Welch and Condos double down on Russia narrative after train-wreck Mueller hearing

While media commentators across the political spectrum have tended to agree that congressional hearings with former special prosecutor Robert Mueller were a disaster for the Russian-interference-in-the-2016-election narrative, two top Vermont politicians are doubling down in support of Mueller’s testimony.

“Members of the U.S. Senate once again blocked bills that would further protect our elections from foreign attacks, without explanation, only hours after the special counsel’s testimony, repeating a pattern of partisan stonewalling on any measure that would strengthen election security and get states the resources we need to defend our democracy sustainably into the future,” Secretary of State Jim Condos said in a statement Thursday.

Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., who was at the hearing, grilled Mueller on the notion that not only might it be true that the Russians interfered with the election, but it could happen again.

Yet across the political media landscape, even commentators who typically favor Democrats were forced to admit the Russian-collusion narrative is fading fast following the Mueller testimony, especially since the former special prosecutor spent much of his time defending against accusations that the investigation was flawed from the start.

Some of the most embarrassing moments for Mueller came when he refused to answer questions by U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla, regarding what his expansive investigation found and how it all began.

STEUBE: Given your 22 months of investigation, tens of million dollars spent, and millions of documents reviewed, did you obtain any evidence at all that any American voter change their vote as a result of Russia’s election interference?

MUELLER: I’m not going to speak to that.

STEUBE: You had two years to investigate. Not once did you consider it worthy to investigate how an unverified document [the infamous Steele Dossier] that was paid for by a political opponent was used to obtain a warrant to spy on the opposition political campaign. Did you do any investigation in that way?

MUELLER: I do not accept your characterization of what occurred.

STEUBE: What would you — what would be your characterization?

MUELLER: I’m not going to speak any more to it.

CNN.com, a strongly left-wing media organization, called the hearing a nightmare: “What a nightmare Robert Mueller’s testimony has been for Congressional Democrats and their dreams of impeachment momentum. In his much-anticipated bombshell performance, Mueller bombed. Aside from difficult to watch testimony, there has been no new information and no elaboration on the 448-page report.”

Another political commentator, Kimberly Ross of the Washington Post, wrote that all hopes that Mueller’s report might lead to impeachment are off the table.

“The long-awaited testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller did one main thing: confirm that the Democratic Party’s impeachment dreams are over,” she wrote. “Now, it’s more apparent than ever that the Left’s only hope to remove President Trump from office will be through a 2020 election victory of their own.”

TownHall.com commentator Matt Vespa summarized some of the big liberal names who abandoned ship after the Mueller hearing.

“Die-hard liberals like Michael Moore reacted more intensely. He had an ‘I told you so’ moment, telling those pundits who said to put faith in Mueller to ‘STFU.’ I think you can fill in the blanks there. Laurence Tribe, a liberal lawyer, even admitted that today’s hearings were a disaster for Democrats. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, the network’s legal analyst, also conceded that Trump won the day.”

Popular HBO commentator Bill Maher was another who melted down during the hearing.


Maher says: “If this Mueller testimony was supposed to be ‘the movie,’ it’s a Terrence Malick movie. Democrats are a political party that does not know how to do politics. … I can’t watch this anymore. Go home, guys. You made O.J. try on the glove, and it just didn’t work. You can still win the election, but I wouldn’t bet my own money on it.”

But Condos and Welch, establishment leaders in a strongly blue state, continue to hold onto a separate narrative.

“The Mueller report spelled out plainly and simply what I and my election official colleagues, alongside the entire US intelligence community, already knew: the Russians executed a sweeping and orchestrated campaign to attack US state election systems, warp public opinion, and weaken voter confidence in the integrity of our elections in 2016,” Condos said.

Welch also tweeted his expectation of new bombshell information from the week’s hearings, prior to the event.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North Reports. Send him news tips at bielawski82@yahoo.com and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Image courtesy of U.S. House of Representatives

16 thoughts on “Welch and Condos double down on Russia narrative after train-wreck Mueller hearing

  1. After a 3-year vetting period in Rotterdam, I finally came to the US in 1955, was in the US Army from 1956-1959, became a US citizen in 1962, lived in Connecticut until 1990.

    I registered to vote in Hartford, VT, in 1990.
    I had to show to the Town Clerk my naturalization certificate and my birth certificate, which was in Dutch, so I wrote a translation.
    The Town Clerk made copies, and said you are registered.
    At the time, I thought this was standard procedure for all towns in Vermont.
    Is that still true?
    If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

    Condos should WELCOME federal marshals at voting places.
    That way they can check if each voter has the proper documents on file, BEFORE the voting takes place.

    Apparently, even in Vermont, there have been significant irregularities in the recent past, as revealed by court cases.
    It likely is just the tip of the iceberg.
    To keep on SAYING all is well and proper, does not make it so.

