Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns

By Andrew Kerr

Vermont Sen. and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released 10 years of tax returns Monday, confirming his membership in the millionaire class.

Sanders, who frequently railed against millionaires and billionaires during his 2016 presidential primary campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saw his income skyrocket into seven figures in 2016.

After earning an average of $280,975 per year from 2009 through 2015, the self-avowed Democratic-socialist disclosed earning an adjusted gross income of $1,062,626 in 2016, $1,131,925 in 2017, and $561,293 in 2018.

“These tax returns show that our family has been fortunate,” Sanders said in a statement. “I am very grateful for that, as I grew up in a family that lived paycheck to paycheck and I know the stress of economic insecurity.”

Sanders said in a late-December 2016 tweet that he was “not” comfortable in seeing a “huge increase in millionaires in billionaire but have more people living in poverty than ever.”

The Democratic-socialist purchased his third home in 2016 — a $575,000 lake-front property in Vermont, according to Fox News.

Sanders and his wife, Jane Sanders, paid an effective tax rate of 26 percent in 2018. In 2016 and 2017, when he earned “significant income from his books,” Sanders paid an effective tax rate of 35 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Sanders admitted he was a millionaire in an interview Tuesday with The New York Times.

“I wrote a best-selling book,” he said. “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

After Sanders released his tax returns, his campaign manager called on President Donald Trump and all Democratic primary candidates to disclose their tax returns.

“Bernie Sanders has been filing detailed financial disclosures for almost 30 years, and he is proud to voluntarily make these tax returns available many months before the election,” said Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir. “Senator Sanders believes it is a privilege to live in the United States and he believes it is patriotic to pay the taxes that support our country. As a strong proponent of transparency, the senator hopes President Trump and all Democratic primary candidates will disclose their tax returns.”

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6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns

  1. I learned when trying to produce a book, it’s in the name Not what the contents are and how good it is. If a “no-name” you struggle. Hey, the Hildabeast got published for “It takes a Village”. Neither the Beast or the Burn wrote the damn thing, a “ghost writer”.

    So they strut around and say “look at what I did”, I’m rich—again based on someone else’s talents and connections. The Burn was on too many soap boxes selling snake oil to write a book. Get real. It’s not who you know, but who you blow.

  2. So it turns out El Burnmeister ,man of the people in reality is a Communist millionaire hypocrite,who condemns the 1 % which he is a healthy member of.

  3. Socialist Sanders actually stating he’s a 1% ‘er, the same people he ” loathed ” for years
    what a ” Hypocrite “….. It’s because I had a ” #1 Bestseller Books”, what fools spent their
    money on his BS, well maybe your money as they are socialist !!

    Sanders states, you too can become a 1%’er if you write a book as I did, arrogance at it’s

    Instead of writing a Fiction Novels, like what runs in his mind, maybe he should follow
    the other ” Millionaires “, start a business hire people to produce a product people want
    and buy ” Money Earned & Money Spent “………………..

    Just think Socialist Sanders earned his $$ with capitalism ????

    What a Buffoon.

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