‘Youth vote’ coming to Nov. ballot in Brattleboro

This article by Chris Mays originally appeared Aug. 22 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Enough signatures were collected for the November ballot to include a question on what’s being called the “youth vote.”

Although the signatures were not submitted in time for Tuesday’s Select Board meeting, a special meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. Friday so the item can be placed on the ballot in time.

“Now, we need you to not pass judgment on the youth vote, but just to put it on the ballot,” Rio Daims, youth vote coordinator for Brattleboro Common Sense, told the board Tuesday. “The amendment process following this petition already requires a decision by the state Legislature. It is not town government’s business to shortcut the Legislature’s decision.”

An affirmative vote at the polls, then approval from the Legislature, would amend the town’s charter to allow 16- and 17-year-old residents to vote on local issues and serve as a school board member or Town Meeting member who votes at annual Representative Town Meeting. Town Clerk Hilary Francis said 455 valid signatures were submitted to her office and 449 were needed.

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6 thoughts on “‘Youth vote’ coming to Nov. ballot in Brattleboro

  1. WHAT, sixteen & seventeen-year-olds deciding on City Government Issues, this sounds like a
    real novel concept !!

    I’m sure these Kids are well abreast things like spending, infrastructure, legal matters just
    to name a few issues. Oh yeah if they don’t know, they can always Google it on their
    smartphones in their parent’s basement ??

    I assume the property owners in Brattleboro are A-ok with kids defining the property tax base
    so the increase in funds can be used for let’s say, maybe a skatepark, water slide or game room
    or whatever is in a teens mind ………you let it happen.

    This boondoggle is the Liberal mindset …….. Indoctrinate them young it means a Vote they
    have No Shame.

    This initiative has received endorsements from state Sen. Jeanette White, D-Windham District
    and Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman……………. Enough Said there !!

    My God people, what is wrong with you, Just when I thought the State Couldn’t get any worst,
    boy was I wrong !!!

    We Deserve Better from our officials

  2. I hope all those signatures are from Brattleboro Vermont residents already 18 and over, because it will be an illegitimate ballot petition if any of those signatures are from people under 18.. Besides I thought it is built into Vermont’s Constitution that you can’t petition the State Govt as a prevention of mob rule, and since Local Govts are Governing in Vermont aren’t they subject to abide completely by the State Constitution.?. I want those signatures independently audited & the Town Attorney to explain how they legally can disregard the petition prohibition in VT Constitution!!

    • “An official copy of the charter proposal shall be filed as a public record in the office of the clerk of the municipality at least 10 days before the first public hearing.”

      This is Vermont law, and, judging by the second paragraph of this article, it appears the Town is violating it.

  3. Seems like nothing more than a cheap and cheesy way for the ‘adults’ in town to abdicate their responsibilities as parents and let the kids take control, who are most likely in control, anyway, as they raise Black Lives Matter flags on school property and run their schools according to them…the kids. Vermont is truly riddled with idiots.

  4. I must be strange for I think it is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Most 16,17 year old children and they are children are very immature, don’t work, are irresponsible and don’t pay taxes and you want to allow them to decide on issues that will affect the lives of taxpayers. Are they serious or just crazy?? This State is just getting worse every day.

    • Exactly. Free stuff sounds great to teens. This will keep the dems and progs in control! Enjoy!

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