Ari Fleischer discusses media bias at Republican dinner

On Tuesday evening at the Delta Hotel in South Burlington, media consultant and former President George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer gave a speech to Republican leadership concerning bias in today’s mainstream media.

“They are out of touch, they get way too much wrong, and they just don’t seem to care,” Fleischer said. ” … I’m talking about the mainstream media, a topic that is somewhat close to me as a result of being a White House press secretary.”

Michael Bielawski/TNR

WANTS FAIR MEDIA – On Tuesday evening in South Burlington, former President George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer talked about bias in the mainstream media.

Fleischer said that polls show Republicans and Democrats alike are skeptical of reporting by mainstream media, and that only college-age Democrats are the exception. To explain why, he highlighted misleading stories and stories that required significant corrections.

As an example, he noted how major news outlets during the 2020 presidential election reported that church bells were ringing in London in celebration of President Joe Biden’s declared victory. Next day media had to issue corrections because the bells were part of a 500-year British tradition concerning a historical event.

Fleischer noted that after years of allegations of racism against conservatives, a handful of major media outlets chose not to not run a single story when Gary O’Connor, a now-disgraced Lamar County Democratic Party Chairman in Texas, called U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who is an African American, an “oreo” back in May.

Fleischer said if a Republican made a similar racial slur at a Democrat, it would have been a viral story.

“It would be all over the news and [that person] would have to resign before the day was over,” he said.

Next the former White House press secretary criticized Biden’s tumultuous first year in office, including rapid inflation of the U.S. dollar.

“When Joe Biden was sworn in in January, [gas] was $2.40 a gallon,” Fleischer said. “Today the average price is $3.18 a gallon. A gallon of milk was $3.33, today it’s $3.68. The price of coffee just hit a seven-year high, wait until you get your home heating bill this winter.”

And he took aim at some of the campaign promises that he doesn’t believe Biden kept.

“He said the southern border was closed, but it’s not. He said the Taliban wouldn’t take over in Afghanistan, but they did. He said there’s no Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, but there is. He said the United States would stay in Afghanistan until we backed out the last Americans, but we didn’t. He said he wouldn’t mandate vaccines, but he did.”

Despite the current sinking poll numbers for the president, one audience member expressed doubt that Republicans can gain in elections against Democrats until election integrity is restored.

Fleischer responded by saying that while he doesn’t personally believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump, he noted that not all Republicans agree on this point, and he strongly advised that GOP leaders have sufficient lawyers ready to respond to any new cheating allegations. A new Rasmussen poll shows most Republicans, and nearly 1-in-3 Democrats, have doubts about the integrity of the 2020 election.

Regarding Vermont politics, Fleischer said the Green Mountain State has become a testing ground for national liberal policies.

“What you’ve gone through, what you’ve seen from the other party, should serve as a warning to all of America,” he said. “What happens in Winooski doesn’t stay in Winooski. What happens in Montpelier doesn’t stay in Montpelier. And what happens in Bernie Sanders’ head doesn’t stay in Bernie Sanders’ head.”

Fleischer is writing a book about his career experiences, which is due out next year. He also talked up Fox News, where he is currently a regular contributor.

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8 thoughts on “Ari Fleischer discusses media bias at Republican dinner

  1. The VT Republican Party inviting this man to speak is equivalant to the VT Democrat Party inviting Michael Avenati to speak at their fundraiser. The Bush administration highlights – 9/11, Iraq Invasion, Afghanistan, stem-cell research, Hurricane Katrina, The Great Recession, etc. Thank you Deb and Company for showing us proof that VT Republican establishment is no better than their counter-parts. Uniparty indeed!

    • Your sword of truth is very sharp, very accurate.

      They are also pimpimg for the New World Order….

    • Makes sense to me- our daily ongoing problems are all the fault of Jen Psaki, nothing to do with Joe Biden! Why is his approval rating tanking and not hers? Is the Biden spokesperson responsible for the Border crisis, Afghanistan withdrawal, Inflation, oil dependency, supply chain debacle, pandemic, law and order, budget stalemate and Hunter Biden?
      BTW, Michael Avenatti spoke publicly 108 times in a 2 month period on CNN and MSNBC and was the sought after savior for the democratic party versus Donald Trump.

