Wendy Bucchieri: Covid pandemic has been cloaked with much deception

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Wendy Bucchieri of Arlington.

In April 2020, six weeks into closed schools and stringent Covid measures, I went to the Vermont Department of Health site. I downloaded The Weekly Flu Surveillance Report 2019-2020 Flu Season seen below. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said this lockdown was necessary to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals were not over- burdened. We dutifully did our part, but how would we know we had “flattened” the curve unless we compared other flu seasons to this flu season? My inquiring mind wanted to know. What I found on this chart is that we were actually below the peak of 2017-18 flu season and a bit above 2018-19’s flu season. Flu seasons run from September to May.

As of April 4, 2020, there were 35 deaths in Vermont from Covid/influenza.

In August, after Gov. Phil Scott’s mask mandate, I went again to the website. I could no longer find the Weekly Flu Surveillance Report. It was gone, but they still had deaths by counties. As of Aug. 11, 2020, there had been 58 deaths due to Covid in Vermont. In actuality the 2019-2020 flu season was over. It had ended in mid-May, which would put death totals due to influenza/pneumonia below other years’ averages.

To put this in perspective, in 2017 there were 86 Vermont deaths due to influenza and pneumonia. Also, there were 134 drug overdose deaths, 112 suicides, 1,434 heart disease deaths, 1,332 cancer deaths, and 81 deaths from Parkinson’s disease.

The Vermont Department of Health site was now filled with Covid case numbers. We had an all-out, unprecedented testing effort. A changing of all health metrics were in play. Red Flags should be waving everywhere. Instead of death tallies the powers that be obfuscated the truth by switching to numbers of cases, which were magnified to create fear and then control. It was a brilliant plan, whoever devised it, because it worked.

Take note that as Fauci and others were hyping the “predicted” numbers, changing the metrics and saying we needed lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing to “flatten the curve.” The reality is that the curve had not even reached 2017 Flu Season levels here in Vermont, and deaths from Covid, as of August 2020, were less than other years’ flu seasons.

A giant fraud and deception has been perpetrated. People have lost businesses, have been arrested for not complying, have grieved losses of loved ones alone, had religious and constitutional liberties violated, and had increases in depression, suicides, overdoses and weight gains. People were denied holidays with their families. And, if all this was not enough, a massive campaign against free speech took place on all Big Tech social media platforms to scrub any speech that did not adhere to the official narrative. Cancel culture at its finest.

While liquor stores were considered “essential,” support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous were not. If you had a plan to destroy our economy, our relationships, our psychological well-being and our freedom, it could not be tailored any better. Oh, and the things you cannot talk about? You can’t talk about masks inefficiencies against viruses, election integrity, inexpensive therapeutics that work against Covid and any other viral infections. You also can’t mention the conflicts of interest that Fauci, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and National Institutes of Health have with the promotion of Remdesivir and the vaccines. We can’t mention that the vaccines have not been thoroughly tested and are still in their clinical trials, of which the public are unwitting participants, and that these pharmaceutical companies have been given total immunity against any liability.

When all of this is said and done, we may find that more people died from the vaccines and the now-unknown medical consequences than ever died from the virus. I hope I am wrong. I ask God for mercy on all those trusting, frightened and job-threatened people who were vaccinated. And doctors are even vaccinating those who had Covid already. You should know better. Shame on you!

They will keep coming out with “variants” to tighten the noose around the neck of our freedoms until every last drop of free America is strangled out of us. It is time to wake up. It is time to stand up and stand against this deception. The only ones gaining in this “plandemic” are Big Pharma, complicit politicians, media outlets and big box stores — and let’s not forget those that sell medical supplies such as PCR tests, respirators and masks. Paying hospitals a lot of money when people were put on respirators may have increased death tolls. It is not time for our heads to be in the sand.

