Why a former CEO says capitalism, not socialism, encourages morality

By Daniel Davis | The Daily Signal

Andy Puzder grew up in a blue-collar home. He went on to be the CEO of a major fast-food company and he credits capitalism for helping him improve his lot in life. Now he wants young Americans to understand that socialism isn’t just ineffective, but is morally inferior to capitalism. Read the interview, posted below, or listen to the podcast:

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One thought on “Why a former CEO says capitalism, not socialism, encourages morality

  1. One need only read up on ‘Self-Determination’ (just Google it) to see how/why intrinsic motivation (free market capitalism) creates human well-being and social development better than extrinsic motivation (socialism/communism). We all have anecdotal experiences in this regard. But there are peer reviewed psychological studies verifiying the difference.

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