Anya Tynio: GOP candidates not to blame for Liam Madden

This letter is by Anya Tynio, of West Charleston. She was a GOP candidate for U.S. House in the Aug. 9 primary election.

Since the Primary I have received countless requests from Vermonters to find a solution to the disastrous result of the Republican House race. After investigating and seeking counsel the conclusion is that there is no further recourse for us in this election. Unfortunately Liam Madden has reneged on his promise to run as Independent in the general election. I always doubted that he intended to keep his word to the voters and since he never filed the necessary paperwork to do so that doubt was validated.

Time has shown that I was the only Republican running in this race and anyone with all the facts would know that I most certainly had a right to run as a Republican. Therefore I disagree with the implication by Paul Dame that I hold some level of blame for this outcome. In reality Paul Dame failed to inform voters of candidate deception, opting instead to underestimate the consequences of Madden’s bid for office. He has now publicly blamed me and Ericka Redic for his failure, a narrative being perpetuated by media outlets on both the left and right. Chairman Dame had a responsibility to the Republicans in this state which was not upheld. We need to be following the example of the National Republican Party, who steadfastly uphold conservative values and unite to promote conservative candidates. This resulted in a sweeping win across America, with the exception of Vermont.

As much as I wish to continue fighting the hijacking of our Republican election by an Independent, I will instead turn my energy to promoting conservative candidates and speaking out against the socialist politics of this state.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported my campaign. For your sake I wish the outcome had been different.

God bless you all,

Anya Tynio
West Charleston, Vermont

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50 thoughts on “Anya Tynio: GOP candidates not to blame for Liam Madden

  1. Hey all, I have a simple question.

    Did we just get Fred Tuttled again ?

    Remember, the Dem/Progs have used the OPEN Primary system to steal elections before.

    It is time to get rid of these types of primaries. The clearly allow for the Tyranny of the Majority.

        • Well true, more specifically a Banking and Corporate Oligarchy in reality,

          aka New World Order/Uniparty, Marxist Cabal…etc.

          But we are supposed to be a Republic.

          We sold our souls for money, lust and power. Doesn’t mean we can’t repent.

  2. Lots of Grist for the Miil !

    That which is shouted in public cannot be “taken back later !”

    I have plenty of thoughts about the dissention in the Republican Party right now and the ticking bomb that may well go off tomorrow in Montpelier.

    An old boss of mine once told me “Your thoughts are only your own until you speak them !”

    If your mission is to destroy the “Republican Brand” keep nipping at each other’s heels – however if you want to be part of the party’s future help create an inclusive party that can attract conservatives of all party affiliation who join us because we speak for Vermonters seeking a smaller, less intrusive government that is willing to return personal freedom to the citizens and take only what is necessary to conduct the necessary functions of government.

    H. Brooke Paige
    Washington, Vermont

    • The “Republican Brand” was officially destroyed on 3.19.22 when VTGOP voted themselves the right to disregard the GOP platform voters elected them to follow.

      VTGOP RINOs then drove the last nail into the coffin of the “Republican Brand” by backing Christina Nolan.

      VTGOP RINOs destroyed the “Republican Brand.”

      • Scott is a rino. He is in bed with the obiden agenda. Too bad for Vermonters who keep voting for him and the likes of sanders and welch. We have become more radical than California and the least Christian state in the country. God have mercy on us. We are not our ancestors’ Vermont.

  3. I know this is wildly unpopular here, but I don’t get the alarm and anger about Liam Madden and what he’s done. Like Deb said, there was nothing to stop him (many of us knew this) AND this is the strength really of our system because when it’s you running from a challenging place, you’ll be happy you have this right to throw your own hat in the ring as an American.
    There was nothing stopping Hillary Clinton from running either and we can elect Donald Trump from a jail cell if we want too.
    Afterall, the Left just elected Biden from the basement.
    Vermont has elected a man to represent them for decades now and he’s still not even lost his Brooklyn accent..

    Perhaps I’m more open minded about these kinds of candidates since I’m from the other side of the river in NH.
    We have tons of Free Staters over here in NH that are flat out anarchists and would like to return the state to a model from the mid 1700s.. and they are on the Republican side. We listen to them and many have wound up making very good points. (Congrats to one of their own that just successfully got their school budget slashed by 50% !!) We have a huge gay population that is on the Republican side. We have TONS of former Vermonters and Massholes over here that to any deep red NH native people, these imports are RINOs as far as we are concerned because they’ve been steeped in such a far left environment, that their version of Conservatism looks like nothing at all that we recognize, and yet they are on our side and we hear them out and many do get elected.

