Bernie Sanders peddles global warming fear at energy resource fair

At a recent energy resource fair and town meeting attended by representatives of, Renewable Energy Vermont, Efficiency Vermont, and VSECU Credit Union, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pitched green energy applications and said imminent climate doom should motivate Vermonters to go green with their homes, automobiles and more.

Some notable quotables from the speech:

If we have any hope of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change — including widespread crop failures, increased hunger, mass migrations, illness, ecosystem destruction and extinction of species — we have to dramatically curb carbon emissions and we have to do it now. Unfortunately, tragically, we have a president and an EPA leadership which clings to the absurd notion that climate change is a hoax — and how dangerous and tragic that is.

Don’t let Fox television or anybody else tell you that this country is divided on the issue of climate change — it is not. The vast majority of the American people know that climate change is real, that it is already causing devastating problems in our country and all over the world in terms of heat waves, in terms of prolonged droughts, more extreme storms, melting ice caps, and much more.

Let me also tell you about the other reason we should be investing in energy efficiency and sustainable energy, and that is in terms of climate change. As you all know, we are dealing with the great environmental crisis facing not only Vermont, not only America, but the entire world. And I know that all of you agree with me that we have a moral responsibility to leave this planet … healthy and habitable for future generations.

Watch video above for full speeches by Sanders and others.

Image courtesy of ORCA media (YouTube screen capture)

10 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders peddles global warming fear at energy resource fair

  1. Sanders is beyond rational jabbering about climate.
    He should stick to Socialism that failed in Cuba, the Soviet Union and China and many more places.

    The Most Recent Cycle:
    The peak temperature of the most recent cycle (the fourth) was about 125,000 years BP, and its maximum glaciation was from 26,500 – 19,000 years BP. The initial temperature decrease was from a peak of +3 C above reference about 130,000 years BP to 7 C below reference about 110,000 years BP, a delta T = 10 C over a period of about 20,000 years, which is not noticeable, on a human scale. The ultimate low temperature was about 9.5 C below reference about 20,000 years BP.

    NOTE: It is much harder for the earth to warm 2 – 3 C above long-term average than to cool down 9 – 10 C below long-term average, as proven by the four cycles of temperature and CO2 data obtained from 420,000 years of ice cores.
    After all, the earth is surrounded by cold outer space. Cooling down is easy, whereas warming up is hard, even with a doubling of CO2.

    This URL references several other URLs, which should be studied.

    The high temperature of the most recent cycle was about 3.0 C above long-term average about 130,000 before present.
    The temperature decreased to about 9.5 C below long-term average by about 26500 before present.
    The most recent glaciation period (26500 – 19000) ended about 19000 years ago.
    A warming from about minus 9.5 C to about plus 2 C occurred over a period of about 11000 years.
    The warming peaked about 8200 years ago. A cooling has been going on ever since.
    The Minoan Warm Period was warmer than today.
    The Roman Warm Period, warmer than today, was followed by the Dark Ages, a colder period.
    The Medieval Warm Period, warmer than today, was followed by the Little Ice Age, a colder period
    All that time CO2 was nearly unchanged.
    From that, any rational person would conclude, factors other than CO2 are responsible.
    I am still waiting for the IPCC to explain those changes, as well as the Little Ice Age (1450 – 1850).

    During the latest glaciation period (26,500 – 19,000 years before present), sea levels were about 120 meter (470 feet) below present levels. The world’s desert areas, including the Sahara, were much larger than at present. The world population (about 1 – 2 million) during that glaciation period (lasting about 7,500 years), likely had a tough time dealing with the cold.

    A rapid warming trend from 8 C below reference to about 2 C above reference, similar to the prior cycles, started about 18000 years BP and ended about 11,200 years BP. Unlike the prior cycles, this time the temperature did NOT rapidly decrease, but has been lingering for about 11,200 years. See upper left corner of URL.

  2. One hour, 21 minutes and 47 seconds! With the exception of the bimbo who introduced him, there wasn’t anything that smelled like truth. Sturm un drang over a dead issue. That was a waste of precious electricity which he’ll want to heat and light his four castles.

  3. Global warming is out, climate change is in. GW doesn’t work anymore, so they change the story, and pretend they always said climate change. So a global warming skeptic (denier) is now a climate change denier.
    When challenged on this, they say that they mean “the rate of change is unprecedented”.
    Tell that to the wooly mammoths found frozen in glaciers, with their last meal undigested in their stomachs.
    That must have been a pretty rapid climate change!
    Orwellian, as in “we have always been at war with East Asia”. Or was that Eurasia.
    Cult-like irrationality.

  4. Hard to believe, but there ARE people who think that there are other people who think the climate isn’t changing – and they label these people Deniers. This is a popular lie told over and over to quash any discussion about climate change other than man-made CO2 influenced climate change, the “cure” for which is massive redistribution of wealth. Bernie & others claim they can stop the climate from changing by the sacrifice of others through increases taxes and diminished standards of living (aren’t the Gods always appeased by sacrifice?). This is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe so many people buy into it. Despite the (also ridiculous) claim that “the science is settled”, there is hard data contradicting computer models and there are other, more influential factors in climate change than CO2 levels. Scientific inquiry continues to enlighten us to the complexity planet Earth and the Cosmos. The climate is changing, as it always has, and and there is nothing Bernie or anyone can do about it. Don’t get suckered by these charlatans.

  5. Climate change IS real. Its also been happening for millions of years and it has nothing to do with man, or cow flatulence. Go away Bernie, just go away!

  6. Here we go again Bernie ” Soap Box ” Sanders now his rhetoric is for Global Warming,
    is there anything he can’t BS about.

    Will ever go away, stay away !!

    • He won’t talk about Venezuela, Nicaragua or California. These are all failed Socialist States. Doesn’t leave him much to praise.

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