Will Scott require mandatory COVID-19 vaccination?

By Guy Page

Virginia State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver’s announcement that he would require Covid-19 vaccinations for state residents once a vaccine is available has many Vermonters wondering: will the state of Vermont require mandatory vaccinations, too?

To date neither Gov. Phil Scott nor Health Commissioner Mark Levine has said much about the details of implementing Covid-19 vaccination in Vermont. However, both often point to a vaccine as the likeliest way to end the pandemic and the state of emergency. And both men are on record as supporting mandatory vaccination for other diseases.

Dr. Oliver reportedly told News 8 TV that as long as he is health commissioner, he will mandate the vaccine. Virginia state law allows mandatory immunization during a pandemic. “It is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” Oliver reportedly said.

Guy Page

At Gov. Scott’s press conference Tuesday, Vermont Daily intends to ask both him and Commissioner Levine if they would mandate Covid-19 vaccination, and if exceptions for religion, personal philosophy or any other reason would be permitted. Levine is on record for closing the religious exemption for mandatory childhood vaccination for measles. Like Oliver, Levine points to the deadly consequences of not fully vaccinating the U.S. population. Before Covid-19 struck, the Vermont Legislature also was considering closing the religious exemption (H.238, other bills).

Of course, one might expect the chief public health officer to take a hard line for mandatory vaccination. Our governor also is showing his zeal for vaccination in the Covid-19 era. Thursday, August 20, in a proclamation for August as Immunization Awareness Month, Scott said “Vermont is preparing for the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine(s),” and, “Vermont evaluates its Immunization Information System, also known as an immunization registry, to determine if any necessary improvements are needed.”

An immunization registry is clearly a way to track who has been immunized. Is one of those “necessary improvements” tracking those Vermonters who have not been immunized? And if so, what will the state of Vermont do with that information? Will non-compliant Vermonters be told to get a shot or lose their jobs? Will unvaccinated children be allowed in school? Such a compulsory system already is in place. According to Covid-19 “Green and Gold” promise guidelines adopted for the fall semester at UVM, all students must get season flu shots. Failure to comply can result in expulsion without reimbursement of tuition.

If Vermont requires Covid-19 vaccinations “or else,” officials may find Vermonters in opposition. An August Gallup poll shows a third of Americans say they won’t take the Covid-19 vaccine. Sure, it’s early yet and Vermonters may be more amenable to Covid-19 measures than other parts of the country. But still — “choice” has a strong resonance in Vermont. So does the medical concept of informed consent — even Commissioner Levine has spoken out strongly in favor of the concept, said Jennifer Stella, a leader in Health Choice Vermont.

Stella has a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and worked for over a decade in infectious disease diagnostics. She describes Health Choice Vermont as a “nonpartisan, volunteer citizen advocacy group which is pro-medical consent, pro-consumer information and pro-health.”

During the campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor, challenger Rebecca Holcombe repeatedly challenged frontrunner David Zuckerman for, she said, opposing mandatory vaccinations. He denied the charge but the issue simmered throughout the campaign. Conflict between Vermonters eager to do whatever it takes to end the State of Emergency and other Vermonters opposed to mandatory Covid-19 vaccination could reach a rolling boil, up to and past the Nov. 3 election.

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34 thoughts on “Will Scott require mandatory COVID-19 vaccination?

  1. Does not Levine understand his unconstitutional position to remove Thee religious exemption is in a greater sense a process to remove all Religion? Ironic and sad that possibly his first religion experienced this and by a certain German leader who was also pro vaccine and anti religion.

  2. Flames being fanned? Scott has stated the shutdown will continue until there is a vaccine so there’s the flame and fan. They are discussing this to gauge public response. Not all vaccines are mandated. Mandated vaccines in schools are specifically for communicable childhood diseases.

    I don’t think flu shots are mandated for children by schools – flu is a covid. The only vaccine for a covid is the flu vaccine – and it doesn’t work – supposed efficacy of 47% is bs afaic. And doesn’t work for elderly *at all*. Flu shot balony includes the fact that many who receive said shot get and also die of the flu.

    Due to the mutations of covids there is no vaccine which can possibly be reliable – which is why there is no vaccine for common cold which I consider a milder version of flu.

    We’re not talking *a shot* – but several – as in at least three. Test subjects received injury which required hospitalization. This covid is Sars – testing for Sars vaccine had drastic results and there’s no reason to believe this will be different. So the informed and sane normal ppl are not getting it period.

