Without veto threat, clean heat standard, hard drug legalization, just cause eviction, and minor voting get second chance

By Guy Page

On Election Day, voters elected 37 Republicans to the Vermont House. This past session, the necessary 50 votes could often be found in a coalition of Republicans, sympathetic independents, and the occasional brave Democrat is history.

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The Vermont Statehouse

When the 2023 Legislature convenes, the beefed-up Democrat/Progressive super-majority will have the leisure of passing bills without fear of a successful veto by Gov. Phil Scott.

Just two days after Election Day, House leadership has yet to release a legislative priority list. However, bills successfully vetoed by Gov. Scott last year would seem to be likely targets. Some of the vetoed bills (contractor registry, gun ban in hospitals) were simply tweaked, reworked into other bills and passed. Other big changes could be reintroduced in 2023 and easily passed into law include:

Safe injection sites, AKA ‘opioid overdose response services.’ Gov. Scott’s veto of H.728 questioned if providing cop-free places to shoot up with new, clean needles really helps addicts. Supporters cite overdose reduction statistics in cities where it’s been tried. For some lawmakers ‘safe injection sites’ are a foot in the door towards hard drug legalization.

Other foot-in-the-door drug legalization bills also were vetoed. The proposed Drug Use Standards Advisory Board in H.505 would study “decriminalizing personal use of cocaine and other hard drugs.” H.534 would have “expanding eligibility for expungement and sealing of criminal history records for nonviolent offenses,” including some drug offenses.

Clean Heat Standard. The House sustained the veto of H.715 when Democrat Tom Bock (since retired) surprised and angered House leadership by voting with Republicans. That won’t happen this year should this carbon tax to fund renewable power and energy efficiency providers return to the Legislature – which seems very likely.

Act 250 – Last year’s veto resulted in follow-on legislation of a handful of changes to Vermont’s land use and development law. This year, environmental, climate and anti-development priorities could pass unfettered over concerns raised about the high cost of new housing creation and property owners’ rights.

Just Cause Eviction – Gov. Scott vetoed H.708, a Burlington city charter change requiring landlords to show just cause for evicting tenants (by law they don’t need to now). Should the Legislature make Just Cause the law of the state, some private sector landlords may decide renting is no longer worthwhile. Increased condoization of apartment houses and more state spending for public housing construction are not unlikely outcomes.

Voting by minors – Scott also vetoed H.361, a Brattleboro charter change allowing 16-17 year old voting in local elections. (A national minor voting bill was supported by now Sen.-elect Peter Welch.) At the very least, Brattleboro can expect legislative approval of minors voting, very soon.

The Legislature also has carte blanche to pass bills it never brought to the governor’s desk for fear of his veto pen. Legalized prostitution and removing police officers’ civil lawsuit protection (‘qualified immunity’) could be law by next summer, if the Legislature so decides. Gov. Scott may well be at the policy-making table, but now he’s just another voice.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Images courtesy of TNR and Public domain

11 thoughts on “Without veto threat, clean heat standard, hard drug legalization, just cause eviction, and minor voting get second chance

  1. Last weeks election proves that the donks will stop at nothing to maintain their illegal hold on America. The cheating was just as bad as in 2020, and what’s so disheartening is that they are allowed to get away with it. In Columbia, NH Maggie Hassan received 1100 votes in a town with a population of less than 700.


    Vermont is so full of clueless, self-indulgent lemmings that they probably don’t have to cheat to win an election.

    Now that the Left will maintain their strangle hold on our freedom for the next two years, I predict we’ll see an all out push to confiscate semi-automatic firearms and total firearms registration. The globalists cannot take over America as long as law abiding citizens are armed. It will be triggered by a horrific mass shooting (think Manchurian Candidate). The globalists and their puppets in control of Washington will stop at nothing to gain control of America.

    For a Conservative American, East Tennessee is heaven compared to Vermont. These comments were brought to you by the First Amendment.

  2. The creation of a veto-proof Democratic/Progressive supermajority in the Vermont legislature is indeed a troubling event. Few have really recognized and credited Governor Scott for value of his record number of veteos in preventing many of the most extreme and impractical proposals sent to his desk during his previous terms.

    For those of us staying in Vermont and not willing to give up, this is probably a good time for reflection on what has worked, what has not, and what we should do in the future.

