Antifa infiltrated DC riot, Antifa tells VT newspaper

By Guy Page

The leftist organization Antifa did infiltrate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C., but only to monitor, not to instigate violence, a Northeast Antifa spokesperson told The Commons weekly newspaper in Brattleboro.

MacLean Gander wrote last week’s Commons news story about Northeast Antifa organizing a Vermont chapter in Brattleboro. In this week’s issue, he says Antifa itself has debunked the fact-check stories purporting to debunk any Antifa presence at the Capitol:

Since the riot, some right-wing voices on outlets like Newsmax, OAN, and Fox News have claimed that the violence was fomented by antifa agent provocateurs who infiltrated the MAGA demonstration. Multiple credible news sources, from Reuters to The Associated Press to Politifact, have debunked this talking point, which began spreading after participants in the riot began seeing public backlash for their behavior.

Two sources within the antifa movement, one with Northeast Antifa (NEA) and one who operates independently at a national level, said that this was not true. The NEA source, whom I know as ‘P.,’ said that antifa were present at the riot in order to gather information but played no role in the violence, a point that [antifa source] Garfield echoed.”

Although antifa may have had some individuals monitoring the scene, Garfield said, no way would it have been involved in the actual violence. The group uses infiltration as a means to discover individuals within the extreme right but not to instigate violence, they said.

Gander then speculates that Antifa is concerned about events running up to Inauguration Day next week:

“The sense that my antifa sources give me is that they are deeply concerned about the last days of the Trump presidency and what might happen on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20. Their organization in Vermont is focused on developing community self-defense mechanisms should these become necessary, but more so on building out an organizational network that can be called on if events require.”

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13 thoughts on “Antifa infiltrated DC riot, Antifa tells VT newspaper


    The demonstrations in Washington, DC were entirely due to the many grievances inflicted on 75 million Trump supporters.

    State Constitutions in swing states were repeatedly violated.
    The US Constitution was violated.

    This is not a partisan issue.
    It is an existential US issue.
    It is a WORLD issue regarding US world leadership.

    Trump is a US citizen, who has rights just as any other US citizen.

    Secretaries of State in swing states and others, have changed voting procedures BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE ELECTIONS TOOK PLACE, without getting any LEGAL approvals from Legislatures.

    That is in violation of the State and the US Constitution.
    The procedure changes led to fraudulent counting of actual votes and pseudo votes in the swing states.

    Secretaries of State have no right to withhold election data from litigants that has historically been available during prior elections
    Secretaries of State have no right to shred any documents related to elections, especially if these elections are being contested.

    The Courts should have been censoring these Secretaries of State.
    Instead, the Courts decided not to call witnesses regarding the presented evidence; they just dismissed the cases, all 30 plus of them.

    Trump Trade Negotiator, Peter Navarro, has written a three-volume report “The Historic Election Fraud”

    The Report confirms Trump won by a landslide, if only legal votes were counted

    See this URL and table

    An enlargement of the table is available in this article.


  2. They’re just adding to the propaganda machine. Of coarse they will lie about it because they don’t want to be looked at by the FBI and they want the public to think that they are a peace loving organization just like the Seattle chapter.

  3. So let me get this straight, is antifa the “Green Shirts” and BLM the

    “Brown Shirts” enforcement in the new leftist fascist Party?

    a blm activist *instigator* Earle Sullivan has been charged for inciting to Riot at the capitol… also the guy with the horns is a climate inciter not a Trump supporter.. funny how it’s panning out after such a powerful media presentation. .

  4. Attempting to pass off the Antifa creeps as credible sources is the height of irresponsibility.

  5. Earlier this week, TJ Donovan, while on WVMT’s Morning Drive show, indicated he did not know what Antifa is, he stated multiple times “I don’t know what Antifa is.” I didn’t hear the rest of the interview or questions, so I am not sure if he was called out on it.

  6. They were just there to “monitor” things. Of course they were. Never mind the fact that Antifa has a proven record of rioting and general mayhem-making.

    Whomever one wants to point the finger at for the January 6 violence, it seems clear that the group had help from the inside–Capitol police calmly opening the barriers and waving in the horde, and people inside the building handing wooden bats (or the like) through windows to those outside (see links below). Reminds me of those pallets of bricks conveniently left for the rioters in cities around America last summer.

  7. “Their organization in Vermont is focused on developing community self-defense mechanisms should these become necessary, but more so on building out an organizational network that can be called on if events require.”

    Gee, that sounds an awful lot like a MILITIA to me. I’m not holding my breath for any condemnation coming from the MSM or the Democrats about their crazy, gun toting minions.

    • Guy,
      Great reporting

      You may not get it.

      If the police is defunded, that militia would need to take its place, at much lower cost, INITIALLY.

      “The group uses infiltration as a means to discover individuals within the extreme right, but not to instigate violence, they said.”

      Oh, I see, the militia group was on a SPYING mission, trying to IDENTIFY CONSERVATIVES (their enemies), and then report them to the police, FBI, etc.

      This reminds me of events in the mid to late 1930s in Germany.

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