After big GOP election wins, blue Vermont finds itself positioned against national trends

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REVENGE OF THE DONALD: Former president Donald J. Trump endorsed four candidates for key states on Tuesday night and all four of them won, defeating President Biden-endorsed candidates.

On Tuesday night Democrat incumbent Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia was ousted in an election against Republican Glenn Youngkin, a development that just weeks ago seemed unlikely in public polls until a sudden backlash against the Democrat-endorsed critical race theory materialized..

The same night, in Minneapolis, voters defeated a measure to completely disband the police department in favor of a woke-friendly Department of Public Safety. Just days earlier, a new national poll showed that Americans overall have a negative view of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In fact, across the nation, pro-critical race theory and pro-Covid-lockdown candidates for school board and town leadership were largely replaced with conservative, pro-freedom, anti-CRT opponents.

On most major social, economic, and political matters, recent polls are showing a strong momentum shift across the nation against the Democrat Party platform.

The two top issues that spurned voters to turn away from Democrats towards Republicans in Virginia, according to polls, were excessive COVID-19 mandates the push for social justice-themed curricula in schools.

In many cases, it was political newcomers who won school board seats. The Kansas City Star reported that “several conservative candidates ran in the nonpartisan races for the first time, fighting for what they call ‘parent choice,’ opposing mask mandates and questioning how schools teach students about racism, sexual orientation, and gender.”

Such developments echo the advice of Vermont’s conservative leaders, which has been to focus on school boards, bring friends, and engage.

Contrary to the national trend, the state of Vermont has been at the forefront of promoting critical race theory in schools and its universities. One UVM professor and whistleblower made headlines earlier this year when he blew the whistle on racism against whites being encouraged on UVM’s campus in the school’s staff training programs.

Polls are also showing a growing distrust for mainstream media, which tends to cover Democrats favorably. Major media outlets such as CNN are struggling to attract more than a few hundred thousand viewers for some programs which in past decades would have seen millions tune in.

Mainstream media critics were quick to note an MSNBC host labeled concern about critical race theory “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.”

Meanwhile, conservative commentators took time to gloat about visibly distraught media personalities on election night. Columnist Ann Coulter was among them.

Last week Vice President Kamala Harris said that whichever party gained momentum on Election Night in the Virginia gubernatorial race and others would determine the course of elections through 2024 and beyond. According to a Breitbart News report, President Biden had no comments on the night’s election results upon receiving the news.

Former President Donald Trump also weighed in on the night’s outcome. All four of his endorsed candidates won their races, including two of them over Biden-endorsed candidates.

“President Trump continues to be a huge boost for Republicans across the country,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the Washington Examiner.

Many of Vermont’s Republican state lawmakers, led by the efforts of Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, turned against the former president for his alleged role in the largely debunked Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot narrative.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story said the Vermont GOP largely turned against President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. Instead, most GOP House lawmakers voted for  J.R.H.1, a joint resolution calling for Trump to be removed from office. Only 16 lawmakers voted against.

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15 thoughts on “After big GOP election wins, blue Vermont finds itself positioned against national trends

  1. GOP leadership is on the right track as well as the rest of the newly-minted joiners all across our nation running for office. And as Shannara Johnson stated recently – adding more conservative Republicans to run for office here in VT.
    From the story:
    [..]The top 2 issues were school COVID rules and CRT.
    — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) November 2, 2021
    “In many cases, it was*** political newcomers who won school board seats.*** The Kansas City Star reported that ***“several conservative candidates ran in the nonpartisan races*** for the first time, fighting for what they call ‘parent choice’, opposing mask mandates and questioning how schools teach students about racism, sexual orientation, and gender.”

    Such developments echo the ***advice of Vermont’s conservative leaders,*** which has been to ***focus on school boards, bring friends, and engage.”***

    [..]Former President Donald Trump also weighed in on the night’s outcome. All four of his endorsed candidates won their races, including two of them over Biden-endorsed candidates.[..]

    This is how we win ^ Winners never quit and quitters never win. We don’t win by bullying Deb and bashing GOP or subtracting from the party – which are currently our only political hope. We don’t win by crunching phantom unprovable numbers pulled from thin air with no searchable info. Obfuscation hat trick to avoid the cold hard truth our elections are rigged and has nothing to do with unworkable implementation of far-out failed ideas and pet vanity projects.

    Yeah – shame on Rinos – the party is in shambles bc they need good ppl to run – not those like Jersey-Joe Benning who ran as the Dem he is, in one of the reddest parts of the state and lost – turned the D into an R – shazzam! This is is now taking place in our state but you’d never know it by listening to the whining of ppl who are not even in the party.

    Mike Lindell found that every state had election machine tampering aka “fraud” – even states where conservative Republicans won. We are all Windham NH where th voting machines were set to subtract 300 votes from Republicans. LRT is the same voting machine manager used in VT and most of New England. VT follows the same machine politicical playbook like Daley’s Chicago and NY/NJ.