    Unlike cold and often deadly flu there are safe treatments for Wuhan Virus such as HCQ-ZPak-zinc combo which are in 90% range as curative so there never was an actual emergency – only incompetent and dishonest providers therefore a vaccine is not warranted.

  3. The cows are already out of the barn.

    All childcare facilities, public or independent kindergarten, and elementary and secondary schools must collect proof of immunization or exemption from students prior to entry and while enrolled. These regulations, which establish minimum immunization requirements for attendance at childcare facilities, public or independent kindergartens, elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools, seek to prevent the introduction and/or transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases within childcare facilities and schools.


    As Mr. Lizotte commented below – ‘Forewarned is forearmed’. The question is, what are you going to do about it?…and why??

    • Care to expound on why? (Sorry, I forgot that you tend to post once then leave before rebuttals . . .)

  4. We Vermonters want our chicken organic and free rage.

    We Vermonters like our beef grass fed and open range.

    We Vermonters love heritage breeds and seeds organically grown.

    Vermonters are not for big Pharma, for Monsanto, for round up….

    Yet somehow we’re ok with a mandate that injects us with an unproven vaccine, that they project, project will only be 50% effective. Probably much lower as current vaccines aren’t’ that effective. Some how if Fauci, the united nations a corrupt organization if there ever was on and local billionaire by the name of Gates say it’s mandatory we’re ok with that?

    There has got to be a psychic break from all this non-sense. Vermonters probably more than any other group in the nation are going to be dealing with some serious cognitive dissonance. We’ll seriously have to put some money in our medical budget for this.

    We want all our food, air and water to be organic but it’s ok for mandated drugs to be injected into our own bodies and children’s bodies?

    • This would be a deal breaker for me.
      I’d leave the state if I had to walk out.

      There is such an anti-vaxxer movement today, I think these idiot people will be surprised that this is really basically an evacuation plan for the state- everyone with a functioning brain will be leaving. Good luck to Scared Maskers that are left standing there sucking in their own fumes.

      • Most of the masked I’ve seen look terribly unhappy – I feel sorry for all who do not think for themselves and uncomfortable defying the culture of Marxism and its ever-increasing dictums mandated by the followers enforced by shaming for those who refuse to obey.

        When I came out for Trump – my family was astonished. I was astonished by the astonshment. Even asking one of my adult children how they were dealing with my choice? *facepalm*

      • No doubt the 3% will leave before injecting the poison, and the 97% vaccine compliant will have their Utopia playground for the future. How bright a future that will be is TBD.

  5. I was wondering when this issue would inevitably make the headlines. (Six months ago the “conspiracy theorists,” aka critical thinkers, were predicting exactly this.)

    Under no circumstances, including loss of livelihood, will I take a vaccine against my will. The normal timeline for developing a vaccine is YEARS. Not only are they rolling one out in a matter of months, but the vaccine itself will be an mRNA vaccine, a type never before used on human beings, rushed to market without animal trials by a biotech company (Moderna) that has never before produced a vaccine. Even Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry, Dr. Suhab Siddiqi, said of this vaccine, “I would not let the [vaccine] be injected in my body. I would demand: Where is the toxicity data?”

    Our state officials should read some history. Mandating a medical treatment would violate international human rights and medical ethics codes (the right to informed consent) set forth in Nuremberg and Geneva. For starters. If they are going to push this (no doubt spurred on by Big Pharma lobbying), then expect heavy resistance.

    Oh, I forgot, we have “an emergency”—for an illness with a .2% infection mortality rate and a victim demographic almost exactly the same as that of influenza. You can holster that syringe, governor.

    • The only thing our state officials are reading is mandates from the United Nations, that along with organizers are us, how to make a great little republic socialist in 45 easy steps.

      Great comments.

  6. “Levine is on record for closing the religious exemption for mandatory childhood vaccination….”, “Before Covid-19 struck, the Vermont Legislature also was considering closing the religious exemption (H.238, other bills.”

    Liberal/Progs/Democrats do not recognize God, they even left God out of the Pledge of Allegiance” during their convention. If Zuckerman gets elected you can be assured that the Socialist State will mandate vaccinations. The virus has turned into another tool by the Leftists to control American’s lives and destroy our economy.

  7. How do they plan on tying me down to administer it? The words ‘against all enemies foreign and domestic’ keep popping into my thoughts when I think of these people.

