‘Big tent’ philosophy rules in GOP platform vote Saturday

Guy Page

GOP U.S. Senate candidates Gerald Malloy (left) of Perkinsville and Christina Nolan (right) of Westford chat at the Vermont State GOP meeting March 19, 2022, in South Burlington.

By Guy Page

Vermont GOP State Committee won’t require tighter adherence to the party platform, voters decided 48-24 Saturday at the quarter meeting held Saturday in South Burlington.

The vote was prompted by a proposed rule change by Jim Sexton of Essex Junction. Concerned that statewide candidates (including Gov. Phil Scott) have not always voted or implemented policies conforming to the party platform on free speech, gun rights, property rights and the sanctity of life, Sexton requested a rule change allowing discipline of candidates who veer from the platform.

Speaking to the crowd with about 20 supporters behind him, Sexton declared that “we’re not compromising anymore.” He’s heard from many Vermonters who say they can no longer support the party because of these defections from the party platform, he said.

In response, Rules Committee Chair Tom Koch and other committee members argued that threatening to discipline candidates will only discourage people from coming to run for office. The party needs a big tent approach, not more restrictions, Koch said. Also speaking in favor of Koch’s position were Sen. Joe Benning (Caledonia), Rep. Casey Toof (St. Albans), and former Rep Janssen Wilhoit (St. Johnsbury).

Guy Page

CANDIDATES FOR CONGRESS: Anya Tynio of Island Pond, left, and Ericka Redic of Burlington both told voters they are running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Congress.

Attendees also learned there will be a Republican primary for the U.S. Congress seat. Two-time candidate Anya Tynio of Island Pond announced she will seek election again, joining Ericka Redic as the two candidates (so far) to announce the intent to replace Rep. Peter Welch, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Attendees also had the opportunity to meet Senate candidates Christina Nolan of Westford and Gerald Malloy of Perkinsville. Malloy is a retired U.S. Army officer and federal worker. Nolan is the former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Donald Trump. They also heard from independent Senate candidate Mark Coester, who is a member of the Westminster GOP committee.

“We need a party full of leaders who want to do the work,” Dame told the crowd of an estimated 100 people present at a Williston Road restaurant. “There is no cavalry coming. We are our own cavalry.” In agreement with his sentiment, town and county committees are busy recruiting candidates and updating phone and mailing lists. For example, the Washington County GOP will hold a work session Thursday, March 31 in Berlin from 6-8 pm.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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16 thoughts on “‘Big tent’ philosophy rules in GOP platform vote Saturday

  1. Indy ticket: Jim Sexton For Governor of VT
    For the “it would split the vote” hysterics doesn’t matter which party wins lol and in fact would serve VTGOP traitors poetic justice to collapse altogether

    • Or…we would have a true conservative as VT Governor…the tip of the hand was Milne…altho part of the Rino wing of the party my belief is he could have survived the recount but was cautioned by Douglas to concede and run again… *facepalm* another example of how diseased VTGOP is and what this complete fool did to the party.

  2. I left the Democratic Party in 2014 because I felt it had become too ideological and impractical. I tend to favor those who are both caring and pragmatic and do not look to government to solve all the problems of the world but to provide opportunities for people to make the most of themselves.

    The Vermont Republican Party has a long history of both pragmatism and competence. The Republican Governors that have served in modern times: Davis, Snelling, Douglas, and Scott have all exemplified these qualities and it is his pragmatism and competence that have gotten Scott elected again and again. These qualities are the Vermont Republican Party’s strong suit. They not ideological purity is what Vermont needs now at a time when so many impractical laws are being proposed..
    Hopefully, with hard work and good candidates this message which was re-affirmed at State Committee Meeting will prevail in November.

  3. It’s the open primaries in VT stupid. The vast majority of liberal lapdog Chancellor Scotts’ support is from Democrats. Mr McLinden is clearly a Rinos’ Rino and the face of what is wrong with the party – complete abdication of our values – as such all op-eds from party members who do not come out and reject this treason ring hollow. And now appears to think he’s mindreader as he claims to know what voters are thinking. Follow the money wherever conservative values are kicked to the curb.