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9 thoughts on “Wendy Bucchieri: Covid pandemic has been cloaked with much deception

  1. Socrates first coined the phrase “The Noble Lie”when writing the Republic. It has been used by humans for millennia and humans have become adept at using the noble lie.
    Our Governments- Federal, State and local have corrupted Covid-19 with their version of the noble lie.
    Except it’s not noble. Just lies. We are living the noble lie, forced upon us by politicians and bureaucrats, full of hubris and not much else. Democrats and liberals, hungry for power have made the play for absolute power- and want that power in perpetuity. The masking, “vaccinations”, lockdowns are all part of changing behavior and retaining power.
    Our own state government is entrenched in retaining and increasing power and control over the population that there appears no action too extreme to achieve that goal- including sickness and death.
    Suppose that there is indeed a treatment for most that get SARS Cov-2. Suppose that treatment is
    the early use of Ivermectin, HCQ and Vitamins. The CDC and others deny any claims of these treatments, but also have not and will not pursue these treatments- relying on the “vaccine” and keeping fear high among the population. Horse de-wormer, anyone? Suppose in the future- sooner than later- it becomes clear that these drugs do work and should be used. We will never know, if we allow things to be controlled by the people in power now. The implications of this certainly cast a bright light on the politicians and bureaucrats that denied these therapeutics to be used. So bright in fact, it would spell the end of any politicians career that adamantly denied their use.
    Tar and feathers would be in short supply. And that brings us back to the Noble Lie.

    • There are a whole lot of things going on here in this that the masses have not figured out yet. The government is the biggest drug dealer out there and it wants to stay that way.
      Why don’t they want us using vitamins or horse de-wormer if that is safely what works?
      It’s because they don’t want us to be able to heal our own bodies! because then we are not sick people that need their drugs.
      Why do we think they are dumbing everyone down? They don’t want self sufficient people that don’t need the government this is why.
      This is why traditional doctors that essentially are pimps for Big Pharma (China) poo poo anything in the world of Holistic Medicine. Then they all belittle anyone that practices healing thyself. There are many things that grow right out in your own yard that will cure a whole lot that ails you, but they don’t want us doing this or knowing this because guess why, there is no money to be made off of that for them.
      Remember this: Sick people are big money makers. Why do you things like high fructose corn syrup are in everything out there when they know how bad it is for us: easy, it creates sick people, a customer base for Big Pharma!
      They are condemning and belittling these cheap treatments that do work because what they want us taking the product they are pushing.

      Go to the local Methadone clinic and talk to the drug addicts that use Methadone there everyday.
      They know more about all of this than anyone does.
      What is *really* going on is a battle between who gets to make the money off the drug addicts; China/Mexico or whoever is manufacturing the street drugs OR the US Government that pays for the “Treatments” using Big Pharma.
      Any addict will will tell you that they take you off street heroin and put you onto Government Heroin (methadone) because the government wants to take the money from the dealers and the illegal drug manufacturers.
      The same exact thing is what is going on with Ivermectin and all these cheap drugs out there that have been around forever and used successfully for flu and virus.
      This is about the Government/Big Pharma wanting to make the money off these preferred expensive drugs they are now pushing- the government is the biggest drug pusher out there.
      Nothing is new under the sun, it’s all the same plan and different products.
      It’s all about the government wanting any money out there that is to be had.

      Many people that are youngish and mostly healthy that do get Covid are being found to be low on Vitamin D.
      Well look at our lifestyles, we work and exist in buildings all day and as an obese nation, we clearly don’t like exercise much out there in the sun, so our course there are many people low on Vitamin D. So why are we not being told by everyone out there to take some Vitamin D?
      Easy, that is healing ourselves with cheap vitamins, so no need for Big Daddy Government. So of course we’ll see no huge government lead campaign to take simple vitamin D…
      Once you see all of this, you see it everywhere because it’s all the same thing with different products and methods to put is right where they want us.
      Again, sick people are big money makers..

      People today are paying way too much attention to what the government is telling us to do.
      We are all trying to think of ways to get out of this. It’s not that hard: Remove your consent and go on with your life as you want to do it.
      We seem to have forgotten who owns the government and who works for who. This is why we now have the tyrannical government that the Founders warned us about. We stopped doing what we were supposed to do because we don’t have the spines to do it.
      People need to take back their own power and push back at every opportunity.
      This is happening because we are allowing it to happen.
      Do your own research and walk bravely forward with confidence.

