Agency of Natural Resources: Low emission and electric vehicle rulemaking public events

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Press Contact: Stephanie Brackin,, 802-261-0606
Public Comment Contact: Megan O’Toole,

Montpelier, VT (August 17, 2022) – The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) is announcing a series of events for the public to learn more about proposed amendments to existing rules related to low emission and electric vehicles.

These proposed amendments set standards for auto manufacturers that will reduce greenhouse gas and criteria air pollutant emissions from passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and engines that are delivered for sale or placed in service in Vermont. The proposed amendments will also require auto manufacturers to deliver more low emission and electric vehicles to Vermont.

Even though these requirements are being imposed on auto manufacturers, ANR expects that there will be indirect impacts on Vermonters. At the events, the public will have an opportunity to learn about the benefits and impacts of the rules, get information about existing programs and resources that support the transition to electric vehicles, participate in a discussion of what other policies are needed so that all Vermonters can benefit from this transition, and provide public comment on the proposed amendments.

Public Event Schedule:

Date Location
September 7, 6:00pm Park House, 340 Rec Park Road, Manchester Center, 05255
September 8, 6:00pm Gateway Center, First Floor, 84 Fyfe Drive, Newport, 05855
September 14, 6:00pm Burlington Old North End (O.N.E.) Community Center, First Floor, 20 Allen Street, Burlington, 05401
September 15, 6:00pm Bellows Falls Opera House, Lower Theatre, 7 Square, Bellows Falls, 05101
September 21, 5:00pm Aldrich Public Library, Milne Room, 6 Washington Street, Barre, 05641
September 23, Noon Virtual Meeting, Zoom link and phone number

RSVP is encouraged.

The public comment period is open until September 30, 2022 and comments on the proposed amendments may be submitted via email to:, or by mail: Megan O’Toole, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, 1 National Life Dr, Davis 4, Montpelier, VT 05620.

For more information about the proposed amendments visit our website.

Vermonters are facing the impacts of climate change now, and emissions from vehicles make up most of the harmful greenhouse gas and other air pollutants emissions in Vermont. The initial Vermont Climate Action Plan, released on December 1, 2021, calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by adopting these proposed rules to further increase electric vehicle adoption in Vermont.

Learn more about Climate Change in Vermont and the Vermont Climate Action Plan.

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11 thoughts on “Agency of Natural Resources: Low emission and electric vehicle rulemaking public events

  1. The EPA is building a site for something (you can’t read all the little permit signs from a car) near Montpelier so that they can deploy ESG standards here. New Hampshire gave itself legal protection from ESG. Why didn’t we?

    • April,
      Vermont eagerly embraces anything federal, because it is for free
      All you have to do is agree with whatever the EPA spouts.

  2. The plan is to demand fuel driven vehicles get low emissions for a few states and they’ll just stop selling them to those states rather then make special autos. The minuscule savings of
    co2 will not be worth the extremely higher cost which will then be more in line with the
    expensive golf cart cars. They’ll get you in a high pollution lithium fire bomb one way or another. EV’s create more co2 to be made and distributed then any modern fuel driven auto emits. They will also pollute the earth with lithium that won’t degrade and the enormous pits created to mine it and other ores used in battery production. Long haul trucks cannot run on batteries as they drain the juice too quick pulling a load. As all things leftist no thought has put on the full picture just getting you on EV with no power grid to support them..

    • If they did produce an electric big rig can you imagine putting out the fires?
      A passenger electric vehicle takes hours to put out.On a big rig one day,possibly 2?

    • These bureaucrat folks largely talk to themselves, often about subjects, which they do not understand on an A to Z basis.

      TESLA, 50% of the US market, makes the useful Model Y, about $70,000, including taxes, fees, documentation, etc, no options, and the even more useful Model X, about $110,000. They have good range in WINTER.

      Almost all other EVs have too little range in WINTER, and are less useful, more like a second car for making short trips, and short commutes.

      My Subaru Outback averages 30 mpg, large storage space, costs $30,000, nicely equipped.

      On a mine-to-landfill basis, the CO2 is not much different from a Model Y

      • Bravo. You are correct…. They live in a fantasy world, then try to fashion the real world to fit — but ignore facts, economics, and “science.”

  3. When they tell me I can’t register a diesel or gas powered vehicle in Vermont, I’ll register them in South Dakota. They keep going too far with the nonsense.

  4. Wind-up cars is a better option. With today’s advanced materials technology, a mainspring can be made to store the equivalent of half a tank of gasoline. Any power source could be used to wind them, even humans or donkeys in a pinch. Just don’t lose the key.
    No emissions whatsoever!

  5. I’m waiting to see the first electric highway snowplow, the first electric logging truck, the first electric passenger airliner, the first electric luxury yacht and to make this list short, all the electric mechanized equipment units of the military. Does anyone think this stuff through? Obviously not! This is the new religion of the left.

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