Christina Nolan police endorsements loom large as Burlington responds to 13th shooting

Former United States Attorney Christina Nolan has received endorsements from two police associations as Vermont’s largest city continues to see shootings on a regular basis.

The 13th gunfire incident this year in the Queen City occurred shortly after midnight Saturday morning near the Marketplace Parking Garage downtown, according to the Burlington Police Department.

Burlington Police

13 SHOOTINGS AND COUNTING: There have been 13 shootings in Burlington so far this year. In past years, the city has typically seen two to three gunfire incidents.

“At approximately 12:44 a.m., Burlington Police Department dispatchers received multiple 911 calls for sounds of gunshots and screaming in the vicinity of the Marketplace Parking Garage in downtown Burlington. The involved parties fled the scene prior to the arrival of responding officers,” a BPD press release states.

Two individuals in two larger groups were involved in the gunfight, but no one was hurt.

“Officers and detectives recovered additional ballistics evidence and canvassed extensively,” the police report states. “This investigation is ongoing and in the earliest stages, however, there was no indication that anyone was struck by the gunfire.”

In 2021, the city saw 11 gunfire incidents through August. Acting Police Chief Jon Murad has noted that in prior years the city might experience two or three gun incidents in a full year.

Earlier this month, Mayor Miro Weinberger issued a warning to potential shooters about the city’s willingness to crack down on gun crime.

“I want the individuals who are repeatedly committing these crimes to hear, if you recklessly discharge a firearm in Burlington you are going to be arrested and you are going to be held accountable,” he said.

U.S. Department of Justice

Christina Nolan, U.S. Attorney for the District of Vermont

Amid an increase in shootings in Burlington and across Vermont, former United States Attorney Christina Nolan has stepped up her criticisms of U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., who announced his run for U.S. Senate earlier this year. Nolan, a Republican who is running on a campaign to support the police, recently called the congressman “soft on crime.”

Her pro-police stance has garnered support from two prominent police associations. On June 15, during an appearance at Battery Park, Nolan formally received the endorsement of the Burlington Police Officers’ Association and the South Burlington Police Officers’ Association.

“From her time as U.S. Attorney, she has been a strong advocate for law enforcement and public safety,” said Oren Byrne, vice president of the Burlington Police Officers’ Association. “In the past, we have not typically endorsed candidates for statewide elections, but given the recent rise in violent crime, and the negative impacts of the defund the police movement, we feel that is more important than ever to support common-sense voices who understand that law enforcement plays an integral part of any safe and vibrant community.”

Vermont State Police see two shootings within an hour on Sunday

The Vermont State Police also responded to shootings in separate towns Sunday night — one in Woodbury shortly after 10:00 p.m., and another 40 minutes later in Waterbury.

The incident in Woodbury involved a man shooting an acquaintance in the leg.

“Preliminary investigation indicates the shooting arose from a dispute among a group of people who knew one another,” the VSP police report states. “A person identified as the shooter was detained by other people at the home until state troopers arrived on scene, and he is currently in Vermont State Police custody and considered a person of interest.”

The next shooting, which occurred in a parking area near 22 N. Main St. in Waterbury, involved the victim and multiple witnesses.

“Three people reportedly were in a parked car when unknown individuals approached the vehicle on foot, at which time one of them struck the driver, an adult man, over the head with a gun, and then shot the driver in the upper torso,” the report states.

Rising shootings not exclusive to Vermont

Major cities throughout the nation are experiencing similar jumps in crime.

“Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Atlanta have all seen homicide numbers outpace their mark from 2021 halfway through this year, with Milwaukee seeing the largest spike of the group,” Fox News reported. “Wisconsin’s largest city has recorded 96 homicides as of June 17 compared to 77 at this time a year ago, a 24.7% increase.”

In Burlington, rising crime is widely being associated with a decision in June of 2022 by the City Council to reduce the local police force by about 30 percent.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Images courtesy of Public domain, Burlington Police and U.S. Department of Justice

20 thoughts on “Christina Nolan police endorsements loom large as Burlington responds to 13th shooting

  1. I’m sure that all the people that voted for John Cornyn (R-Texas), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), are real happy to get stabbed in the back by these Republican senators who they voted for to protect their constitutional rights. If she wanted to put Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court then you could just add her to the list.