    As Condos continues Conspiracy Theory Tour – pls remember Commissar Condos and creepy little deputy both stated that questioning VT elections is a “conspiracy theory” when we now know it is not in no uncertain terms. Unless there are audits and canvasses we are in the dark – what have they got to hide so badly they need to play the “C” card.

  2. “Fuzzy Math” – Democrats’ “Deficit-Neutral” Social-Spending Plan Could Cost Over $4 Trillion

    If you are struggling to understand why Senator Joe Manchin refuses to bend-the-knee to his progressive pals’ massive social-spending plan, prepare for some cognitive dissonance.

    Why wouldn’t he just go along with it? After all, the smartest Democrats have all declared the colossal spend-fest is ‘free’, right?

    Citing provisions to offset the spending, Biden has repeatedly claimed that the bill is “going to cost nothing.”

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has trotted out this argument with great confidence.

    “It’s not about a dollar amount,” she told reporters.
    “The dollar amount, as the president said, is zero. This bill will be paid for.”

    And White House chief of staff Ron Klain also shamelessly proclaims:
    “the net cost of Build Back Better is zero.”

    And sympathetic journalists have picked up the mantra.

    But – as you may suspect – it’s all a bunch of bullshit premised on what Manchin called “budget gimmicks… and shell games.” In fact, as CNBC’s Ylan Mui noted this morning, it’s “fuzzy math,”and citing work based on the Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), the cost of this new new deal is over $4.1 trillion and only $1.554 trillion is paid for.

    “While Democrats are claiming they have cut the price tag of the social spending package by more than half, they are using some fuzzy math…” Mui begins, noting “the most glaring example is that of repealing the SALT cap for the next five years, but they claim they ‘pay’ for that by reinstating it for the following five years.”

    Additionally Mui notes that various packages at the heart of the bill, such as Universal Pre-K, Medicaid expansion, and Child tax credits all end after just a few years (6 years, 4 years, and 1 year respectively), and of course, those ‘free’ handouts then become political hand grenades to hold over the Republicans as they expire.

    The Democrats are open about this plan, as Mui notes, “their strategy is to start as many new projects as possible and then build public support around them.”

    As Milton Friedman infamously noted: “there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.”

    Critically, PWBM has estimated the scenario where all spending and revenue provisions in the Build Back Better Framework are permanent and the gap between spending and revenues is over $2.5 trillion… which, the last time we checked is not equal to zero…

    As Rich Lowry wrote at Politico recently, trying to redefine the cost of a multi-trillion bill as zero must rank among the most shameless, patently absurd attempts to change reality through a talking point ever attempted. It’s mind-bending logic that would mystify Lewis
    Carroll at the height of his creative powers.

    Well, if anything has been confirmed by the last few days, due to the Dem/Prog debacle on Virginia, it appears the American public is done believing in fairy tales and is rapidly transitioning back to the real world.

  3. It is sad to see all the out of state people here full time. Do they all work from home? lots of people out walking DOGS now…they need to get their exercise….yet the native Vermonters have been going to work right straight through…can’t fix your leaky pipe or overflowing septic on your computer can ya ?
    think about it those who do least get paid the most….upside down state….those in the middle get to pay property taxes and cry…

  4. The only thing that will save Vermont is the complete exposure and prosecution of the corrupt criminal syndicate running it. The criminal syndicate here is deeply rooted and paid handsomely for their evil deeds. They sold us out to the CCP and now just waiting for the Jim Jones Juice to finish many off for good. Through the entire bioweapon unleashing – Phil and Levine have a direct line to Fauci – the same man who tortured dogs and innocent children with science experiments. The same Dr. Fauci who paid for the bioweapon and is a CCP co-conspirator. Is there any law enforcement officer in this State who will perform their civic duty? Will the people rise to not only demand justice, but carry it out and enforce it to the letter of the law – which is our Constitution? If justice is not served in short order, the Republic of Vermont is gone for good.

    • Right. The plain fact is that Fauci, his NIAID, and the NIH were funding GOF research in communist China, and the Wuhan lab is without a doubt doing the bidding of the Chinese military and is carefully watched by them. GOF research is bioweapons research. It’s research to make viruses more pathogenic.

      Fauci once said that if we didn’t fund the Wuhan lab, then we’d have no say or oversight into what was happening there. But if Fauci didn’t fund actual GOF research there, he wouldn’t have any say or oversight anyhow, and if he did (which he did) then it’s the height of naivete to believe that we’d be able to know and understand everything that was going on in a land where information is tightly controlled and where lab workers are necessarily servants of the state, as everyone in China is.

      Dr. Fauci funded weapons research for a country bent on world domination and the destruction of individual self-determination, which is antithetical to the communist ideology. Dr. Fauci funded bioweapons research for a country whose ideals, political structure, and practices are (or at least, used to be) completely antithetical to our own. Dr. Fauci funded research for a country that has been practicing “stealth warfare” against the US for years, as documented by several books and papers on this subject.

      Dr. Fauci took taxpayer money and gave it to China to be used against us.

