Who is Outright Vermont, and what are they doing in Vermont schools

By Guy Page

With the emergence of Outright Vermont as the newly self-proclaimed referee of what’s news and what’s not regarding trangenderism in Vermont schools, it’s worth looking at what role they play in Vermont schools and how — and how much — the organization is funded.

In its Sept. 28 story, WCAX reported that girls on the Randolph Union High School volleyball team and their parents complained that a fully-dressed biological male teammate who identifies as a girl watched them undress and refused to leave the locker room when asked.

Using online links of the WCAX story, the locker room dispute went viral. It was picked up by the New York Post and other national and international conservative news media. Even after WCAX withdrew the story, the Daily Signal, the media arm of the Heritage Foundation, and other national media stepped into the vacuum and provided the girls’ side of the story. School officials, Gov. Scott, Agency of Education Secretary Dan French, and Outright Vermont complained these non-local news stories were inflammatory. The school website was (school officials say) hacked by transgender opponents and had to be taken down. It’s still down today.


As reported Monday in Vermont Daily Chronicle, a statement issued by the Burlington-based not-for-profit LGBTQ advocacy group commended WCAX for deleting an explosive Sept. 28 news story from its website, criticized the station’s on-air admission of harm done to the transgender students and their families, and — most tellingly — warned others to not make the same mistake as WCAX. The online statement concluded: “We need our stories to be told, accurately, and with our voices meaningfully represented. Anything else is disastrous. Just ask WCAX.”

As of 9:46 a.m. Tuesday, the Vermont news media had yet to report on Outright Vermont’s statement/warning. The Vermont Associated Press, WCAX, WPTZ, the Rutland Herald, Vermont Public [Radio], and VTDigger all remain silent. However, at least one lone voice in the Vermont media landscape has weighed in, on Twitter last night:

“DEAR OUTRIGHT VERMONT: Yes your side should be in the stories, but you don’t get to tell us what to do. You get a lot of MSM coverage, but not a lot actually talk to the ones who are not OK with this,” True North reporter Mike Bielawski tweeted last night. “Never put out threat-like statements again!”

If, as may be the case, Outright Vermont now has enough influence to tell submissive Vermont news organizations what they may or may not report, it is in the public interest to know more about this not-for-profit organization.

Its website mission and history says:

Outright Vermont is a 501(c)(3) non-profit under federal and state regulations.

“Since 1989, we have been building hope, equity, and power with LGBTQ+ youth in Vermont.  Founded by a small group of queer adults, after a national survey discovered that queer youth were dramatically at higher risks of suicide than their heterosexual peers, Outright Vermont has built up programming that now includes:

    • Queer youth spaces, that hosts a range of weekly peer-support groups, events, workshops, and more in all 14 counties of Vermont;
    • Education & outreach work statewide for schools, communities, colleges, and organizations looking for support on preventing harassment, dealing with harassment, creating and supporting Queer/Straight Alliances (QSAs), and more;
    • Annual large scale events for queer youth & the larger queer community including: 10 years of queer youth pride, a statewide queer & allied youth summit, the Fire Truck Pull, and the annual Outright Awards.

If like many Vermonters you were raised to view the word ‘queer’ as an unacceptable derogatory term in the same family as the ‘n-word,’ see the Outright Vermont statement, ‘Why We Use ‘Queer.’”

Outright’s Board of Directors includes a web developer, a Dartmouth College pluralism official, a school-based counselor in Addison County, a fitness instructor and chair of the Lyric Theater board, a Vermont Agency of Human Services Director of Trauma Prevention, the Chief Philanthropy Officer of the Vermont Food Bank, and the Vermont State Police Fair & Impartial Policing director.

The 2021 annual report features stories on Champlain Valley Union’s 100-strong gay students group and their summer Camp Outright, and a young couple who left Texas for Vermont after their four-year-old announced he is transgender.

Outright Vermont is no longer the shoe-string operation it once was. For perhaps the first time, funding surpassed the $1 million mark in 2021 with $1.23 million. Total revenue in 2019 was $994,000, according to its form 990.

The annual report offers no further data about the identity of specific funding sources.