    What Liam has done, to my mind, is simply articulated his positions differently.. he’s more open about his ideas and he’s telling you this right off the bat.. and is that bad? His voters don’t think so.

    He reminds me very much of a Susan Collins- we have no idea at all what way she’ll vote BUT she deceives us because she doesn’t say this out loud giving people the choice. Liam is.
    Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema do the same thing over on the Left.
    All of these people refuse to tow the party line.. and is this bad in this day and age?
    I think that what Liam really is saying is that he’s more of a centrist that wants to hear ALL sides of an argument before he forms his opinions.
    And, I’m not sure that is wrong..

    In my opinion, what the root of the argument is, is “Just WHO are we now on the Right and where are we going???”
    There is not agreement on this and here you are.

    I think that the reality is today that you need a whole lot of Democrat voters to move over to the right- since Vermont is a one party state that you are trying to fix. THEY are voters you need to grow your party- like it or not this is what you have for a population to work with. The only way to do this is to appeal to the Democrats to join you and that is what Liam seems to be trying to do.

    Liam might not be solidly as far right as many people want, but he might be a good fit for the times we are now in.

    AND I have noticed that Deb is saying just what I said here earlier: The Man has won. There is no point now in wasting time on the clock on how this happened.. it’s happened and now you need to get the guy that stood up and agreed to do the job over the finish line because at the end of the day, winning is the goal. THEN you can fine tune his positions as you are all supposed to do by staying involved and holding him accountable. AND if you can’t get him to see things your way, than who’s failure is this?
    The work begins of steering him after you get him elected.

    This all saddens me because I think you have all made great progress to be proud of and people don’t seem to see this. Believe me, there have been far worse “winners” than Liam Madden.

    • Laura and others,
      Thanks all for these thoughtful comments and observations. Much food for thought.

    • A voice of reason. I don’t get these conservatives, libertarians, and other right wingers who won’t support/vote for Liam Madden or even support a third party spoiler candidacy. It’s a two-party system. That’s why Liam ran in the Repulican primary which he won. Now the right has two options: get Madden elected and then Vermont has as an independent in Congress who is ready to work with Republicans/the right. Or you vote for the spoiler or stay at home, which in the end means you ensure the woke Democrat wins. That’s how a two party system works.

      Madden is pro free speech, against identity politics and wokeness, and doesn’t want to confiscate your guns. He supports local control over most things and he resisted the Covid regime. And there is much more a right winger could like about him. I think it’s time for right to stop pouting and help to defeat the woke Democrats.

    • You comment on what Madden “has done”. Yes, what he has done has infuriated people, but the real kicker here is “what will he do?” That is the big problem for a lot of people including me. He can do whatever he wants now, because the majority are falling in with Ericka Redic. Party labels aside, she is still a better fit for VT.

      • So conservatism in your mind means totally rejecting reality and common sense? You really think a right wing conservative libertarian candidate that even failed to win a GOP primary has a shot of winning a general election in one of the most left wing states? 😀

        • According to your reasoning, we might as well all vote progressive. If Madden had actually run as an independent in the general election, which should have been the case, he would have set up a 3-way race anyway. Instead, he slid into the republican primary by deceptive means and proclaimed that he was not a republican. How can you support someone who is deceptive and used dishonesty to use the republican ballot as a self-avowed non-republican. He also stated that he would not caucus with the republicans. A candidate without a party gets no committee assignments and limited support from the other two parties. I would think that people running the R party would know all this. No man or woman is an island. To be affective in congress a candidate needs support. He will not be able to bounce between party caucuses because he will be a threat to party secrets. Apparently, no one is using their head here. This should have never happened and mistakes were made. Again!

          • Madden explained it over and over again. His plan wasn’t simply to run as an independent, but as an independen in a two way race. Just like Bernie does it all the time. Because even if you dislike the two party system and want to change it you still have to play by it’s rules until you have the power to change the rules.

