Deb Billado: Weaponizing the IRS

This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

We all should pay taxes, right? Certainly. It’s the right thing to do. We can and should object to them politically when they’re onerous and burdensome, but at the end of the day we have to pay our taxes or get in big trouble.

But the Biden administration doesn’t just want you to pay taxes. It now wants to monitor your bank accounts — including all accounts with a balance of more than $600 — and send the data to the IRS for “tax enforcement” efforts against so-called wealthy tax-dodgers. Now Biden is discussing raising the threshold to $10,000, as if that addresses any of the fundamental issues.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

This spikes obvious privacy concerns — what right do bureaucrats at the IRS have to monitor my bank transactions?

But practically speaking, it makes even less sense. If this is an attempt to get the wealthiest Americans to pay taxes they owe, why set the threshold for monitoring accounts at $600 or $10,000? Why not, say, $600,000? The latter is far less intrusive, far less widespread, and far more tailored to the actual problem.

And are we really supposed to take this proposal seriously when the same administration that wants to spend $3.5 trillion in a massive expansion of government thinks your bank accounts need monitoring? Isn’t this getting just a bit hypocritical?

All of this is part of Biden’s plan to hire 85,000 new IRS agents in his “tax enforcement” efforts. And it’d be one thing if this so-called tax enforcement would avoid tax cuts — but it doesn’t. That’s why Biden includes nearly $3 trillion in tax increases in his “Build Back Worse” — I mean, “Better” — plan.

Further, Biden said improved tax enforcement would save $240 billion over the next decade. Turns out, the true number is closer to half that figure. Is that worth the investment of 85,000 new IRS bureaucrats, plus the virtual elimination of banking privacy for more than 100 million American households? I don’t think so.

So hold onto your wallets — or better yet, keep an eye on your bank accounts — because if Biden’s bureaucrats have their way, who knows what will happen.

Image courtesy of Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service

9 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Weaponizing the IRS

  1. I plan on removing all funds and if I were wealthy converting to fungible options:
    — As such will keep minimum in account necessary to keep open – and willing
    to pay a fee to do so – my money in their bank helps them not me
    — Use only for direct deposits and withdraw as soon as deposited
    — Use credit cards to pay bills
    — purchase bank checks to pay bills which cannot be paid with credit cards
    — use a safe which cannot be easily carried out
    — keep and bear arms as necessary – deadbolts will make us free lol

  2. The IRS tracks cash transactions of $10,000 or more. The bank makes you sign a bunch of things and is very intrusive asking you what you are spending your own dam*&d money on, but it came about after 9/11 because of money laundering. This $600 or $10,000 (whichever they think it ought to be and try to pass) does not have anything to do with cash transactions. It is anyone who has more than $600 or $10,000 in the bank, or the sum of their transactions over the course of a year (or whatever time period they choose), which means someone making minimum wage of $11.75 here in Vermont and works 40 hours per week, or $24,440 per year, will be spied upon by the IRS. This is not meant to find out the millionaires and billionaires evading taxes – it is straight up spying on how you spend your money. Political contribution to the “wrong” party – that is a ding. Buying ammo – ding. And when they implement the social credit system ala China, well, you see where this is going. . .

  3. Holier than thou much. Really done it this time – equating RCC with the Taliban? Really…really?! Speak for yourself and do not include me in your “we” rantings which are condescending and insulting.

    They happen to be Christians Neil and FYI: There is a battle going on for the heart and soul of RCC with the believers pushing back on Marxist Jesuit Bergoglio and even demanding Mass be allowed in Latin. God alone will judge the rich and poor, great and small – not men.

    Continual using of JC and Gods name to score political points is deeply offensive pls go into your closet when you pray as JC commanded. WOG makes clear if we are not motivated by love and leading of spirit we are noise. My hair is not on fire bc I give it all to JC, I pray he answers bc it is not up to us nor our collectivist cults.

    Forgiveness is not affection or friendship for our enemies but that we care for those unable to do so themselves even if there’s a Bernie bumpersticker on the car that went into the ditch, and treat them with common decency. And there are exceptions – we do not have to put selves in danger or abusive situations.

    Have met many full-gospel and true believing Catholics, the finest Christian woman I have ever known was Catholic. Catholics are the most receptive to full-gospel and receive the spirit easily. Whereas Baptists are not despite vast bible knowledge.

    RCC teaches married couples that they are “heirs in the grace of life” whereas evangelicals and other bible-based churches are overpopulated with pastors and males that believe women are inferior beings and mere slaves. Individuals are now and will be judged not religions.

  4. Perhaps I am wrong but for some reason I think banking amounts of over $10,000 are already subject to monitoring.
    More enforcement at IRS for higher income cheats would bring in significant funds without having to raise taxes and money could go to paying down the deficit or shoring up social security.

  5. If they can’t guarantee that the spied on persons banking information will be
    protected from hackers then they shouldn’t be allowed to spy on any banking
    records at all.. The governments record for internet security is dismal at best so this attempt for government over reach should be denied in court……..
    We don’t need another agency, along with the Doj Fbi, Cdc etc intruding into our personal lives. If they are looking to recoup tax money look no further then the congress critters and bydumb to start with then move on to retired gov flunkies…

    • on the irs spying on your 600 buck saving account:

      They’ll spend Trillions on bills they haven’t read, but want details
      on the $600. you spend… if that isn’t screwy I don’t know what is..

      • The sword of truth is out in full glory.

        Would make a great headline for all the mainstream media, but we know it doesn’t fit the propaganda objectives does it? It conveniently also allows for tacking of any reasonable donations to anyonr whom might oppose the Uniparty too! The ultimate insiders tool for oppressive activities. We’d like to audit your account……for the next 5 years.

        Brute force brings compliance, just ask the CCP, the Taliban, it doesn’t change hearts. The only way to change people’s hearts and for people to be able to discern liars from people who lie/ sin is to study the word of God and follow Jesus Christ. This is completely why tyrannical government and theocracies (Roman Catholic Church and the Taliban) will not allow the free and unfettered study and use of the Holy Bible.

        At the end of a little one hour video, done by Yuri Bezmanov, on how they purposely subvert a country he gives the solution. Turn to God.

        struck me kinda of funny at first blush. But upon careful consideration, it’s very true. What separated this nation from all others was not our constitution, though great it may be. But our first love, flawed but heart felt attempt to follow scripture as close as possible. Think pilgrims. Think the great awakening just prior to our revolution. All our problems today?

        We are worshipping ourselves and every profane thought we have along with making power and money our masters. We are only reaping what we’ve sown. Lord, please,help us, in Jesus name I pray.

  6. The Progressive Income Tax of 1913 was designed to be a weapon, all they had to do is build it bigger and better.

    “the power to tax is the power to destroy”. – Daniel Webster

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