    • Plan B- take a pistol to the location they are giving the shots and lay it on the table. Say, “You shoot first.”

    • I so agree Ed! Let’s see – I wonder how many lawyers would be brave enough to post their availability for hire here to prepare for ALL the violations that will rise up from this overreaching action! Why have so many been asleep on the removal of exemptions? There’s that tracking threat again on what we the people choose to allow in our bodies or that of our children. Wake up people!! Deep dive the research – TAKE THE TIME…

      • The phrases ‘common good’ or ‘for safety’ were used by Hitler and the nazi’s to control the population. Its past time to focus on what the politicians are doing.

    • Thank you for the clarification. This article appears to be fanning flames that do not yet exist. We should wait until Tuesday (today), to see if Vermont Daily asks Scott and Commissioner Levine if they would mandate Covid-19 vaccination before jumping to conclusions.

        • Hear, hear!

          For anyone who questions this need – forewarned and forearmed is necessary to enable the concerned to craft a response for refusal of mandated vaccines. At this time they can only be mandated for health care workers and possibly colleges.

  8. Indeed, mandatory vaccinations create a plethora of foreboding circumstantial scenarios. For example, will the State require mail-in voting and close in-person polling places because government officials, Town Clerks and the Board of Civil Authority, refuse to administer the voting process, ostensibly because they’re afraid of being infected? For that matter, if a vaccine is approved before the election, will voters forfeit their right to cast an in-person ballot if they aren’t vaccinated?

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” George Orwell

  9. A free society does not remove informed consent to medication. Nazis do this sort of thing– and eugenicists, too.

    If we want a “cure,” then we have early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, and for more serious cases we have the FLCCC protocol. https://covid19criticalcare.com/ We already have the solution to the problem, enough so that we can stop pretending that we’re facing the new Black Death. The powers-that-be seem to only care about the $$$ vaccine, and about ensuring a compliant and obedient population that goes quietly and meekly into the New World Order.

  10. It’s also a lie that we don’t have a treatment. Other countries have used hydroxychloroquine with great success, and President Trump just expedited the FDA approval of “convalescent plasma.” So it’s not like people have to die… but our so-called “healthcare” agencies refuse to let doctors save people’s lives.

    • It’s remarkable that an early, life-saving treatment for Covid-19, hydroxychloroquine (along with azithromycin and zinc) has been fought against so ferociously. Once wonders if the real agenda is to have people frightened.

  11. First off we kind of have the cart before the horse again, first off lets get a “workable”
    vaccine, if your waiting for the CDC, NIH to approve one…… don’t hold your breath,
    as they are still working on vaccines for HIV (1987) , Ebola ( 2014 ) ,Sars ( 2002)
    and now Covid ( 2020 )………….. hope I’m wrong !!!

    Now as far a the Governor hopefully ” Scott ” and not ” Zuckerman ” but making the
    vaccine manatory sounds like a done deal, Don’r forget we have Liberals in charge,
    and what ” WE” want doesn’t matter to them, just look at the condition the states in
    from foolish legislation.

    We cannot blame all the issues within the state on the ” Wuhan Virus ” but we surely
    can blame Montpelier’s legislators, as far as vaccines I’ll make my own decisions !!

  12. It time. “When a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense- to fight the government”. A.H. Time to roll.

    • No doubt about it. Chairman Phil WILL mandate vaccines. He will couch the announcement in all sorts of emotion, part of which will include “for the safety of our children.” And he will direct various penalties for those who refuse.

  13. I control what goes into my body, not Scott. I am not a slave to the state of Vermont. If any Vaccine works so well, then those who want it can take it and be protected.

    Vermont gave up slavery on the first moment we became and still are a Republic. I am not chattel owned by the state of Vermont, nor am I chattel for the United Nations. I am a free man, meanwhile we are boycotting chicken and beef with antibiotics. We’ve lost our minds.

    The cure announced yesterday already has a proven success rate 35%, on par with any vaccine. even Fauci says 50% at best on vaccine, so you know it won’t be even that good.

    We’ll find out soon if our state is totally controlled by the UN.

    • I feel the same way Neil Johnson. I will NOT have a vaccine shot. I don’t trust these morons. Not even Scott and his greedt commie legislators puppet masters.Scott doesn’t do anything unless the legislators gives hin the ok. Not much of a Gov if you ask me..

      Vermont use ti be a great state, a friendly state, a Independent state now look at us.!! The greedy democrats moved in and took over. Our once great state will never be the same.

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