        • Your reality and meaning of common sense may not be the same for everyone. The primary election in a 20% fraction of the Vermont voting public. The idea of the primary is for each party to pick their candidates. Independent is not a party and winning as an independent doesn’t really mean any6thing until that person demonstrates who they are alligned with after voting on bills in congress up for a vote. Bernie is about as independent as the next democrat/progressive that he always votes with. So, in the general election there will be many more voters casting ballots. In fact, it sounds like you are not very familiar how this all works. Washington is a political sinkhole where good intentions go to die. The political machine runs everything. Independent means nothing until one chooses a party to caucus with. That’s the reality and it deosn’t pass for common sense.

      • Peter, Rush talked often about how we wrongly expected our elected people to pass some kind of a purity test.. and that this is a problem we have that has gotten us in trouble.
        THIS is now going on to such a degree that there are Memes floating around explaining to people on our side that your vote is not a marriage proposal, it’s a vote on a strategy you want to try.
        This is what is going on here today with Liam- people are missing the entire strategery aspect in this game of Political Science.

        Too many people think the only thing going on here is about Ideology and they want a man that can walk on water right over the cesspool that the Swamp now is.. [as if that person would want to be there].
        Further, they are not recognizing that the both of the parties change and they both react to each others changes.. as the nation changes and people change.
        You need to look at who you are as a party TODAY, where you are, what is then happening and then where you need to push the flock to for the better grasses.

        So this means you need a strategy and tools.. Liam is a tool needed to deal with the task at hand. The major problem right now in Vermont is that you are a one party state suffering from a lack of true checks and balances.

        You have a small population of largely people that are far Left that you have to work with to hopefully make see your way of thinking.. and people now think that working with what you have, and WHO You Have for a population is a problem?
        Is Liam supposed to magically pluck Republican voters off the trees to gain a majority?
        These new Republican Voters (AND they are only just Voters, I seriously doubt you are going to make them truly see the light) that you all need are going to be former Democrat Voters so don’t you think reaching out to them and speaking their language is a good skill?
        I think so- given the level of the problems and the urgency to which they need to be solved.
        Like it or not, Democrats and Republicans are two different species that no longer even speak the same language (literally, we don’t anymore).. so don’t you think that someone “multi-lingual” is a good idea?
        THIS is the Reality of where we are at today.
        The older population on our side has got to understand are dealing with a younger generation that has been ‘educated’ entirely different than anyone over 40 was.. these are also not people from JFKs party, they are actual
        Socialists/Communists/Marxists and THAT Happened on our watch!

        Further, this man Liam is new in this and that newness is not being recognized.
        You can elect seasoned politicians with polished messaging.. and we all know how that goes.
        OR you can bring in these new people… with their ragged edges.
        Over here in NH, we have the 603 Alliance, a “bootcamp” for candidates where they learn to articulate their messaging BEFORE they run for office, sharpen up some people skills, hone their talking points to a crowd and just learn to be better at what it is they are doing. Has anyone worked with Liam on this? It sounds like he’s had little support from the top of the very party that he’s just won for.

        Liam has won, perhaps it’s time now for some people to gather around the man and help him to be better and succeed so that everyone can figure out how to make this work.
        How many of the people saying negative things have even had a conversation with the man?
        Did they organize a Meet and Greet to help him out?
        Vermont is so small, it’s easy to get to know this man..and help him help you all.

        I see a whole lot of people being the complete opposite of what it is that they claim our party is supposed to be and Vermont for that matter- where everything is supposed to go– unless they don’t like it?
        There is a serious lack of good strong Republicans standing up to do the job and then they do (and win!) and the people hang them out to dry.. so geez, I wonder why no one wants to rise up !!

        • To Peter, obviously you ignored what I said about trying to caucus with both parties. Liam said that’s what he would do. I’m not bashing anyone, only pointing out that he can’t caucus with both parties. If he wants to caucus with republicans, why didn’t he run as a republican? Neither of you can get your stories straight. Claiming that he was unimformed of the election rules suggests that he is uninformed of other rules, like caucusing with both parties. That is flat out not possible. Show me one independent in congress who caucuses with the republicans. Bernie runs as an independent, caucuses with the dem/progs and is in fact a borderlline marxist who calls himself a Socialist Democrat. All designed to fool uninformed people.