  2. Still a lot of delusional people out there who engage the fantasy that Vermont can elect a pro-life, hard-core conservative to any office. The best we can do ideologically is Ms. Nolan. We who are grounded in political reality are grateful and blessed that Nolan is in this race as a Republican. Get a grip, the pre-Phil Hoff days of a real conservative representing Vermont are unfortunately OVER. This once great State of Vermont has a majority of voters who are firmly attached to the gov’t teat, either financially or philosophically. A substantial number of VT “centrists” voting for Ms. Nolan is the ONLY scenario that will prevent Welch from being our next Senator, and continuing the national embarrassment that Vermont has become.
    Nolan may not be everything a sentimental Vermont conservative dreams about but I will be voting for (and continue contributing to) the female, gay, born-in-Vermont Republican and NOT the straight, white, male lawyer from Massachusetts. And hey, Vermont moderates and liberals, who for years have lamented that Vermont has never sent a woman to Congress, here is your chance to remedy that.
    Face the unfortunate FACT that none of the other candidates have an ice cube’s chance in hell of being elected in November.

    • Sorry Rich but selling out for the sake of winning is what has got us in this situation to begin with. Phil Scott has done nothing to build the republican party in his years as governor and I don’t see Christina Nolan doing that either. And what do we do as they continue to sell out their supporters, just be thankful it isn’t worse? You go with that, I’ll support the BEST candidate and for me thats someone is Myers Mermel.
      BTW do you have a clue what being a conservative means? It doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care about the environment or are only in it to help the wealthy as the left has portrayed.

  3. Questions for Christina Nolan
    1. Is the United States Constitution the law of the land?
    2. Do citizens need government permission to exercise a right?
    3. Are our rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights Absolute?
    4. As a Republican, who did you vote for in the last presidential election?
    5. Would you vote for the present Gun Control Bill that is presently being negotiated by congress?
    6. Do you believe Red Flag laws are constitutional?
    7. Is the 2008 Supreme Court decision Heller vs the District of Columbia settled law?
    8. Is the 2010 Supreme Court decision McDonald vs Chicago settled law?
    9. Is the 2021 Supreme Court Decision Canigila vs Strom settled law?

  4. You Nolan supporters are funny I must say. This is the candidate that supports joe’s SCJ candidate that believes in giving soft sentences to child pornographers. She can’t answer honestly who she voted for as president because she knows she will lose votes from true republicans for voting for Biden.
    This country doesn’t need another squishy RINO who will go along with the dems on a regular basis like she will. I’m sure she supports the Red Flag laws that the squishy repugnants just conceded to.

    • Christina Nolan says confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to nation’s high court
      True North Reports / March 29, 2022
      On Monday, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney and currently a Republican candidate for US. Senate issued the following statement supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson for US. Supreme Court:

      “I have been impressed with Judge Jackson’s performance and support her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court. She has the required legal experience, temperament and clear understanding of the judicial branch’s role interpreting the law. As a former prosecutor, I will always treat each judicial nominee with the respect they deserve, and vote for or against them based solely on their qualifications even if I may not agree with every decision they’ve ever made. Politics should play no role in the confirmation process, a lesson that Washington politicians on both sides have sadly strayed from in recent years. Finally, March is Women’s History Month, and diversity is crucially important in all facets of public life. As a candidate to become Vermont’s first female senator, I believe Judge Jackson will bring much-needed diversity to the highest Court in the land, and hope that she is confirmed swiftly”.

      Let’s not confirm her because she’s the best. Let’s confirm her because we need “diversity” on the court. This is supposed to be the person we would have as a US Senator from Vermont? She would vote for them on their qualifications even though the decisions they made fly against the Constitution. She is ok with them allowing unconstitutional laws to stand? A vote for Christina Nolan is a vote for another John Cornyn (R-Texas), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

      • exactly. has she made a statement that she would vote to impeach Biden because he’s failed to protect America from enemies as far as the open southern border is concerned. since she apparently voted for him the likely is no.

  5. I organized the Rally to support Law Enforcement In July 2020 at the Statehouse in Montpelier.
    My Father was a Career Police Officer.
    We had a sign in our front yard that said, Support our Police.