According to the annual report, school activities include a youth speakers bureau and:

Education and professional development: “Since 2011, we have reached 6,829 students through 237 presentations to schools in every county of Vermont. We aim to help educators and students change the climate in their schools by providing [educator training, peer (student) training, and statewide events.].”

Gender & Sexuality Alliance: “We provide leadership development and organizing opportunities for students and advisors through the VT GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) Network. We work with schools to help start or sustain these social, support, and advocacy groups within their schools to help change climate and create local school-based support.”

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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7 thoughts on “Who is Outright Vermont, and what are they doing in Vermont schools

  1. Promoting lifestyles that increase the risk of depression, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide. They must really care about the kids.

  2. All the events occurring across America these past few years are not organic, it’s completely orchestrated astro turf. This event is a minor bit player in the grand scheme.

    These events are not what they appear, there true motive is not what they claim. It’s not a coincidence for the following to happen across America and the world at the same time. These are massively coordinated events with the most care, intention and planning.

    BLM aka ______ little marxists
    Statues being torn down in every town
    School names being torn down across the country
    School mascots being changed
    Cancel culture
    Drag Queen Story hour
    Men competing in women’s sports
    Colleges becoming insane with their education
    Sexualization of little children
    Abortion law changes/fighting
    Racist television show and movies and their portrayal of minorities
    Open borders and the incoming illegal drugs
    Drug crime, in particular heroin and fentanyl.
    The tear down of our churches
    The tear down of our policing systems
    The rampant crime allowed and fostered in our minority communities
    Pornography, which coincidentally started showing interfamilial porn when we are locked down, huh.
    Holding American patriots in prison, solitary confinement without trial for years.

    If one reviews a simple video of the military tactics of subverting a country, you will see the glove fits perfectly. This is outlined below by Yuri in 1984


    If one reads the following books;
    Rules for Radicals
    The Smear
    Sun Tzu the Art of War

    You will find a pretty excellent review of their tactics and plans. The highest art form of war is to take over a country without firing a shot, to be taken over from within. Yuri Bezmanov outlines it in detail 30 years ago. It is why books like 1984 and Animal Farm and be so prophetic, it’s because this plan has been carried out many times before in history.


    If one reads the NIV Study Bible, they will find out what made America great, what makes any country great, to which our fore fathers knew correctly when they ran from corrupt governments and churches to start this new country. We have been a blessed country.

    So the underlying purpose is to create havoc, have brother fighting brother, American fighting American over rather inane, minor things to destroy the family, culture and fabric of a country, and to have the country tear themselves down, particularly based upon pride, power, money, fame, etc that keeps the course going set by those wishing to subvert our wonderful country.

    Don’t feed the Marxist.
    Don’t do the bidding of those trying to destroy our country and families.

  3. Who is Outright Vermont?

    In a recent youtube video, https://youtu.be/XzR3Id6yeOc
    74 year old, disabled , gay rights advocate Fred Sargeant member and founder of USA chapter of the LGB Alliance, Stonewall veteran and co-founder of Pride, talks about his physical assault while peacefully protesting at the September Pride parade in Burlington this year. Fred stated, “ At the parade the first person to attack me and steal my signs was from the Outright Vermont unit.” Mr. Sargeant states further on the video, “Burlington Pride has now become a platform for misogyny, exclusion and hate.” “ I have likened it to a marriage gone terribly bad. The TQ + part has become irreversibly domineering and abusive. And like all such chronically abusive relationships is beyond repair. ……I call on Outright Vermont to denounce the violence that originated within their group,….”

    On a recent podcast called “Savage Minds”, by Julian Vigo, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/savage-minds-podcast/id1535634480?i=1000580771573
    Sargeant describes how he and other members of the LGBTQ community are being silenced and excluded from the very movement they paved the way for. Sargeant talks of his Burlington Pride attack and mentions ( minute 24) , OutRight Vermont member, and chapter leader of Drag Queen Story Hour Vermont, Emoji Nightmare,( Justin Marsh), of Cambridge VT. Sargeant claims “He, ( emoji nightmare), has direct responsibility for what occurred “

    OutRight Vermont executive director Dana Kaplan’s October 13th News and Citizen article entitled, “ We Must Stand Together in Fight Against LGBTQ Hate and Backlash”, would have us believe that teenage heterosexual girls on the Randolph High School volleyball team, who are uneasy about sharing a dressing room with a biological male and old gay men who wish to peacefully protest are , “ threats and messages of harm that target the LGBTQ youth”

    • So part of the problem is there tactics, to which they probably are not aware of where they come from. They come from the marxist camp, written out in Rules for Radicals.