  2. Yes Ari the MSM and the Leftist have been joined at the hip ever since the Vietnam war when they finally realized they could work in unison to achieve their platform..
    The art of “reporting” was immediately thrown out the window and replaced with
    bombardment of same speech starting at the political level and word for word moving to the 6 pm news cycle and current events shows. Now they’ve even moved to censoring truth with their so called “fact checkers” which should be call lie enforcers as that’s all they are.. There is no more news only indoctrination.. by repetition..
    I think the msm lost a huge chunk of America with their constant “Russia Russia Russia collusion” marathon during the Trump presidency. There was virtually no news of border becoming under control, record employment for ALL Races Genders.. highest home ownership, world tensions relaxed, terrorism in check, more money in all Workers pockets, low cost energy.. of which none was reported.
    During the Bush years it was constant everyday reports of a worsening economy… where are those reports now that byden is destroying our economy???
    The Main democommie mouth pieces are not even getting a million viewers now so people are Tuning them out..and rightly so..

  3. The US Media and VT Media have been in cahoots with the Dem/Progs for decades.
    Their latest endeavor was to pooh-pooh any fraud at all in the 2020 Election.

    EXCERPT from:


    1) Some of the sordid details of the Arizona 2020 Election as revealed by independent audits
    2) Some of the many ways corrupt state election officials have been manipulating the results of all elections over the decades, and likely will continue to do so, if not outlawed.
    3) Mail-in voting providing all sorts of fraud possibilities to election operatives
    4) The need for a Personal Identity Card, machine-readable, for each person 16 years and older, as are used in all EU nations, etc.
    See Appendix 3.

    Those issues are hardly mentioned/examined by the traditional Media.
    Reporters of the Media know of, and have access to, these details, just by googling, and by reading the Arizona forensic audit reports.

    Instead, these reporters write whatever wording, such as the frequently-used “no widespread voter fraud”, and “elections were free, fair and accurate”, and “baseless claims”, and “conspiracy theories”, would be approved by editors and publishers; a sad state of affairs.
    Another Media strategy is to “give it no ink”, i.e., not cover it at all, as if it does not exist.

    BTW, the audit proved, the voters had almost nothing to do with frauds; they were, in fact, the victims of fraud.

    High Mail-in-return/Early-vote Daily Rates

    Arizona: In November 2, 2020, a day before the Election, 3,448,181 ballots had been requested and 2,471,577 ballots had been returned, or 71.7% return rate.

    Pima County: Mail-in-return/early-vote started on October 7. As of October 30, 2020, more than 376,000 mail-in-return/in-person-early-vote ballots had been processed, or a daily rate of about 376,000/22 days = 17,091/day, from Oct 7 to Oct 30

    More than 72% of requested ballots had been returned, from Oct 7 to Oct 30.
    That is nearly the same percentage as for Arizona.

    In 2020, there were a total of 495,989 ballots, of which 430,224 + 29,656 = 459,880 were mail-in-return/in-person-early-vote ballots, before Election Day, a daily rate of 459,880/25 = 18,395/day, which appears to be very high compared to 2016

    In 2016, there were a total of 373,195 ballots, of which 311,592 + 12,441 = 324,033 were mail-in-return/in-person-early-vote ballots, before Election Day, a daily rate of 324,033/25 = 12,961/day

    Why so many in-person-early-vote ballots in 2020, compared to 2016?

    A huge inflow of about 459,880, final – 376,000, as of Oct. 30 = 83,880 ballots, occurred on Oct. 31, Nov. 1, and Nov. 2.
    The daily voting rate was 17,091/day, from Oct 7 to Oct 30
    The daily voting rate was 27,960/day, during Oct. 31, Nov. 1, and Nov. 2.

    The daily rate of the last 3 days appears to be extremely high.
    Fewer people voted on Election Day in 2020, due to COVID, and much more votes were counted as in-person-early.

    Table 1 Total Mail-in return In-person-early Mail-in-return + In-person-early Election Day ED, %
    2020 495,989 430,224 29,656 459,880 36,109 7.3
    2016 373,195 311,592 12,441 324,033 49,162 13.2
    Change, % 32.9 38.1 138.4 41.9

    Some “for-Biden-ballot-adding”, under fictitious names, aka, ballot-box stuffing, may have occurred during these three days.

    See Anonymous Email from Arizona Tech Worker Says 35,000 Votes Given to Each Democrat Candidate section.

    The final vote tally may have been further “adjusted during adjudication”, after the polls closed, to achieve a close Biden win.

