An inside look at how training teachers to carry firearms in schools actually works

By Kelsey Harkness | The Daily Signal

Most schools require teachers and staffers to go through a rigorous training program before they may carry a concealed weapon in the classroom. But how do these training programs actually work, and what type of qualifications do they entail?

The Daily Signal traveled to outside Denver, Colorado, to learn about “FASTER Saves Lives,” a nonprofit that teaches teachers and administrators to take the offensive against active shooters, as well as how to do medical triage and have the appropriate mindset. We spoke with firearms instructors and with a charter school founder who participated in the program as part of robust research on school safety. Watch the video above.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Cimmerian praetor

3 thoughts on “An inside look at how training teachers to carry firearms in schools actually works

  1. I believe that if a Teacher has the moral conviction and want to carry a firearm then I applaud
    them. Hopefully they will never have to use it, but at least someone is there willing to take
    control of the situation before laws enforcement arrives .

    I surely don’t want some Liberal Namby Pamby that is afraid of there own shadow that would
    be a recipe for disaster, now that scares me !!

    Trained people , limited school access , self locking doors not the current lackadaisical way
    schools are run today …….. Shameful !!

  2. Sorry, but the fact that this is even needed reveals serious problems with the snowflake generation. I’m all for gun rights but I’m not convinced this is the right avenue to addressing the issue. Lets figure out why the boat is leaking before we try to patch it.

    • A poor analogy. Trying to figure out what caused the leak before at least slowing the flow,generally means you’re going for a swim! There are Multiple possible responses to a Complex problem. Some will take YEARS to get into place, and that is IF “The Powers That Be” can Identify them, Agree to Institute a Response, Then Decide What That Response Will Be.

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