Welch opposes bill exposing iCOP covert surveillance of pro-life, pro-gun rights Americans

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Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde’s bill exposing the USPS ‘iCOP’ covert surveillance program was ‘reported unfavorably’ by a House Committee, with the help of Rep. Peter Welch.

By Guy Page

Rep. Peter Welch voted Tuesday, Dec. 6 against a House resolution seeking presidential disclosure of information about U.S. Post Office covert internet surveillance of pro-life, pro-gun rights Americans, a spokesperson for the House Oversight and Reform Committee told Vermont Daily Chronicle Thursday morning.

Welch voted “yes” with the committee’s Democratic majority of the House Oversight and Reform Committee to “report unfavorably” on H.Res.1479 – “Of inquiry requesting the President transmit certain documents in his possession to the House of Representatives relating to the surveillance or monitoring of pro-gun, pro-life, or conservative groups under the Internet Covert Operations Program operated by the United States Postal Inspection Service.”

The bill was introduced Nov. 16 by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia). A spokesman for the committee told VDC this morning that “reporting unfavorably” is not a typical procedure for rejecting a bill. More often a bill not in favor by a committee or committee chair is left unvoted, or given a negative vote. He offered no explanation for the decision to report out the bill unfavorably. Tuesday’s committee vote was 23-18.

The full resolution reads: “That the President is requested to transmit to the House of Representatives, not later than 14 days after the adoption of this resolution, in a complete and unredacted form, a copy of any document, record, report, memo, correspondence, or other communication either generated or received by the office of the President that refers or relates to the surveillance or monitoring occurring on or after January 20, 2021, of any pro-gun, pro-life, or conservative group under the Internet Covert Operations Program (commonly referred to as ‘‘iCOP’’) operated by the United States Postal Inspection Service.

A ‘law enforcement sensitive’ government bulletin distributed throughout the Dept. of Homeland Security, and obtained by Yahoo News, says “Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity” of a March protest. Since then, some media and Republican lawmakers including Clyde have been seeking more information about the USPS covert monitoring program.

An April, 2022 USPS Inspector General’s report found that iCOP exceeded its law enforcement authority.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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10 thoughts on “Welch opposes bill exposing iCOP covert surveillance of pro-life, pro-gun rights Americans

  1. Yet, it is perfectly fine for agents of certain three letter agencies to be placed as administrators in Big Tech companies to surpress and censor anyone not in lockstep with the DNC, i.e. James Baker.

  2. There is tremendous anger today at all the old geezers running our lives..
    I have to say, I don’t blame these young people.
    There is such a complete and utter disconnect between what young people have on their minds and people that are often around 85 years old.

    It’s shameful and incredibly selfish of them..
    The Framers never intended for these losers to work in government until damn near the day they drop dead. I highly doubt that young people are voting in these carcasses.

  3. weasel welch is always anti citizen pro government, why the idiot sheeple here keep voting for him is a mystery. He also voted for 87000 irs goons and against a bill to remove under 400k from their hit list. He also voted to NOT have a committee investigate the 100’s of billions being wasted in Ukraine. He’s not for the people, he’s for the swamp.. hopefully the clot shot does him in…

  4. Does this surprise anyone……………. Welch is a joke, and let this sink in,
    195K so-called Vermonters voted for this clown !!

    You got what you wanted, a liberal puppet !!

  5. I would not expect anything different from one who condones infanticide. The man is void of morality. We should have learned that fact about him by now.

  6. Welch is a man who has ALWAYS put his party and his ideology far ahead of the Constitution and the rule of law. A majority of us voted for him and elections have consequences. We can blame him but he is a known entity. If you want to know who to blame, go to a public place in Vermont, a grocery store, a gas station, a musical performance and look at the person to your right and your left, in front of you and behind you and blame them. If you vote for democrats or progressives, then blame yourself when you realize that the people you vote for really dont care about your Constitutional Rights.

      • I forgot to mention the caveat that blaming a majority of voters for our situation assumes that we have honest elections…and I dont necessarily assume that. There, I said it.

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