          • To Peter again, Vermont holds open primaries. Anyone from any party can vote in any party. I don’t believe that 10,000 republicans voted for Liam. What Paul Dame says is to cover his own butt. You appear to be a good friend or campaign worker for Liam. I get your loyalty, but this is an error that should never have happened. I don’t know how he was placed on the ballot, and no one will say. Have him release copies of his petitions for inclusion to run in the election. I bet they say he was running as an independent. If he was running in the republican party primary, his petitions would say
            that he was seeking the republican nomination. Until then, it all looks deceptive to me and lots of others. In fact, Liam was going to refuse the nomination until he found out that he couldn’t run as an independent. You are in a cicling firing squad shooting at yourself because your excuses don’t match the facts.

      • What will anyone do James B Hall?
        What will tomorrow bring and what will anyone do?
        Do any of us know this answer?

        • We only know what the candidate has already stated, he is not a republican and he is deceptive in his approach to answering important questions. He should not be rewarded by the party he deceived.

          • Why are you trashing Republican voters. He was upfront. it’s on his website, he said in every debate: “I’m an independent running in the Republican primary”. Almost 11,000 Vermont Republicans didn’t mind his independence or even liked it and voted for him. And when it comes to the issues: There is a lot of information out there and Liam was always straight forward on a lot of issues. I think lots of Republicans like that even if they disagree with him.

        • And, while your comments are welcome here, you are a New Hampshire voter, and this is a Vermont problem.

  4. “I was the only Republican running in this race”? Really? Are you saying Ericka is not a Republican? I’m shocked at this letter. Yes, you had a right — like Liam — to run as a Republican. We need team players: this ain’t it, Anya.

    • “Team players.”

      You are endorsed by #TeamNolan (the official campaign hashtag) Chair, anti-Trump RINO Jim Douglas, who inflicted pro-abortion, anti-Constitution, election-theft-supporting, lying anti-Trump RINO Christina Nolan on Republican voters.

      Please don’t condescend to others about being “team players” when that’s the “team” you’re part of.

    • John, if we need team players, then please apply the same standards to Phil Scott as you are trying to apply to Anya.

  5. Deb, please stop carrying water for the NON REPUBLICAN Liam Madden. I was at the same VT GOP State Committee meeting you were last Saturday, where Liam Madden said plainly if he won and went to Washington he would NOT caucus with the Republicans. He would roam back and forth between the caucuses, sampling some here and some there. He stated that he was NOT a Republican, he was an Independent, and therefore he would not promise to caucus with the Republicans. You heard him say that. HOW can you now say he will? Great. So he roams back and forth between the two parties’ caucuses in Washington?? What will he tell the Democrats of the internal information he learns in the Republican caucus there? I am amazed that a political veteran like you cannot see that. Neither Anya nor Ericka is to blame for this. Liam is. You seriously want me to support Liam, who has already stated that he supports abortion up to the sixth month, AND isn’t sure how he feels about Article 22? Both Ericka and Anya are pro-life and oppose Article 22. What are you DOING?? You know that the approx. 200 members of the State Committee (we’re talking about grassroots members here, not VT GOP bigwigs) voted not to support or give money or access to our internal information or fundraising apparatus to Liam. Why didn’t you tell the people reading your essay THAT? I am mystified by your support for Liam. He is not a Republican. In the case of Ericka, she ran openly on both the R and the L ballots. Quite a few other candidates have run on more than one ballot in Vermont over the years. Liam knocked off our two legitimate female R candidates. Can just anyone call themselves a Republican these days? Does that mean we grassroots R’s must dutifully fall in line like sheep and vote for that person? If George Soros stuck an R after his name and said he was a Republican, would you tell us we had to vote for him if he won the primary?? Wow. I am truly mystified. Does our Platform mean nothing? Are you just trying to cover for Paul? STOP blaming Ericka and Anya. It is NOT their fault. I will be voting for Ericka on the Libertarian line. You say Liam is not as extreme as Balint. Is that your endorsement of him? Sad? Do you know how sick the grassroots is of that reasoning? Well, Ericka is not as extreme as Liam. She was a legitimate R candidate. Why are you throwing her under the bus? If you look at Balint, Liam Madden, and Ericka Redic, Ericka is the least extreme and the most pro-life, pro Constitution, pro gun rights, and pro freedom candidate out there. She was also much more transparent than Liam, who has already broken a major promise to the VT GOP. Why are you defending him?? What he did (stealing our primary and knocking off two women) all but guarantees that Balint will win. Paul might also be somewhat a victim of Liam here, but the two of you need to stop defending him and trying to convince the rest of us to do so. The 200 grassroots VT GOP party members did not buy that line of reasoning in Montpelier a week ago. The VT GOP state committee repudiated Liam. Now you are going out and repudiating the open vote of those Republican delegates elected from all of our cities and towns across Vermont. Your position does NOT reflect the will and feelings of the 200 grassroots Vermont members of the VT GOP State Committee. The Party will not unite behind Liam. Some will vote for him, possibly. Others will either vote for Ericka or write in Anya. I will cast my vote for the legitimate Republican who came in second. Ericka Redic. I will not vote for Liam. Why? He is not a Republican. He said so in front of the entire State Committee. THAT is why we repudiated him. What a mess. And our VT GOP leaders should not be trying to shift the blame on to either our two female candidates or the grassroots. Many of us are not buying it. Ericka Redic is much more of a real Republican than Liam Madden is.

