Balint catches COVID after vaccination and two boosters while attending unmasked super-spreader event in DC

Congressional candidate Becca Balint announced on Monday that she caught COVID even after receiving vaccination and two booster shots.

The positive test result Monday came just days after she attended a White House Pride event last Wednesday.

According to a tweet posted Monday, Balint, a Democrat and the president pro tem of the Vermont Senate, wrote she began to feel “cold-like symptoms” Sunday evening. She said she will campaign for Vermont’s open U.S. House seat virtually from home while she recovers.

Some Twitter followers took the opportunity to pounce on her statements. “Capt. Tenneal” suggested that the trend of vaccinated persons catching COVID while boasting their vaccination status is common.

Twitter user @BerneBroomey expressed sarcasm about the apparent failure of vaccinations and boosters to protect Balint.

More responses from Balint critics and supporters can be found on Twitter here.

Balint has been at the forefront of calls for strict COVID mitigation measures since the beginning of the pandemic.

Guy Page

TEAM COVID: State Sen. Becca Balint, D-Windham, at left in black mask, has repeatedly called for stronger COVID mitigation measures.

“We all hoped infection rates would drop as more Vermonters got vaccinated, but clearly that hasn’t happened, and we are overdue for a reassessment of strategy and a course correction,” she said in a joint statement with Vermont House Speaker Jill Krowinski back in November of 2021.

At the start of the 2022 legislative session, Balint announced it was a priority to require her fellow senators to take COVID shots or adhere to weekly testing.

“Our very first legislative action in the Senate today was adopting resolutions requiring senators to be vaccinated or tested weekly, to wear masks when conducting legislative business, and to allow ongoing flexibility for remote legislating,” she wrote.

Nonetheless, Balint, who is seeking to become Vermont’s first woman and openly gay representative in Congress, attended the Pride event in Washington, where she and other attendees were seen without masks — as pictured on Balint’s Twitter account.

According to reports, other big-name attendees of the Pride event included President Joe Biden, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, and several others.

A recent survey of people in more than 175 countries has found severe cases of COVID are rarer among patients who did not receive a COVID vaccine.

“The survey … presented data from more than 18,500 respondents from the Control Group project with more than 300,000 overall participants. An analysis revealed that compared to those who got jabbed, unvaccinated people reported fewer hospitalizations,” Medical Daily reported last week.

The international survey found that unvaccinated people were more likely than their vaccinated counterparts to take basic personal care to prevent and fight off COVID-19 infections.

According to an ABC News report from May 10, severe COVID cases are on the rise among the vaccinated.

“In August of 2021, about 18.9% of COVID-19 deaths occurred among the vaccinated. Six months later, in February 2022, that proportional percent of deaths had increased to more than 40%,” the report states.

It continues, “Comparatively, in September 2021, just 1.1% of COVID-19 deaths occurred among Americans who had been fully vaccinated and boosted with their first dose. By February 2022, that percentage had increased to about 25%.”

The Epoch Times had reported on May 7 that many folks have already had COVID, and so seeking a vaccine may be unnecessary.

“A new CDC study shows that around 75 percent of American children have already had COVID,” the report states. “That means they have strong natural immunity that protects them from COVID infections as they get older. Despite this, the CDC, the FDA, and other government agencies are pushing all of them to get vaccinated.”

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Images courtesy of state of Vermont and Guy Page

23 thoughts on “Balint catches COVID after vaccination and two boosters while attending unmasked super-spreader event in DC

  1. If she were really involved with games and sexuality, she could have caught some other viruses!

    Guess that would make her LGBTQIA+ in name only.

    Share the love! Share the viruses. _room the kids!

    Don’t ever suggest that sex is for marriage, oh no, this will not do.

  2. thanks Dano for the link….wow
    and I’ll say till Im blue…Vacc’ing children is a CRIME against the future of this nation and humanity….there is NO evidence children need this “sudo-vaccine”…….and that I put kindly, as I have much harsher words for it, and oh by the way, I’ve been doing NAC since last fall….plan to continue for awhile..
    I am so upset for the children in so many ways right now…….I’m spiritual and not religious……and yet I find myself praying for the children……

  3. Vaxxed or unvaxxed everyone here reading should research NAC! Been around since the 60’s yet suddenly in 2020 the FDC wanted to remove the OTC status and make it a prescription…WHY? Bc they knew, not only did it prevent covid but was an excellent treatment as well! We can’t have people treating themselves w/ well documented safe supplements now can we! Buy it while you can…it has a host of health benefits. And the crazy part is, the NIH has the info on their website!

    • She’s just another Marxist, who caught the sniffles on to the next who cares story,January 6 th anyone.

