During the past weekend, 21 people — mostly Central Americans — were caught and expelled trying to enter Vermont. “Another busy weekend for #BorderPatrol in #Vermont!,” the Swanton Sector Border Patrol Facebook post exclaimed.

The previous weekend, seven Guatemalans were caught and expelled. The memo also shows that the Swanton Sector would need new computers and cellular systems to internet connections, the Free Beacon reports. Compared to flat southern border regions, the Swanton sector is hilly and Vermont’s cellular and internet service remain spotty, especially in rural areas. Many are the ‘Black Holes’ where cellphones and GPS driving directions and tracking devices would be rendered useless.Given that DHS seems to be ramping up a Vermont airlift during late fall and winter, there’s also the question of Vermont’s chilly northern climate.

One senior DHS official quoted in the Free Beacon seems to be aware of the problem: “The idea of moving migrants from Haiti and South America to one of the country’s coldest regions shows how disastrous the situation is on the southern border and that DHS is running low on options.”

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Bill Morrow

9 thoughts on “Scott admin unaware if DHS is flying illegal immigrants from southern border to Vermont

  1. What crock, a month ago Flip Flop stated he would welcome ” Illegals ” and now it’s a surprise,
    he sounds like Illegitimate Joe stating the border is closed …….. how pathetic !!

  2. If our elected Governor isn’t aware of the Federal Government flying illegals into our Republic, then he shouldn’t complain if some good citizens put them on contract buses and move them outside our borders.

  3. Benedict Scott is a selective Leftist depending on the situation, make this his last elective irregardless.

  4. The New World Order…..

    some are getting very, very comfortable with their positions of power, granted to them not by the constitution and the voters, but the NEW WORLD ORDER…..they are saying it. To our NWO pimps in Vermont, give them credit, they aren’t talking about it openly…..but they are following orders.

    notice what they want to control…zoning, schools….every move you make and trace you daily. THEIR WORDS!!!!!! (though some of us have been speaking about this for awhile)

  5. I doubt the bidung corrupt regime is sending them to a friendly “blue” state… they only want them in the red states to flip the vote so Dominion won’t have to work
    as hard at cheating the vote… and as a punishment for not following all
    of the pedo and thief’s policies.. We all know scott is clueless to begin with as he push the Alzheimer ijit for the top spot… because unity… how’s that working for our
    fourth STOOGE….

    • Stranger than fiction?

      This is an excellent point – the report could easily be a classic misdirection. Either way, hundreds of thousands of people are crossing our southern border illegally, the Biden administration will disperse them as secretly as it can, and don’t be surprised if the targeted destinations are primarily conservative ‘red’ states, not places like Vermont.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out that someone like Stephen King, author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime novels, is writing this script. King’s ‘The Running Man’ comes to mind. The paradox is, of course, that King’s ‘contestants’, when declared ‘enemy of the state’ and hunted down, aren’t illegal immigrants, but rather conservative citizens (e.g. parents complaining to school boards). Attorney General, Merrick Garland, who luckily didn’t become a Supreme Court Justice, is playing the part of the evil Games Network host directing the ‘hunters’.

      All reasonable people should believe this is all fiction – a least for now.


  7. Is anyone keeping track of Scott responding with being unaware of issues going on in the State with his administration or what the Fed is doing in Vermont? As Governor, can Phil tell us what is he aware of other than Fauci’s/CDC/CCP criminal corrupted propaganda? Clown Puppet

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