    Ms. Nolan supports Ketanji Brown Jackson, the new Supreme Court Justice that was soft on criminals who committed child porn crimes.
    Ms. Nolan supports abortion thru the 2nd term, thereby supporting the death of more than 99% of the unborn.
    Ms. Nolan says Governor Scott did a great job with his mask and jab mandates. You know, the ones that cause physical and psychological injury to our children and grand children. You know the ones that forced you to get a jab or get fired. You know, the one who said You Weren’t Essential, but planned parenthood and VT Liquor Store employees were.
    Ms. Nolan said she would prosecute people who were in DC on January 6th. ( but not a word about congress who allowed it to happen after Trump made the National Guard available to protect the Capitol. )

    Gerald Malloy is a 100% Pro Life Constitutional Candidate that will fight to protect all Vermonters.

    • Jim you are 100% right about Nolan. The problem is you support a candidate whose pro-life stance will ensure he can’t win in VT. If you want a conservative to who can defeat Welch then it’s time to support Myers Mermel who has the conservative values and reasonable expectations to defeat Welch and give us a strong, fiscally responsible representative in congress, the first in a very long time.

      • So what if he can’t get elected at least I will have a clear conscience about my vote. My vote is about principles and not voting for a RINO that I know will vote against those principles I stand for the first chance she gets. You will get that wonderful feeling that all the people in Texas are getting now for voting for John Cornyn.

        • Thank you Vito for your honest comment. Unlike those that have conceded to Welch because of their willingness to hold their noses and vote for Nolan, I believe there are enough Real Vermont Republicans that are tired of being betrayed by trans republicans and will actually vote for someone they know will not betray them.
          I have spent a great deal of time traveling all over the State the last few years to fight for Pro Life, 2A and the Constitution. I constantly hear from those who no longer support the Republican Party of Vt because it does not represent them.
          We will defeat Nolan in the Primary.

        • with 2 conservative candidates you are willing to vote for the one with no chance of being elected ensuring a Nolan victory to keep your conscience clear? I hope that works for you.

      • You and I have had this discussion. If you can’t support a candidate who is 100% Pro Life and Constitutional than vote for Mermel.
        He says he respects both Sanders and McConnel.
        A transrepublican and a socialist.
        Have at it Keith.
        I will stand with Real Republicans.

        • So are you are the record now Jim saying you wouldn’t vote for Trump because he said he respected Putin? Just wondering.

  6. Since we seem to measure everything on a race basis these days, can we discuss race trends in Burlington and vermont’s shooting crimes this year? Then lets talk about racially disproportionate policing

  7. The former United States Attorney Christina Nolan is the “light ” that real Vermonters have
    been looking for, someone that believes in and follows the rule of law and the Constitution
    Vermont has been the laughing stock in DC for decades with our current staffing…………….

    Well we have seen Burlington has become a real Sht-show, just like the big cities they try to
    follow drugs, thugs with guns, and a limited police force thanks to the gaggle of fools known
    as Burlington’s City Council with ” no ” support for policing, and a Mayor that cowers when
    confronted by these fools !!

    Burlington has no real leadership, yup that includes the Mayor, but Burlington surely has some
    pretty bike lanes, but no cops, and thugs with guns……. pretty pathetic.

    Burlington property owners should demand a refund on their taxes, for lack of services for safety
    and security, from lack thereof !!

  8. “I want the individuals who are repeatedly committing these crimes to hear, if you recklessly discharge a firearm in Burlington you are going to be arrested and you are going to be held accountable,”

    Hmmmm… seems that this is what WAS being done (“in prior years the city might experience two or three gun incidents in a full year.”). Now we are on pace to increase this by an order of magnitude. Congratulations Mayor, you certainly have made it safe for residents and visitors to come out at night.

    Seriously, does anyone out there honestly believe that this surge in humans shooting other humans is NOT related to the reduction in the police force. Nah, can’t possibly be that.

  9. Ms. Nolan presents Vermont with an opportunity to actually have representation in Congress. For decades we have accepted political grifters and hacks, elected as in a popularity contest. These elitists- yes, both welch and sanders are elitist- get to the DC swamp and settle in like a tick on a deer.
    Having had decades of liberal majority rule here in Vermont, Nolan represents an opportunity to shift direction away from the current socialist policies of Vermont’s elected politicians.
    The police unions endorsing Nolan see this as well, the rank and file of Vermont’s law enforcement officers have been beaten up quite thoroughly by liberal “progressive” policies, lack of funding and lack of adequate state prosecution, all in the name of “equity”.
    The trick will be for Nolan and her supporters to convince moderate dems and republicans that it’s worth voting for her and the changes in policy that must come to Vermont.

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