  5. The state of Virginia is now officially red.

    Republicans Win Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney general.

    Republicans Win Back Virginia House of Delegates in Historic Sweep with a majority!

  6. Vermont will not be changing direction any time too soon.

    The two candidates, good men surely, to replace Deb will not fair any better. Vermont has a special sauce we have to deal with, it’s actually very difficult terrain to enter, politically speaking. The answer to Vermont is the key to healing our nation.

    It is not to be more Republican. Perhaps it’s to be more American, ideally God fearing American.

    The uniparty is strong, separation and fighting make for a victorious uniparty, the majority of both parties play us like cheap fiddles. There are some 112,704 people in this state that know our enemy is not our fellow Vermonter but international forces, business/lobbyists/NWO pimps that are running the table here in Vermont. Most know our government and federal government no longer represents the common man. This is the achilles heal of our adversary, the NWO.

    To manage complex change we need:

    1) Vision w/o vision we get confusion
    2) Skills w/o skills we get anxiety
    3) Incentives w/o incentives we get gradual change
    4) Resources w/o resources we get frustration
    5) Action Plan w/o action plans we get false starts

    Having the party depend upon the generosity of a few very special people is hurting us more than helping. It doesn’t make us earn our support and money from the general public at large. Going bankrupt would be the very best thing to ever happen, and I wish that on no man, but until WE change….we can’t expect any change.

    If the party were willing to support small competing start up platforms, we’d have a chance. We’d have a chance if we were better educated in wisdom and the way of the world.

    Everybody knows Vermont will not be changing soon, because they haven’t seen the vision to get behind yet. When we do 112,704 people would donate $100 each, making for $1,127, 040 in the party coffers. That would signify, we’ve resonated with the public, and we’ve solve the vision and resource log jam and need to ferret out the rest, which would fall into place naturally.

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Love our neighbor has no qualifications. TGBTG

    • Re: “Everybody knows Vermont will not be changing soon, because they haven’t seen the vision to get behind yet.”


      This from Drudge this morning:

      Food Prices Near All-Time High…

      Meat ‘Sticker Shock’ Looms…

      Ammo Shortage…

      Trade Deficit Fresh Record…

      …not to mention public education tyranny, failed border control, Chinese aggression toward Taiwan, the highest fuel costs in a decade, and impending vaccination mandates.

      At some point, even a fool tires of shooting himself in the foot.

      • 30% are wealthy- out of state (can’t vote)
        30% are not paying for things but receiving money from the state to live

        On the over view, 60% of the people don’t see an economic problem, so for many the tax cut idea won’t be effective, as proven for decades.

        Having said that in the deepest blue part of the state, the Mad River Valley, we just turned down a 60 million dollar school bond 3 to1. It was going to be an 8% increase in property taxes. So….you are correct, they sneak it in with the boiling frog method.

        Regardless for real, lasting change. We need to break away from the uni-party. There are good folks in both sides, over run by United Nations lemmings.

        • And 40% are employed in the heavily tax subsidized Government, Healthcare and Education sectors of Vermont’s economy. That doesn’t leave many people out of the loop.

          Keep the bandages coming.

  7. Now is the time for Vermonter’s to take notice and send all the liberal BS artist packing,
    with all the liberal nonsense that has caused Vermont to become an overtaxed and in debt
    state, with no recovery in sight , and now the liberals of VT want to save the world with the
    ” Green New Deal ” on your tax dollars and with the support of no other than Vermont’s
    very own Socialist sanders

    In the next election cycle, let’s show them we are sick of their nonsense, and send them
    back to their home states, so they can help destroy them we’ve seen enough….

    Vermont’s GOP needs to step up, it can be done !!


  8. Mike,

    Vermont Legislators have arranged for Vermont to suck about $2.5 BILLION PER YEAR from the federal tit; playing the COVID game to the max, has increased that money stream.

    That is a lot of permanent-dependence sucking for a small state.

    Without that federal money, and having a big central-government apparatus, Vermont would be like impoverished Mississippi and Ukraine

    That is a big, long-term commitment towards being a dependent, vassal state.

    Within Vermont, there are a lot of people in a dependent state, because they, and/or their businesses, receive, directly or indirectly, various forms of sustenance from government programs.

    A Santa Clause situation, be good (playing our games), you get rewarded, be bad, you get punished.

    Any enlargement, or any new government programs, such as due to GWSA/Save the World mandates, would increase the number opportunities for career Dem/Progs, to set up and run these programs for decades, and have like-minded relatives and friends on their “management teams”.

    This near-permanent structure will not collapse any time soon, because of the life-support-like tit conditions.

    The USSR had such a centralized-command/control set up, until it finally collapsed.
    The USSR did not have any tit to suck from.

    • Mr Post is correct, about Vermont’s dependance on federal dollars. Vermont’s population is but a large county size, but spending 7.32 Billion dollars. Vermont’s political demographic has changed to liberal/socialist and that ideology is dependent upon vast sums to support government. Vermont is not likely anytime soon to become anything different.

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