    • “stealing our primary and knocking off two women”

      He didn’t steal the election. The simple truth is: most Republican voters in Vermont wanted an outsider to shake up the system. So more than 10,000 of them voted for a likeable guy with a big tent populist platform.

      • Peter, if you think those 10,000 votes came mostly from Republicans in an OPEN PRIMARY, you are sadly mistaken. Some of them did, true, but not even close to a majority. They came from everywhere else.

        • Even the chairman of the Vermont GOP disagrees with you. He has crunched the numbers. There where even less primary voters than four years ago. If any a significant number of Republicans voted in the Dem primaries. And the most telling fact: The Republican primary for the House seat had by far the most blank votes of any race: 3,746 (12.26%). In the Senate race only 1,820 (5.96%) voted blank. Just face it: Even thousands of die-hard Republicans and right wingers didn’t like the two conservative women. Frankly, on a personal level both women didn’t come accross very authentic and likeable. And then of course there are ideological differences even on the right: not every right winger supports this “cut governemt to the bone and let big business and Wall Street crush workers and small businesses” economic libertarianism that both women champion. And especially Anya presented herself as a warmanger and called for the US military to directly intervene in Ukraine (which, of course, would mean starting WW3). Do you think America First voters like that?

          It’s now time for right wing voters to stop bitching and accept reality: You either support the open-minded, big tent populist independent Madden who will work with Republicans on lots of issues or you help a woke Democrat to win the race. These are now your options. If you don’t like it than you will be happy to hear that Liam is for ranked choice voting. 😀

          • Once again, Madden thinks he can bounce back and forth between party caucuses, and it doesn’t work that way. How would he get committee assignments if he is not a member of a party caucus. Do you believe that each party is going to let him in on important policy secrets? He could run from one party to the the other and spill the beans on important issues. He has to pick a party to caucus with and he has plainly refused to share how he plans to pull off the impossible. Your use of the words right wingers leads me to believe that you might be part of this deception in your zest to support Mr. Madden’s deception.

    • Kay, not meaning to continue this painful topic but I think you misread me and a couple corrections. My message was factual and was my perspective on where we are. I may be wrong but doubt it.

      1. I stood down during the primary and never openly supported a candidate especially Liam. The first time I saw him he loudly stated what he was. He knew his message and his voters and earned 10,000 votes. These are facts.

      2. We had less than 130 voters at the meeting as we don’t even have 200 state members. And Liam said he would “cyclically” caucus with the each party. Becca will never caucus with us. Just a fact.

      3. Fact.. I don’t carry water for anyone.

      4. Chair Dame had zero control over the process and in fact he sent out a memo to the party saying do not vote for Madden but rather for Ayna or Ericka. This was done a day or two before Election Day. Again fact.

      5. Vote for whomever you want to. Everyone has that privilege. Write in, crossover, straight party line. This is the beauty of Living in the free world. This is my last conversation on this matter. We had lots to chose from and the chips have fallen. Now we need to deal with it. With respect.