      It is all about money and power. It is nothing about Love.

      Ironically Pride…is the route of evil and fighting. When I say pride, I mean the classical term, where it means ” I know everything, just ask me.”, it is what keeps people from the truth and love, which is also manifested in Jesus Christ.

      We need to follow Jesus Christ to get us out of this mess. At first blush, one might think, Neil, you’re off your rocker, please. But if the Girls followed the teachings of Jesus Christ in the locker room, the issue would be settled. We, however, are all filled with pride, the root of about 99.99998% of fighting. We need to be more loving and forgiving. Yet everyone wants to garner attention, fame, money and power for themselves. The girls could have diffused easily.

      a) go change somewhere else
      b) disband from the team
      c) girls could form a wall around others while they change

      Now, people will say, that’s not right, it’s not fair, and it’s true. But they want to fight. They don’t want to love.

      Notice in the flag, they don’t have a color for straight or cis people – see they don’t want to live peacefully, that’s no accident. They want a fight. They want to tear down the normal family structure.

      Pride is a serious, serious problem in our country and the world, I’m not talking about sexual movements, I’m talking about the pride where we know everything, we put ourselves up as God, rather than recognizing there are things greater than ourselves. Lord, I hope there are greater things than ourselves, we are otherwise lost to our lusts, greed, selfishness and idolization of ourselves, truly hell on earth. Lord, please help us, we know not what we are doing.

      Some self-righteous Christians will scream about these people promoting things not ordained by God and nature, mean while committing their own sexual sins……these people are even worse and there are many more of them! And they are filled with pride and hate too! We are in a bit of mess.

  4. Our state is run by “non-profits” and lobbyists hiding as non-profits.

    Vermont has the most non profits per capita and the most corrupt non profits of an state, probably any country in the world. And people automatically think they are for doing good, because they are non-profit, we need not be so gullible.

    Planned Parent Hood for example. They fund the entire democratic party. Then our Governor reimburses them with our tax dollars. Which they funnel into their PAC, which gives $3500 to all candidates that get 100% on their survey. Which ironically states their plans have not reduced the unplanned births in Vermont for decades. We stand at 50% of all children born are unplanned. I suspect they are ok with that!

    Then you can take the VNRC…”non-profit” filled with lobbyists, doing the bidding of the United Nations and Agenda 21. Probably the strongest organization in the entire state, way more powerful than the governor. Not elected by the people. They have their lobbyists working in and out of government positions on a regular basis. Want to know why we don’t have homes for regular Vermonters, this organization is your answer, look no further.

    Our educational system if filled with Marxist non-profit ideologs, organizations and non-profits. It is very important to distinguish between liberal and marxist. Vermont is filled with Marxist’s hiding as liberals. A Marxist goal is to have government and those running government, be your God, for you to be their slave, good little worker bee not asking questions and going back to your little animal stall they built as subsidized housing, such that you will “own nothing and be happy”. What they forget to say is the Marxist owns everything!……

    Cross them and you will be canceled. It’s run much like the Roman empire, which was what 30% slaves? This is the goal for the marxist, destroy the family and you’ll have complete control of the individual. They are not American, nor God loving.

    Vermont is the leading Guinea pig for Marxist take over. They have almost complete control of press, thought police in force and control of what government does through lobbyists and non-profits, nonof which are funded by Vermonters, elected by Vermonters nor even speak for Vermonters….

    We’ve got a nasty swamp in Montpelier that many are hell bent on keep and preserving things just exactly the way they are, either through useful idots or worse, many who know exactly what they are doing.

    There is a path out, only one path and it’s a really good path.

    • Neil,
      Excellent response, that’s why VT is Deep Blue, too bad most don’t see it,
      or they just accept it………………. pretty sad !!

      We need strong leadership, all we have are followers.

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