    Allowing the Dems and Progressives to run on our ticket and do nothing for the party guarantees their wins bc of open-primary voting which is illegal in many or most states and recently outlawed in NH and will lead to the destruction of the party. The small but reliable monthly donations I send will not make or break the party however I encourage other patriots to follow and also run Patriot Conservatives on an Indy slate and leave the fetid rot of both parties to their fate.

    Aand…Mike Lindell discovered every state that used Dominion voting systems had invalid votes – even the Republican wins. We are all Windham NH where all Republicans had 300 votes shaved of by whoever programmed the machine. LSM the New England official who runs the New England hovered around the fraudulent election audit like a mother hen as the voting records mysteriously disappeared to to a machine ‘malfunction’

  4. Sorry to see you go, stardust. I hope you’ll find happiness somewhere.

    The reality of the situation in Vermont is that Democrats outnumber Republicans, and there are many “Independents” that will vote either way. Add to that the number of people that claim to be Republican or “Conservative” that don’t vote because they’re convinced it’s a waste of time.

    Republicans have very few active supporters , few candidates, and little money. Much of our media is little more than a propaganda ministry for the Progressives.

    Seems to me that anybody that ISN’T a Progressive is someone we need to communicate with.

    How many “moderate” Democrats and Independents are unhappy right now, and willing to listen to
    a Republican message ?

    How receptive would these people be to the hard line that some think the GOP should adopt ?

    • Dear Paul we need more ppl like you sir …however w/o a border we have no country as such if we allow Dems, Progs and Marxists we have no party pls put on thinking cap if ya really care about this Maoist Cultural Revolution in VT

    • Personally do not need a political party to make me “happy” sir. Have been Indy voting R unless its for Dems masqerading in GOP clothing such as Benedict Scott – completely owned by the Democrat Party with exponentially more Dem support and bankrolling the governorship. Oh my, Scott is scored as “Friendly” by the Chinese Communist Party…hmm

      The Democrats under communist control of globalism have been joyfully digging a grave for conservatives and most of all the GOP…you dummiess just let the thieves and murderers in the back door with a warm welcome no less.

      I watched as the GOP demolished under Jim Douglas. Decided to become a member and support the party from within however I cannot support traitors that are in actuality between the sheets with Communists…it is Jim Sexton who is the beating heart of the party and knifed @ this meeting which nailed the coffin. Lotsa luck ppl.

    • To Paul: Then either fold the state GOP or merge it with the Democrats. The latter is done for quite a few candidates at election, as evidenced on ballots.

    • For 20 years VT GOP has been pushing the Uniparty message. What’s that got you?

      No Money.
      Complete defeat
      Democratic Super Majorities.

      So you are going to do more of the same?

      The problem is people think it’s the values that aren’t sold. No the values are perfect.
      The problem is VTGOP doesn’t own their own conversation, they always play defense and fall into the tricks, EVERYTIME whereby the Democrats own the conversation and the public discourse.

      We have no leadership. We don’t even own agenda. Every article in the True North Reports is a rebuttal of what the Dems are doing. Which immediately gives the entire conversation and control to the Uniparty.

      There are many conversations that would peak the interest of Independents, but VTGOP doesn’t even bring them up.

      We took a completely, conservative, republican platform and could speak to the most liberal of people and get a signature. Should have done more, we didn’t know anything about running for office.

      School Funding

      These issues cross party lines. These issues are a huge struggle for every family in Vermont. Families, are broken up, there is no housing, good jobs in our state, the young leave.

      The VTGOP deserves no money, no victory, they have not done their homework, they only do the same thing over and over expecting different results.

      You can take a man like Sexton, take off the edge and build a party, he will stand by his values, while others check the wind daily to see how they will vote. Difference between leadership and a politician.

