Yale prof calls for ‘civil disobedience’ to stop Amy Coney Barrett confirmation, others compare Republicans to Nazis

By Ben Zeisloft | Campus Reform

Several professors at leading American universities took to social media after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, comparing Republicans to the Confederacy and the Nazis.

Yale University history professor David Blight called for civil disobedience in order to fight President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointment: “To fight Republicans on Trump’s court appointment, which can come any day now, it will take more than ‘procedural’ measures,” he said. “We have to fight by other means, including civil disobedience. Not enough to merely charge ‘hypocrisy.’ RBG deserves no less.”

He also said that the Republicans “have become the new Confederacy” in the current political system.

In response to Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s announcement that he would be open to voting for Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Penn State University atmospheric science professor Michael Mann said that Republican politicians are a “threat to American democracy and must be voted out.”

Days earlier, Mann alleged that Trump employed “Nazi eugenicist rhetoric” at a rally in Minnesota. “Donald Trump is now openly employing Nazi eugenicist rhetoric in his campaign of fear, hatred and bigotry. This has become a pure battle between good and evil,” he tweeted.

Later, he tweeted that “The Republican Party is the evil ring of power” with Trump representing Sauron — the fictional archvillain from the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Davidson College public policy professor Isaac Bailey wrote an opinion piece for CNN, detailing the “minority rule” represented by the Republican Party.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is about to turn me into a socialist or whatever is necessary to save this nation’s fast-fading democracy,” wrote Bailey. “In a healthy democracy, Republican senators would vow not to move forward with a vote on Ginsburg’s replacement until early next year or only accept a consensus pick who can garner bipartisan support.”

In response to “GOP extremism,” Bailey is “willing to sign up for whatever political extreme necessary to undo their damage.” He is “willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t.”

Campus Reform contacted Blight, Mann, and Bailey for comment and will update this article accordingly.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Rachel Malehorn

8 thoughts on “Yale prof calls for ‘civil disobedience’ to stop Amy Coney Barrett confirmation, others compare Republicans to Nazis

  1. Democrats are in complete meltdown over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett
    and they should be, she’s the real deal.

    If you have watched the hearings the Dems threw every stupid question they had
    and she never blinked…….. there screwed !!

    The two dumbest senators throwing questions were Pat Leahy and Mazie Hirono,
    my God, we deserve better ……..

    As far as these Yale Professors, just bitter liberals that have gone as far as they’ll
    ever go ……………………….

  2. The one reason I never went to college is I have no use for teachers who spend their whole life in school and never once get out to see what really goes on in the world they live in or talk about subjects they have no idea about. This man is a fool who is hired by fools. If you want to teach, try learning something first.

  3. “In a healthy democracy…” I remember how the Senate voting went for Obamacare when polls indicated eighty percent of Americans were satisfied with their health care plans and over sixty percent didn’t want Obama’s ACA. Not to mention Obama’s absolute lies to promote it – the product was even worse than the promotion. Consensus? It garnered no Republican votes. Any reluctance to railroad it through in consideration of the incoming Senate that was almost certain not to pass it? Any doubt that, were roles reversed, the Progressives would nominate and confirm a justice?

  4. That these college professors espouse non-sensical, psychologically projected, points of view isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that universities like Davidson, Yale and Penn State hire them. And even more of a surprise is that any student (or their parents) would pay the big bucks to attend these universities and take their classes.

    • Jay,
      The brain washing going on in universities is mind boggling.

      An opinion at variance with academia dogma, leads to being shunned, given lower grades, socially downgraded.

      Pliable, naive, gullible students, etc., instead of questioning and widening their horizons at a university, instead “toe the line to fit in”, much the same way they were cowed into conformity in public schools.

      • Our Ivy Tenured “college Professors” are the true Enemy of the United States with it’s freedoms, prosperity, safety, true “collegiality”, Respect for everyone (except Ivy Prof’s,), and happy lives.

        Ivy Prof’essors are truly worse, more dangerous for the future of the United States than all the Islamists, Communists, “anarchists” all put together.

        Where do you think all these college age Girls and Boys come from –
        leading and supporting the arson, murdering, looting RIOTERS ?!?!?

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