Armed residents take to guarding neighborhoods, questioning visitors amid riots

By Jake Dima

Armed residents in Minneapolis have reportedly formed enclaves to protect their neighborhoods in the epicenter of mass nationwide violence.

Men with rifles, bats and handguns questioned visitors about their intentions and convened in neighborhood watch groups to detect suspicious activity. Residents watching the destruction in parts of Minnesota have since stocked up on fire retardants and tried to remove flammable objects from their properties, according to The Associated Press.

“There’s a sense of state failure and into state failure comes private actions to protect one’s family and one’s community,” Princeton University assistant politics professor Omar Wasow told the AP.

A Minneapolis police station burned to the ground after officers evacuated the building in the first few days of violent insurrections in the state. A few hundred businesses have also since been reported to be damaged, burned or looted by rioters angered by the death of George Floyd, who died after a police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, according to footage of the incident.

Residents fear their homes are next on the list, saying emergency response times aren’t quick enough.

“You’ve got that feeling that eyes are on you,” a Minneapolis resident told the AP about the watch groups.

Calls to arms nationally have been heeded by those wishing to protect their lives and property. Multiple St. Paul residents stood guard in front of their businesses after a spell of looting and rioting, video showed.

The Minneapolis Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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10 thoughts on “Armed residents take to guarding neighborhoods, questioning visitors amid riots

  1. This is one good step in the right direction for people to protect their lives, property, and families.

  2. While all these PEACEFUL demonstration are justified, one can’t help but wonder if the sickness and frustration caused by the virus could be partly responsible for the intensity of violence throughout the country and beyond.

    • It is the tyrannical dictates of government in exploiting this hoax of an emergency that has been a large contributor, along with willing advocates like you.

  3. While Antifa is stockpiling bricks and Molotov cocktails the 3% compiled of regular citizens were stockpiling ARs, 30 rd. magazines and ammo. Against all enemies foreign and domestic. What fools they are to think we will give up our Constitution and turn our country over to them that easily.

    “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those that would do us harm”. – George Orwell

  4. Let’s see if Antifa comes to Vermont to cause devastation to our businesses
    because they think we are a bunch of wood-chucks……..Well, this ain’t NYC.

    Wood-chucks in Vermont have guns, you won’t be causing to much chaos !!

  5. Governor Scott, this is why you need a 30 round clip. This is why we have the second amendment.

    • Correct,the 2 nd. in action. The citizens are the milita,every Tom,Dick and Harriet up and down the lane and dell,activily protecting their community and it’s citizens.
      This is exactly what the founders thought so important when they penned the 2 nd.,it works.

    • They’re still available for purchase in free states. Or, you could always buy a ‘repair kit’.

      • I like your comment, free state. We need to rid ourselves of new world order pimps, they aren’t fans of freedom nor our constitution.

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