  2. Vermont is no longer Vermont but a State of Tyranny run by a financial empire we got in bed with decades ago, thinking they would never rape us, while we were still very young.
    Now, well groomed, we bend over and take it to ‘do our part’ of the great machine that is the collective commune, risking disapproval at best, Williston gulags at worst.
    We’ve just hit the end of the UE/PUA/PUC benefits, and now the pain – just before winter – is going to set in.
    With Florida noting 25% increase in DEATHS FROM THE VACCINE in August, we can expect the same here in Vermont.
    The way our governor looks at it, that’s great for Funeral Directors and hospital administrations bottomlines – more filthy lucre.
    We REALLY need to choose who we want to be as human beings now more than ever.
    We’re being asked to side with the Devil…or take the riskier but more truthful side of Truth and transparency.
    There is no fence sitting now.
    You are either working with pure evil, or you are fighting it.
    Come to God baby.

  3. If there was a honest VAERS (vaccine adverse event report) which showed even a 50% instead of the more like 10% now of the effects from the vax it would be determined that it’s too dangerous for the public.. The current listing of deaths is +11k which is more likely 110k and add on top of that 120k that now have permanent disabilities from it. The instructions for entering info into vaers were removed from the top of the screen this year along with questions being changed to not reflect the worst of the cases. When the government decides to hide the truth from you it can’t be for
    any GOOD reason.

  4. Seems like Vermont, as well as the world, are practicing eugenics again. And we all know how that ended the last time. But they have taken it up a notch or two more quickly this time. They have learned more on psychological fear mongering to make people gladly give up their rights for “the greater good”. But there is hope. We who do not fear must continue to speak out in an assuring way. Doing so has changed minds. Know your facts and share with others. You always get more with honey than vinegar and people can only live fear heightened lives for so long before seeking out assurance from those that show calmness and kindness. Be a guiding light. Trust in God.

  5. I think we were all on board this at first: three weeks to flatten the curve. Do our part, makes sense. But then nothing after that made much sense at all, as Wendy Bucchieri points out.

    If the powers-that-be could deny life-saving drugs and demonize these and thereby knowingly let thousand die through lack of these drugs, then what else are these people capable of?

    It turns out, a lot, if we give credence to financial journalist Ernst Wolff. It’s possible that part of the plan is to wreck the economy, create a crisis, and then ‘solve’ the crisis by introducing a central bank digital currency and UBI (Universal Basic Income.) In this way the tech sector, which all together is worth trillions, and the banking/finance sector (more trillions) can keep the techno/financial system going even as jobs are out-sourced to robots, as apparently self-driving trucks and McD’s burgers will be soon. (BTW, big pharma is largely controlled by finance in the form of shares owned by funds like Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street: one happy party.) Having our bank accounts reside at a central bank in the form of digital currency will make taxation and fine collection simple, and a system of social credit can be established that, for example, might penalize citizens– by withholding or restricting funds– for spreading ‘misinformation.’

    Such an economic collapse, requiring ‘saving’ by the central banks, wouldn’t be hard to engineer if we have another lockdown for, say, the ‘mu’ variant, or any other crisis that strains the economic system. Then CLO –collateralized loan obligation– defaults could trigger a collapse in exactly the same way as CDOs did during the housing crisis, as Barron’s and The Atlantic have described. This isn’t a fantasy scenario: more stress to the real-world economy and it could happen.

    Then what? Then the Great Reset folks, the tech/financial alliance, could swoop in to save the day, we would have a new economic system and the party would continue, with consumers who couldn’t find work in tech or finance or construction, etc., supported by a UBI and everyone spending according to guidelines (not ‘dictates,’ mind you) that– of course– would be ‘necessary’ for such things as to ‘stay safe’ and save the planet. Taxation would be easy and the banks could create more digital currency whenever needed: no mining of bitcoins required. They own the system. UBI would be easy as pie.

    Fantastic? Listen to Ernst Wolff and decide for yourselves. https://odysee.com/@LongXXvids:c/Ernst-Wolf-speech—summary:3?r=JCPYgUuvKo7ystKXeRFm9ztHjP7gWnKZ&sunset=lbrytv

  6. BRAVO! Unfortunately, the Great Reset gang—whose plans Biden and, it seems, our own governor happily support—will not rest until populations are conveniently decimated, the scared-to-death sheeple have been brainwashed into total compliance, and dissidents have been shipped off to “quarantine camps.”

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