Al Gore: Migrant caravans are victims of global warming

By Michael Bastasch

Former Vice President Al Gore said the recent Central American migrant caravans seeking asylum in the U.S. were fleeing the ravages of global warming.

Gore said the so-called “dry corridor,” which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming.”

“And they’ve gone without a harvest this year. Some have gone without a harvest for two years,” Gore told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview Wednesday. “That is one of the principal causes for them making that long journey.”

Thousands of Central American migrants have joined caravans headed for the U.S.-Mexico border in order to seek asylum. Most experts see them as economic migrants, coming to the U.S. for work, not fleeing global warming.

This isn’t the first time Gore linked global warming to recent migrant caravans. In December, Gore called the caravans a “recent, startling example” of global warming forcing people to flee their homes.

However, Gore is not the first to label the caravans “climate refugees.” It’s part of a broader media narrative to link the thousands joining U.S.-bound caravans to global warming.

For example, The Guardian ran a story in October citing alleged experts who “say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land and it’s likely to get worse.”

That same month, The Huffington Post said the migrant caravan “foreshadows” what’s to come with global warming. And E&E News called the caravan a “preview of climate migrations,” that is, people driven from their homes due to man-made global warming.

Conflict scholars have largely debunked many of the claims linking global warming to armed conflict and migration.

To stem the tide of migrants, Gore said the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America and work with the region’s governments “so they are not driven away from their homes.”

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8 thoughts on “Al Gore: Migrant caravans are victims of global warming

  1. Oh Al you funny guy, is dry corridor same as All the polar bears gonna die? Wasn’t that one of your now long failed predictions? Or you just trying to stay relevant in the age of new climate dunder
    head AOC (occasional cortex) we all gonna die in 12 years… She won’t have time to spend all that
    70% tax for more failed solyndra’s..

  2. “Illegal Alien caravans are victims of global warming”

    Much the same as boring Al is a victim of inventing the internet.

  3. Al Gore: Migrant caravans are victims of global warming, it probably from all the CO2
    from your global hopping Jet !!…………Hypocrite

    Caravans are because of these SH countries have a corrupt government…..And the US
    give these fools millions every year and this is the thanks we get border storming Illegals !!

    Cut all funding and build a wall, come here legally …………………

  4. The US needs a 30 foot barrier to guard against climate refugees trying to illegally infiltrate into the US. Trump is right to insist on it.

    Pelosi, Schumer and the rest are hypocrites, because when Obama wanted money for wall building in the US southwest, they voted for it.

    As a result, illegal infiltration via THOSE new walls is almost impossible

    In many places the walls need to be upgraded so illegal infiltrators cannot go through, climb over or tunnel under.

    Walls need to be built in areas that have seen increasing illegal infiltrations

  5. Al Gore is a joke.
    He jet sets around the world in CO2 spewing private planes to Davos and Aspen, and pontificates to the elites on how to reduce CO2, collecting $250,000 cash fees, as does Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and Bill Clinton, etc. It is called “Democrats making it to the big time.”

    Of course, all their fee money gets paid to their own foundation, which pays no federal and no state taxes.

    The foundation pays all their expenses

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