  3. So true, this Op-Ed short quote. A few years out when free covid funds are blown on stupid things ….and VT continues spending a $9.1 billion (plus) budget for a mere 640,000 people…with multi billion $ pension deficits….it’s lighs out. If you are able & willing, start planning your exit while you can.:

    “The truth is that whoever owns the culture in the end owns politics. The complacent assumption of many pundits is that politics revolves around the “economy, stupid.” But what truly animates politics is the culture that shapes voters. Whoever controls that culture usually wins….and the Left has dominated American culture for decades and thus enjoys a perpetual advantage in our politics. Democrats appeal to raw emotion; Republicans appeal to common sense. Democrats encourage voters to take the low road, whereas principled Republicans urge them to take the higher one. Needless to say, the latter pitch is a much harder sell in a corrupted democracy. It is easier to win in American politics as an advocate of “self-indulgent wokeness”, than as a proponent of the natural moral law.”

  4. Unexplained ballot drops in at least three states resulted in Democrats being elected, and making the expected red wave look like a ripple.
    Are Nevada and Arizona next?





    Batches of ballots are prepared well before the election. These batches are for heavily Republican areas, because Republicans likely do not mail in their ballots, and do not trust drop boxes after seeing the 2000 MULES movie.
    These Republicans vote, in person, on Election Day

    On Election Day, various false malfunctions are created, such as printers not printing and ballot readers no reading. Counting of all ballots is stopped and delayed, for as long as needed.
    Uncounted ballots are moved to a pre-selected, secure building with loading/unloading docks for trucks.

    The ballots of Republican areas are unofficially counted; no presence of observers!

    If the Republican margin is too great, some ballots for Democrats are substituted to reduce the Republican margin.
    This margin is compared with the estimated Democrat margin in Democrat areas.

    If the Democrat margin is greater than the Republican margin, the official counting is resumed, with presence of observers.

    If the Democrat margin is not greater than the Republican margin, some Republican ballots are removed from the Election Day ballots of Democrat areas, and substituted with prepared ballots for Democrats.

    When all is set, and the printers are magically printing again and the readers are magically reading again, and counting is started again, the Democrat candidate wins, which would be inline with the Republican RIPPLE, that was supposed to be a WAVE.

    The readers are smart enough to determine if a vote is Democrat or Republican, and with, NO WIRES, near field communication, NFC, can transmit that information to a nearby computer to keep accurate, real-time track of the voting trend, i.e., much better than “exit polling”.

    Prepared ballots for Democrats:

    1) Can be held in reserve, as needed, for later insertion.
    2) Can be used to displace Republican votes, as needed.

    Stalin: “I do not care who votes, I care about who counts the votes”

  5. Don’t forget prostitution, because it’s racist to vote against it! No joke, they believe that!

    Oh and giving financial incentives for minorities to start their own drug dealing business. Talk about being racist, because they are too stupid to be a plumber, carpenter or mechanic?

    By their fruits you shall know them”

    My bet is they get less done than normal, they have nobody to blame now, and all the responsibility lies solidly on their shoulders.

    The Uniparty games they play and we tolerate.

  6. This is a really good video, only 5 minutes about what Melissa Carey is saying..
    and I’m giving you a link for the article about this meeting of what will be the attempt to usher in what is will be their new One World Religion.. which will worship what we know is Communism, which they call “Climate Change”.
    The Climate they want to change is not the weather, it’s us!, our lives, our society, our culture.

    The article:

    It looks like Vermont has been stolen from the Vermonters to become a social experiment for the NWO.
    If you don’t have the numbers to fight this evil, which you better learn fast, if not, it might be that time to vote with your feet as no good person is going to want to endure what the state is becoming.

    Vermont certainly is no place to raise kids!
    (which is so damn sad and wrong)

  7. Pope Francis and globalist elites are gathering on Mt Sinai, Sunday, November 13, 2022, to usher in 10 new climate commandments. Anyone who believes such a blasphemous display will not be answered is an utter fool. God is now closing the door to those who choose not to repent. The time to pick which side to stand on is over. The line is now a trench drawn deeply into the earth. Those who believe they can mock God, defy God, steal and deceive with impunity are the most foolish of all mankind. They shall reap what they sow. The harvest is coming. The spiritual realm is in full battle now. Take heed in knowing this battle was fought before many times over. History shows those with the most to lose, lose it all, including their lives. God always wins – always.

    • Are you serious, they are doing that? Oh my….that will not age well. Most assuredly.

      Get the popcorn out, this will be epic.

      • Here is the link: Between November 6th and 18th, 2022, the UN climate conference COP 27 will take place on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.


        At this conference, John Kerry was filmed having a chummy “moment” with Venezuala’s Nicolas Maduro. Allegedly, Nancy Pelosi is over there as well. The information about November 13, 2022 is difficult to find “officially” now. I wonder why?

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