      • Deb, if you think those 10,000 votes mostly came from Republicans, you are quite mistaken. The fact is that none of us know, do we? Liam IS NOT A REPUBLICAN, as he stated numerous times. I am betting those votes came from almost everyone except Republicans: Progressives, Independents, Democrats, Bernie supporters looking to mess with the election, and probably some Republicans. But not the majority when we had only 30 percent Republicans who bothered to show up to vote in the primary. That was a part of the problem. Real Republicans voted for Ericka and Anya. Those two vote totals added up to more than Liam’s total. The REAL Republican vote split between the two conservative candidates. Not everyone who puts an “R” after their name is a Republican. The vote by the delegates to the VT GOP State Committee meeting overwhelmingly to deny Liam any support, financial and otherwise, say more about the feelings of the real VT GOP grassroots than anything else. They represent their local constituents. So if you wish to vote for Liam, you are also free to do so. Many of us will be voting for Ericka. Apparently Liam’s true party affiliation on a ballot doesn’t seem to matter, so it will not in Ericka’s case either. She is more of a Republican than Liam is. He supports abortion with no restrictions until the sixth month. He is unsure about where he stands on Article 22. Those positions alone have lost him thousands of real Republicans’ votes. And we have a Platform. Until a few days before the election, he had never even read it. He is not a Republican. Pragmatic pivoting regardless of principle or Platform belongs to Democrats, not to us. Defending him weakens and further fragments us. What he did was not for the good of the Party. It was for the good of Liam, whatever his motives. Many of us think he did this on purpose to sow division in our ranks and help Balint win. He appears to be more of a Progressive than anything else. I will not vote for Mr. I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN.

  6. Until the GOP National and our state grows a pair, we are doomed as a party,
    DemocRATs circle the wagons and stick together good or bad I can not believe
    the dismal turnout

    If Paul wants to remain in charge, he’ll need to grow pair and pull the party in line,
    and as far as Vermont’s ” conservative ” Governor, yeah not so much, more lefty than
    I care to say, pretty pathetic………………..

  7. The Left’s brazen hijacking of the Republican primary took place under the abjectly failed leadership of Chairman Paul Dame.

    His shameless attempt to shift the blame onto you is appalling.

    And, yes, time has shown that you were the only Republican running.

    VTGOP RINOs have betrayed voters yet again.

    Dame should resign.

  8. Anya,

    The whole VTGOP is rigged, has been for a long time. They are the uniparty now, carrying water, shilling for the New World Order.

    It’s not you, it’s them. It’s in the open plain as day for everyone to see.

    The VTGOP let’s people from other parties come in and destroy the platform under the guise of a big tent. Well when the leaders vote for the other team, Joe Biden, You’ll own nothing and be happy….what can we expect.

    The fact they will let him run with an R next to his name on the ballot speaks volumes. Show’s their heart and mind. Actions speak loudly.

    Thanks for running you’re one of the good ones.

    • Neil, you and I are friends, so this is not a kick in the shin response.
      Your suggestion that we are a uniparty is patently false. I just spent 4 years as
      party chair and never once was there a moment of “let’s be one big state political party”.
      We worked (as Dame is doing now) with all our members and believe it or not we are
      in lock step with the national party. I never once held a meeting with gov Scott as
      that was never on his radar. I walked the fine line as Paul is doing to keep us all
      involved at many levels. Some will be happy with our decisions, and some will not.
      Regarding Madden, there was no mechanism to stop him from running. Oddly enough
      he got the majority of votes and that’s what we have to work with. Him not saying he
      is a Republican is equal to one of our losing candidates jumping over to another party.
      In the end Madden will get the Republican votes and perhaps a large independent voting
      block. The person who jumped to another party will get a few R votes and probably a
      handful of Lib votes. At the end of the day, it will be between Madden and Ballint.
      Ballint has a huge war chest and Madden does not…. but… he has positions that fit many
      voters on issues. He is not extreme as Ballint is. If he wins, he may caucus with Republicans and if she wins, she will never caucus with Republicans. When I get a salad
      with somethings in it I don’t like I push those things aside and eat the rest of the salad.
      We all have to make decisions and either totally vote our conscience or go with who might
      be the winner in order to win. When we are angry our decision process is clouded.
      I am also friends with and respect Ayna and her good work and she knows that.
      Either we are in it to win, or we care more about he said she said soap operas.
      I am a proud Vermonter and American…. let’s roll. God Bless America or at least the part
      that has not been destroyed yet!!

      • I never had any complaint about Deb Billado’s leadership as Chair. I have the utmost respect for the work that she continues to do for our party and my comments were never directed towards her or other hard working members of the Vermont GOP.