      The VTGOP will be broke again this year. Will not pick up any major seats. EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY knows that. Not getting a new plan is a waste of everyone’s time and effort.

      There are 112,704 people behind enemy lines looking to work, give and spend their hard earned money in support of an American loving party. They don’t see it yet, Neither do I.

  5. I was on the rules committee and voted against adopting the Jim Sexton’s amendment. I’m a fan of Jim Sexton’s but I don’t believe this is the way for Republicans to gain influence in Montpelier. The problem in not with the VTGOP, the problem is with Vermont voters who overwhelmingly support liberal and even radical left-wing candidates. Last year Jim led a movement to throw Phil Scott out of the Republican Party, and I believe this amendment is an other skirmish in that battle. While the governor has at times gone out of his way to anger Republicans, myself included, the reality is that he has done more to push back against the deeply flawed Progressive agenda than any other person in the state with his vetoes of Progressive legislation; his veto of the gun bill is just the latest example.
    Would Republicans like a more Conservative governor? We had a chance to vote on that question in the 2020 primaries and GOP voters overwhelmingly chose moderate candidates over highly qualified Conservative candidates in both the Governor and Lt. Governor’s race because they judged the Conservative candidates had no chance of winning in liberal VT. Joe Biden outvoted Donald Trump 4 to 1 in my town so electing a Conservative Republican is an unrealistic expectation. So we could throw in the towel, OR elect a moderate Republican as we did, who would no doubt run afoul of Jim Sexton’s amendment. Jim blames the VTGOP, I believe the problem lies with the voters. Until we are successful reaching them with the virtues of the Republican alternative to the radical left agenda, I will support Republicans of all stripes in order to gain a veto-proof minority, and some day a majority that can rescue the state from the grasp of the left-wing agenda. Unfortunately Jim’s amendment would likely hurt that effort.

    • I am done with the VT GOP. To say that it’s better to get RINOs elected that support progressive ideas than to support true Republicans makes no sense. Phil Scott has pushed progressive legislation including gun legislation; do you think that the left would stop with one bill?
      If he were a solid Republican he would be endorsing Republicans so inroads can be made. I’ve only known him to endorse 2 RINOs plus a couple left leaning independents.
      Harry Truman famously said that given the choice between a Democrat and a Democrat the voters will choose the Democrat every time. So if it comes down to picking a left leaning Republican or a Democrat why not just vote for the person who admits what (s)he is?
      I have been disappointed for the last time.

    • Many would disagree.

      Gov Scott, voted and publically, world wide as a matter of fact….for Joe Biden.

      Joe Biden represents Build Back Better, which is not his slogan, but one of Schuab and the new world order. You hear leaders around the globe chanting “Build Back Better”. This is Marxism, hidden behind “Save the World” who’s solution always involves taking all your money and giving it to the government.

      For Gods’ sake they shout and claim “You will own nothing and be happy.” which taken alone might even sell. However, what they don’t say is We’ll own EVERYTHING, and that include YOU.

      Social Credit score?

      Tom, I thought more of you.

      It’s not “conservative” it’s AMERICAN!

      We have more in common with our democratic “enemies” than the elite. We want good schools, no drug addictions and crimes, we don’t want our 6 years olds prostituted, we want good schools, good jobs, we don’t want unplanned pregnancies, we don’t want censorship, we want truth and science. We want love, peace…..

      If the leader of the Republican party can publicly announce he’s voting for the “other team”, which in a way he’s not, he’s voting team uniparty.

      The VTGOP is uniparty, which is not American. And that is why he should be jettisoned. Just like the others.

      If we all side with the uniparty, the uniparty wins.
      If we all fight each other, the uniparty wins.

      If we stand by each other, loving our neighbor, finding the common ground solving our problems where the commonality lies…..America wins, truth wins. People come together.

      Voting Uniparty does not help Vermont in anyway.

  6. VT GOP is now officially run by RINOs. I can no longer support the party and am cancelling membership as well as monthly donations. It’s one big happy Marxist family here in VT

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