Antifa seeks recruits in Brattleboro

By Guy Page

The Northeast Antifa organization is looking in Brattleboro for recruits to its Vermont chapter.

Posters have appeared in Brattleboro. Their presence is the work of Northeast Antifa, as shown by the poster itself and a Northeast Antifa Instagram post claiming that “Northeast Antifa activists spread anti-fascist & anti-capitalist promotional materials around Vermont on 1/6/21.”

Wikimedia Commons/Old White Truck

Antifa is a far-left militant movement with an active presence in the Northeast.

Antifa is a leftist activist group that bills itself as a defender against fascism. Highly decentralized in organization, Antifa groups were responsible for destruction of property and assaults on police in American cities this summer.

Northeast Antifa is actively promoting a Vermont chapter, which has its own logo, as presented on the Instagram site.

The Instagram website urges readers to “check out the Brattleboro Commons (a community newspaper in Brattleboro, Vermont) news story on Northeast Antifa and white terrorism.” It links readers to a Jan. 8 article by MacLean Gander, a highly-regarded Windham County weekly newspaper.

According to the Commons, Northeast Antifa isn’t just recruiting, it is “doxxing” (publicly naming) alleged Vermont fascists:

NEA publicly accused [name omitted by VT Daily] of neo-Nazi activities in a practice known as ‘doxxing,’ or releasing personal identifying information. The group identified [name omitted] as the person responsible for posting an AWD ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ poster in Brattleboro in July 2018.

‘[Name omitted], a member of Atomwaffen Division and a militant neo-Nazi, is a military trained threat to his community,’ wrote ‘Garfield but Anti-Fascist,’ a Twitter user who broadcast a thread of links to Chambers’ social media and military records to provide some degree of support to the allegations.

The Commons also provides details about Northeast Antifa’s organization and communications.

The method of organization is clandestine. The communications between The Commons and NEA were conducted through encryption, and voice calls were conducted through voice scrambler technology.

NEA’s communications are tightly controlled, and the structure of cell organization — a standard practice in underground movements — has the dual purpose of allowing rapid communication while eliminating the likelihood that if one individual is identified other participants in the movement will be discovered.

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Images courtesy of Flickr/Adam Jones and Wikimedia Commons/Old White Truck

14 thoughts on “Antifa seeks recruits in Brattleboro

  1. Just wait until you all hear about the latest conspiracy theory. It wasn’t just Nancy Pelosi’s ‘podeum’ that was lifted. A retired Air Force General says now that ‘Special Ops’ folks used the riots as cover to steal Pelosi’s laptop.

    This really can’t get anymore entertaining. Who needs Netflix?

    • Jay,

      Will they merge the data into the database they used for Democrat Committee Chairwoman
      Debbie Wasserman Schultz that is in Pakistan?

  2. I thought that ANTIFA was the militant arm of the Communist party?

    Get ready

    Stalin only murdered 60,000,000 of his citizens, so the show is about to begin?

    • Where do we go? What country offers more freedom than the United States?

      Corrupt governance goes against the laws of God, Nature and Science/Math. Their days will be coming soon. It may take longer than any of us like, more so in this day of instant gratification, but their day will come.

      Their sin will find them out…..

  3. Any secretive group, more than willing to acclaim openly that they are anti-fascist, for sure and certain are anything but anti-fascist. This is another branch of the Democrat socialist army. Just think of them as analogous to the U.S. Special Forces. Anyone familiar with Terry McAuliffe, is aware the his twenty-something year old son as arrested during one of Antifa’s operations.

    “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?”

  4. Word on the street is that this group is funded by Soros. In Liberal Brattleboro if the message gets out that individuals won’t have to work again, ANTIFA can easily get recruits.ANTIFA is the Brown Shirt Army of the Dems, including Joey Boy.

    Wonder what city-Town in VT they will destroy?

  5. “Northeast Antifa activists spread anti-fascist & anti-capitalist promotional materials…” displaying once again their essential ability to bind themselves to two conflicting ideologies simultaneously while understanding the essential fundamentals of neither of them – being a fascist organization reminiscent of the Camichie Nere with the name Antifascist gives them not a moment’s pause.

  6. Brattleboro? I thought there clubhouse was in Montpeculiar. Quick!, alert the governor he will want to race over to get their endorsement.

    • Geesh, I ‘bet’ Antifa will be recruiting in Joe Benning’s Lyndon, VT soon enough.

      On the other hand, we can’t overlook the possibility that Ron Lawrence and those other ‘click-bait fanatic’ Trump supporters didn’t dress up in black hoodies just to make it look like Antifa was recruiting in Brattleboro.

      I guess the only way to know for sure is to consult Mr. Benning’s Ouija Board.

      • P.S. Before it gets taken out of context: my remark about Ron Lawrence is in gest. He is, to the the best of my knowledge, a patriot.

      • Who do you think is on the phone making calls?


        Notice how fast everything is happening? All these organizations working together, immediately within 24 hours all working toward the same cause? Get Trump out immediately.

        Get organized….I’ll givem’ that.

        Do people understand how much coordination this took to get everyone doing this on one day? Everywhere????? Immediately?????

        You can’t begin to imagine. It’s a major thing to roll out a new toy at the McDonalds for a Happy Meal, everywhere across the country at the same time.

        This is not spontaneous. This is extremely coordinated. It will show for all to see who reside with what groups and what groups are tied together.

        It will show who are all the puppets for the New World Order and whom are kinda fond for our Constitution and our Country.

        Everybody is laying their cards on the table…….but somebody is still holding them close to their vest…I hope and pray.

        Regardless, January 6th was a new day, a new beginning for all to see. The corruption can no longer be hidden.

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