        • I didn’t have any complaints about Deb either. I supported her all through the attacks on her by Team Scott and his cadre because she was a Trump supporter. But she needs to stop defending the “winner” of this primary who is not a Republican by his own admission. Especially when the delegates made their feelings very clear at the State Committee meeting. Notice that the Party leadership is trying to shift the blame to Ericka (especially) and Anya and the grassroots instead of Liam. I don’t get it. If George Soros put an R after his name and called himself a Republican, would we all be expected to fall in line and vote for him even if he won the primary with the help of many other non Republicans? Phil Scott himself said he would put principle before party. Look hard, Deb and Paul, and you can see that is what is going on here as well. The Vermont and nationwide grassroots Republicans have had it with their own Party kicking them in the teeth and telling them to be quiet and fall in line. Most of the grassroots will not say this openly as others of us will, but the feelings are out there in droves. Liam did what he did not for the good of the Party, but for the good of Liam and for who-knows-what purpose. Why didn’t he run as an Independent???Why enter our primary when he is not a Republican?

          • And I like Deb and still support her. She has taken a lot of unfair shots for the VT GOP, especially from Phil Scott. But she and I disagree strongly on what we ought to do in this case. I will not vote for Liam Madden. Period.

          • My understanding is that an Independent cannot run in the primary. Liam played the ‘game’ and got an early start in running and winning as a Republican; name recognition. I feel him to be straddling both sides/parties and shaking things up for sure.

      • You said “Dame is working with all our members.”

        I respectfully disagree.

        Paul Dame has never said one word in support of President Trump, he has never condemned Biden election theft, and he has never defended our stolen votes.

        I also disagree that Anya’s reply to Dame is a “he said she said soap opera.”

        Anya was correct to counter Paul Dame’s cowardly attempt to shift blame for his own pathetic, weak, unprincipled, failed leadership onto her.

        • Vermont Citizen, the reason Paul did not say a word in support of President Trump is because he is not a Trump supporter. Neither are Phil Scott and Joe Benning. Now we are being admonished to get over it and support the winner of our VT Republican election (the primary). Support the winner. So why didn’t Phil Scott and Joe Benning and Paul do the same when the winning candidate candidate was Trump at the national level? That is what drives the Republican grassroots to frustration. Blatant double standards.

      • Deb……Phil Scott Voted for Joe Biden, not only that he announced it nationally.

        He is the flag bearer of the party.

        Joe Biden is Build Back Better (Global power slogan) with the subline, You will own nothing and be happy.

        We are friends, and will continue. But the battle lines are not Dem vs. Rep.

        The battle lines are America vs. the Uniparty/Establishment/NW)

        The fact the leader of the party is not, has not and never to my knowledge worked on speaking with the party, let alone building the party speaks VOLUMES….

        He should not have an R next to his name, plain and simple.

        • Neil, you make an important point that “the battle lines are not Democrat vs. Republican,” “the battle lines” are America vs. the globalists.

          And while the term “battle line” connotes kinetic warfare, just because there are not missiles flying and bombs dropping doesn’t mean we are not at war. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the concept of “unrestricted warfare” as outlined by PLA Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui.

          Governor Scott did far worse than merely vote for Biden.

          President Trump said the plandemic was “an attack worse than Pearl Harbor or 9/11,” defined himself as a “wartime President,” and locked down Cheyenne Mountain on 3.15.20, which remains locked down to this day.

          Rich Higgins wrote in the summer of 2020, “Inside the United States, the Marxist insurrection is capitalizing on the virus and the counter-state’s control of the public health system to enact draconian population control measures, extraconstitutional legal maneuvers, propaganda and psychological warfare operations, economic warfare targeting the middle-class business owner, and intermittent escalatory violence including the use of anarcho-communists operating under the rubric of critical race theory.”

          During the plandemic, Governor Scott gave aid to America’s enemies by waging economic warfare against the citizens of Vermont via the unconstitutional lockdown.

          Next, when the globalist puppet Biden regime stole the election by fraud and foreign interference, Governor Scott colluded in election theft by lying that “only legal votes are being counted,” saying it was “a free, fair and legal election,” and calling for the lawfully elected President to be removed from office.

          Governor Scott also colluded in crimes against humanity by supporting the Biden regime’s criminal vax mandate and he appears to have violated the Nuremberg Code by forcing toxic experimental drugs on captive institutional populations.

          Governor Scott is a traitor against the American people, the lawfully elected President, and the United States of America.

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