    See Adjudication of Ballots section

    Anonymous Email from Arizona Tech Worker Says 35,000 Votes Given to Each Democrat Candidate

    An insider whistleblower sent an email to the US DOJ, (which, as it turned out, did nothing), and to every Arizona Legislator, that stated about 35,000 fictitious names had been added to registered voter lists. The email was from a tech support provider. The fraudulent votes were added to the initial “vote-by-mail” totals, released at 8 PM, on November 3, 2020.

    The whistleblower email: “There were about 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democrat’s vote totals”.
    The whistleblower stated, he went to a meeting with the Democrat Party in Pima County, on Sept. 10, (about 7 weeks before Election Day), that included a presentation about the embedded votes, adding that no phones and video recording devices were allowed.

    Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs stated: “There is no evidence to back this up, and it is not something, that we have experienced here”.

    This would be difficult to prove, except by Court cases, subpoenas, and a forensic audit.
    The Arizona Senate would have to require/conduct such an audit, as it did in Maricopa County.

    Table 1A shows the result with the 35,000 fraud votes removed.
    The increase in total votes of 23.5%, from 2016 to 2020, appears to be much more plausible, than the extremely high 32.9%.

    BTW, initially, I thought the 32.9% increase, from 2016 to 2020, looked very high.
    I thought, gee, how can this be?
    After a few days of thinking, I decided to do some googling, and came across the whistleblower situation.
    I decided to prepare table 1A.
    Here are the relevant websites

    Table 1A Total Mail-in return In-person-early Mail-in-return + In-person-early Election Day ED, %
    2020 495,989 430,224 29,656 459,880 36,109 7.3
    Fraud 35,000 35,000
    2020, net 460,989 395,224 29,656 424,880 36,109 7.8
    2016 373,195 311,592 12,441 324,033 49,162 13.2
    23.5 26.8 138.4 31.1

    • EXCERPT from:


      I support my statements with evidence from non-traditional Media, because the traditional Media, including the Vermont Media, do not properly cover the subject, as they have become:

      1) Captives of the Democrat party, which rewards them “access”, etc., for “services rendered”;
      2) Weakened by economic circumstances;
      3) Vulnerable, due to severe competition from non-traditional news Media.

      The only way to properly read my articles is to also read the URLs.

      Regarding my article on the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, be assured, I will write it, and revise it, as accurately as I can. Unlike the Media, I do not have to sell TV programs, newspapers and ads to survive.

      NOTE: Democrats used several means to score illegal votes in several states, such as:

      1) Counting ballots behind closed doors, especially during “adjudication” of ballots
      2) Bringing in piles of ballots days after the election
      3) Locking official Republican observers out of the counting rooms, and blanking off windows with paper, etc.
      4) Pulling boxes of ballots from under tables, after official observers were sent home, because of a fictitious water main leak (luckily all was recorded on video)
      5) Having vanloads of ballots arrive at counting centers, in the early hours of the morning of November 4, after Joe Biden had fallen far behind.

      • GERMAN ELECTIONS, see Appendix

        As a result of my research, I support the German way of having elections. Read about, as I did, to get an education. See Appendix

        Germany, population 84 million, efficiently conducts its elections, in a near-fraud-free manner, without ANY ELECTION MACHINES, AND WITHOUT ANY COMPUTERS, as required by law.

        All is done, by many hands, in a few days. After the polls close. The Germans learned all that from the US during the Occupation, as part of “democratic nation building”.

        German Identity Card

        The photo ID card can be used for many purposes, including to: 1) register to vote and 2) show to election workers prior to voting.
        No other documents are required.
        Germany does not allow mail-in ballots, by law, except in rare circumstances.

        According to German law of obligation of identification, it is compulsory for everyone in Germany, age 16 or older, to possess, either an identity card, or a passport.

        PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, 2020 ELECTION DATA ANALYSIS, by Dr. Shiva Audit Team, based at MIT

  4. Uniparty pimp.

    Book deal is typically a sign of money laundering, payment for services rendered.

    Does the party send any love to Vermont? Nope they let us drown, because it’s in the uniparty’s interest.

    Ever notice how each side screamed, PAC money is evil, but only when they are the minority when they can’t do anything? Remember Obama saying it was evil? ( he loved it) they all love PAC money that ‘s why when they hold the majority they never get rid of it.

    They do this game on every issue, playing the public like a cheap fiddle.

    Uniparty always gets more money every year, see hoe that works?

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