  4. Did she get the monkeypox too, I hear it’s spread by the confused gender crowd..
    Maybe a few dozen more boosters will get it done becca…Your decision to go
    shows you don’t have much in the way of common sense so don’t count on my

    • All the boosters are for free, so why not freeload as many as you can to boost your bragging status in leftist circles, to show you are really with it.

      The left has not much else to brag about, unless it is about the severity of the upcoming recession that will greatly thin their numbers in November 2022 and beyond.

  5. According to Vermont’s Geodata Portal, two-thirds of cases and hospitalizations in 2022 are in the FULLY VACCINATED.

    That’s doesn’t even include the “partially vaccinated” (however many doses it takes to fall into that category). Clearly, the vaccinated are faring worse as time goes on, not better. I shudder for what the fall will bring, as people continue to boost against a now-extinct S1 spike protein from 2020. Public health officials are either locked in a trance or willfully ignorant.

    • John K,
      They are not locked into a trance or willfully ignorant, they have the Mass Psychosis that the brilliant Jordan Peterson has trying to bring to our attention.
      We really have a serious situation brewing here with these types..
      Anyone remember the Salem Witch trials?
      And how did that all go?
      We’ve got a lot of people now that have gone off the deep end with this and a lot of them are working in the government and elected into power.. and they are ruling over us now with a mentally ill brain that won’t allow them to get over being in fear of a flu.

      And worse:
      What these elected (and unelected, just obsessed) people are doing to other people, instilling this fear in them, this is criminal !!
      I have encountered folks that look like they are going to stroke out from fear of an unmasked person coming near them.. I mean a lot of our people have just been completely destroyed because this government created what is for many just an unnatural level of fear that seems to paralyze them.. this is nuts, it’s criminal, they have destroyed people over this.
      I can imagine there are many now that will need serious counseling to get over this PTSD that they have..which was created in them from this agenda.
      Someone should get sued for having created this in the population.

  6. The whole reason she wound up with Covid is likely *because* she’s been so vaccinated.
    These shots weaken the immune system.

    There are many of us that are not vaccinated, never wore masks, didn’t cower in fear of the bug- but instead carried on with life, dealt with being called many rotten names, fed our immune systems so they can do what they are designed to do.. and guess who is fine- and has the last laughs.

    I have a question too..
    Isn’t it interesting how many people that follow the Paleo Diet are Covidians?
    This is how dumb these Covid Worshippers are.
    They want to eat like the Cavemen did but then they take all these vaccines.
    It really is a mental disorder..

    • Demand organic but put all sorts of drugs in themselves…..HUH?

      Giant shoes of the critical thinkers we have.

  7. The shots now,are, for all intents, worthless. It is why you see people 3x or 4x vaxxed STIlLL get covid… The first round of them was good. I took two. But I’ll not do more….. Covid is with us now for a very long time. Mutations will go on for nearly forever. You can create a vaccine shot NOW for the “current” strain…but four-six months later the virus MUTATES again (and again)…and the previous shot is no good……And these shots are not playthings….mRNA’s are a potent thing. A couple times I am okay with…but I won’t take them 3-4 times a year…forever…..and then the other usual annual flu too.

  8. Would be a good time for her to retire from politics and take lots of time to get well. Like the next several decades of so…

  9. Well, Wel,l guess she’s not as smart as she thinks. Just because you’re a democrat and got your shot and boosters doesn’t mean anything. I knew a man who ran me down, trying to shame me for not getting the shot and boosters… He bragged how he got the “SHOT” and 3 boosters and that he was an example to people. 2 weeks later he died … Yup those shots really work,,

    “If you are afraid to offend
    then you can’t be honest”

  10. Well this is just another case that getting vaccinated and boosted is just the scam that we all
    thought it was …… follow the money !!

    And now they want children five and younger to get involved in this experiment, no shame
    in Big Pharma, if this vaccine really worked we would be out of the woods with this virus,
    follow the money………………………..Wake up, people !!

  11. I am grateful for the protection of my vaccination and both boosters.
    10:04 AM · Jun 20, 2022
    Well, Ms. Balint should do a little reading before thanking her experimental, emergency use only, injections. Here’s news of a study by The New England Journal of Medicine just out:

    These people in our government forced others to inject this poison into their bodies under duress and coercion. They shamed others who decided for personal reasons not to get the shots. This woman does not deserve to trust of Vermonters to make the right decisions in congress.

    • does not deserve the trust of Vermonters to make the right decisions. correcting my last sentence.

    • She is there to help make the LEFT decisions

      These are the people who need to be voted out.

      But that will be difficult, because the vote-counting centers are run by Dem/Progs, plus Dem/Progs harvest ballots, feed them in the new Condos/Donovan Dominion voting machines (with near field communication, NFC; no UBS port is required) and get their favorite Dem/Prog stalwarts re-elected time after time.

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