Woke takeover of U.S. military endangers us all

By Mike Gonzalez and Dakota Wood | The Daily Signal

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was fired this month as commander of a U.S. Space Force unit. His “offense”? Speaking the truth about critical race theory’s rapid inroads among America’s armed forces.

The woke left views the military as a crucial ideological battlefield. And much of the brass and civilian leadership at the Pentagon are prepared to fight on behalf of the woke cause. Lohmeier, it seems, was an early casualty in this ideological offensive, but likely not the last.

Imposing anti-American racial ideologies on our troops directly threatens our national security, by spreading ideas that undermine confidence in the principles underpinning our Constitution, trust in our system of government, and traditional values that promote unity, cohesion, and equality among service members. That’s classic critical race theory.

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As a nation, we call upon our military to defend what is best of America. Efforts to undermine and disparage that are unconscionable, harmful not only to our security, but also to the very essence of what the United States represents. It should not be tolerated

Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and space guardians take an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and all that it stands for. Instructing them that our Constitution and the beliefs incorporated into it by the Founders were meant to perpetuate white supremacy is reprehensible; it cries for urgent congressional examination and pushback. Yet that’s precisely what troops are being taught, ­according to Lohmeier.

As a reward for blowing the whistle, Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, the head of Space Operations Command, reportedly removed Lohmeier as commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron.

Lohmeier described to radio host Steve Gruber the “intensive teaching that I heard at my base—that at the time the country ratified the United States Constitution, it codified white ­supremacy as the law of the land. If you want to disagree with that, then you start [being] labeled all manner of things, ­including racist.”

Lohmeier felt called to write a book about the crisis, because he worried that military leaders are inculcating the troops in fundamentally contradictory and distorted narratives about the nation, its history, and identity. He “recognized those narratives as being Marxist in nature.”

On another show, Lohmeier shared more concerns that motivated him to speak out, saying that “the diversity, inclusion, and equity industry and the trainings we are receiving in the military” are further examples of Marxist ideas that included critical race theory.

A Pentagon official told CNN that Lohmeier had been relieved of his duties “due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead.” Officials are also investigating whether his comments amount to proscribed partisan commentary.

But what, exactly, did the Pentagon find objectionable in what Lohmeier said? His concerns seem entirely warranted. One of us (Dakota Wood) served two decades in the Marine Corps and can find nothing Lohmeier said in either interview that could be considered political, insubordinate, or disrespectful.

The firing has served one useful purpose, however: It has drawn attention to the administration’s apparent intent to introduce wrong-headed and highly inflammatory Marxist ideologies into military ranks.

Lohmeier’s exposé jibes with ideological indoctrination underway in other branches. Consider the Navy’s Professional Reading Program. It includes books that portray America as systemically racist and promotes the view that the Constitution was written to perpetuate white supremacy.

That the Space Force has now relieved a unit commander for expressing his concerns about this type of education and training material within his service suggests this is no isolated case.

The Defense Department is now reportedly considering hiring a private company to monitor the free speech of military personal on social media, using key words or algorithms that by their very nature reflect the perspective of those who select the words and write the algorithms.

The relentless drive to enforce conformity within the military with a preferred leftist narrative is troubling, especially as it reinforces the Marxist tendency Lohmeier warned about.

The American people and our elected representatives should not only be aware of what is going on within the Department of Defense, but speak out as boldly and courageously as has Loh­meier.

As a nation, we call upon our military to defend what is best of America. Efforts to undermine and disparage that are unconscionable, harmful not only to our security, but also to the very essence of what the United States represents. It should not be tolerated.

Originally published by the New York Post

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3 thoughts on “Woke takeover of U.S. military endangers us all

  1. Comrades. The military must be conditioned to put down all dissent and nonconformity with State doctrine!

  2. Let’s try to look at what’s happening objectively.

    The first thing to notice is that we apparently have two agents working against the liberty upon which our country was founded: China and it’s communist party and the Great Reset ideology of the WEF, both of which envision the individual as subservient to the state. We might imagine that these two are united in their strategy.

    The second thing to notice is that, as Retired Air Force General Spalding notes in his book, “Stealth Warfare: How China Took Over While America’s Elites Slept,” is that China has adopted a policy of “unrestricted warfare,” which is warfare that moves far beyond tanks and guns and into the realm of cyber attacks, propaganda, infrastructure infiltration, and media, educational, and political infiltration. In other word, under-the-radar warfare.

    If we put everything together that’s happened in the last year, then we at least have to consider that possibly this is a coordinated attack on America and on democracy throughout the world.

    What’s the evidence for this?

    1. Virus emanated from China, most likely man-made, which the Chinese portrayed as extremely dangerous and which made people drop down in the streets and required rapidly-built hospitals and necessitated welding people into their homes. The actual fatality of the virus is far less than initially portrayed.

    2. Estimates from Imperial College, London, of massive deaths if extreme measures weren’t taken. Imperial College is China’s foremost academic partner in the west, and the author of the projections, Neil Ferguson, is noted for wildly inaccurate predictions in the past. Nevertheless, and despite that Sweden proved these predictions wildly off-the-mark, western nations accepted and acted on these projections without questioning them.

    3. Lockdowns were initiated throughout the world to “flatten the curve.” This was when many people became alarmed, as initial studies (as for example from the Diamond Princess ship and data from China) indicated that only the elderly were at high risk.

    4. Initial studies of hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment from France and from the US were immediately discredited, despite that this drug has been used safely for decades. Moreover, studies were published that attempted to discredit this drug using extremely high doses in very sick patients: precisely how not to use the drug. A study published in The Lancet discrediting HCQ was so bad that it had to be retracted, which is astonishing for a journal of that caliber. States such as New York and California even criminalized the prescription of HCQ for Covid-19.

    5. There was no evidence that Sweden, without masks and with a light hand toward shutting down (elementary schools and nightclubs remained open) fared any worse than any other country, even though Sweden was demonized.

    6. After the great efficacy of ivermectin was discovered, a concerted effort was underway to discredit it, such that the WHO recommended against it and the FDA implicitly came out against it. Doctors are told not to prescribe this.

    7. People who were opposed to lockdowns were depicted as “granny killers” even though the main thrust of “focused protection” was to protect granny while minimizing harm to the rest of society.

    8. In conjunction with this, BLM and Antifa riots were unleashed, cities were burned, and CRT was touted as the solution to America’s problems, as if the real problem wasn’t that our liberties had been robbed.

    9. CRT further undermines the idea that America is the land of liberty and instead substitutes the doctrine of America as the land of racism: exactly the narrative to undermine faith in America and in liberty.

    10. The book, “Covid-19: The Great Reset,” was published by WEF founder Klaus Schwab, arguing that we’re never going back to normal. This book was an attempt to indoctrinate us into a newer, better world, but unfortunately, just as Covid-19 supposedly necessitated a medical police state to ensure that everyone “stays safe,” the Great Reset is also implicitly premised on a global police state to “stay safe” from global warming (which is a pseudoscience that has apparently developed over many years– Chinese strategy?) This type of thinking has the fingerprints of Chinese stealth warfare all over it as it seeks to make the individual subservient to the greater good that the state represents.

    End result: a totalitarian society necessary to “stay safe” and to ensure justice for all according to CRT theory, that plays right into the hands of those who want to see liberty hobbled and everyone monitored and managed for the greater good. Vaccine passports would be the next step in this new normal.

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