    There is a simple solution, against any hacking by any entities.
    Use paper ballots and count them by human visual inspection
    With a few calculators, the totals would be known in a very short time.
    Use no computers and no computer programs.
    Also, make sure the voter list include only US citizens who live in a state or town.
    Do not allow absence ballots, except is very special cases.
    Do not allow early voting.
    Any non-permanent residents must not be on the voter lists.
    Any illegals residing in the US should not be on any voter list
    Any criminals, currently in jail, or on parole, should not be on a voter list.
    No new federal law is required, as all this can be implemented under existing local and state law.

  2. 2 yrs and 25mill after 12liars in bed with the corrupt clintons couldn’t find any evidence but brain dead grey matter nadless and sifforbrains is continue investigating what the pro sharks couldn’t find….yea right. Mulear proved he had nothing to do with the report when his testimony showed he didn’t know what was in it. The swamp couldn’t put the Donald down, 12 high paid operative lawyers of the clinton cabal could’t do it, 97% of the lame azz media couldn’t do it, The obola holdovers couldn’t but nades who can’t even find his belly button

    • his belly button is going to and our brain dead stooges are going to support it.
      title should be Doubling down on STUPID….

  3. As a Vermonter, I am amazed at how many people vote for the trio of commies to represent us in DC…

    Just hippies and carpetbaggers!

    • You are wrong. Those who vote for these idiots are our own little Vermonters. Quit blaming the out of staters……it is NOT them. No, Comrade. The ideologic takeover and transformation is now complete; thanks to our public schools. Note how proudly they fly the Black Lives Matter flag? Don’t pledge allegiance….. getting the idea ? Home grown Commies now.

  4. Well these people please tell us exactly what the Russians did? We’ve been hearing this story for 3 years now, and not a single official has explained what they did. Much less how it could change an election. — This is all like the scary movie line; I saw what you did and I know where you live…

  5. What gets me is there is ample evidence that there was Russian involvement in the 2016 election, but NONE linking it to president Trump, yet all the libs including Welch jump to the conclusion that we now have grounds for impeachment. All these biases clowns seem to ignore the fact that this all occurred on Obama/s watch. Where was he and his minions?????????????????? The whole thing was run by a bunch of sore losers. Time to move on and do what they were elected to do, serve your country!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I guess you guys have nothing better to do than go after a President who has been incredibly successful. In fact President Trump and President Reagan have been more successful than all democrat presidents in the last 60 years. Young people are leaving Vermont, older folks have to make the decision whether to pay for their medicine or eat 3 meals a day and you foolish democrats go after a man that you are so jealous of that you cannot sleep at night. The democratic congress gained control in the last election and has done nothing but go after a President whose record of accomplishments to date put the entire House of Representatives to shame. I pray that you America haters lose the next election so bad that it will take 50 years to come back. The United States of America was founded in GOD’s name and my hope is that one day you will have to stand before HIM and say why you contributed to the destruction of this great country.

  7. I have always talked about Vermont’s Three Stooges ” Leahy, Sanders, Welch ” but I’ve been
    wrong, we have Four as I need to add Condos to Vermont’s ” Squad ” of buffoons !!

    This Meuller Fiasco, wouldn’t one think that after two years, twenty ” Trump Hating ” lawyers
    and $30M spent if there was” something” to Nail Trump to the wall, they would have ??

    If there is anyone that doesn’t believe that other countries be it Russia, China, Japan and I
    assume others that have” hacked “into everything we have in the US, and yes that includes
    our political arena ……..

    Our astute elected officials ” Stooges ” have spent the last two years chasing a ” Fairy Tale ”
    on Russian Collusion, all they have is an agenda ” No Facts “. Now we have heard from the
    DemocRATs ” Ultimate Lawyer” Bob Meuller, and all his babbling innuendos they still have
    nothing !!

    But we still have Countries hacking into the US, I guess it’s not a big deal after all DemocRATs
    still, chase ” The Fairy Tale “…….

  8. The “Peter Principle”, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence. Peter Welch’s picture should accompany the definition. In politics there is also the art of asskissery which refers to people who kiss other peoples asses so as to not make them mad. Used in a sentence, Mr. Welch is trained in the art of asskissery so the left leaning voters will approve of his adherence to the tribe.

    • Welch is nothing more than a puppet – Leaky Leahy & Venezuela Bernie give him the talking points and he sticks to the script.

      • I had thought that Mr. Welch had more common sense and was able to think on his own, but I have to agree with Frank…he’s just following the script given him by Sanders and Leahy.

    • Peter Welch is in over his head, he many times in his cushy D C environment has been slow to get on the bandwagon. He got on the Impeach Trump B.
      W. recently because he was certain Mueller was going to deliver the goods to carry out that task. What a flop; 2 flops actually, the first by Welch and the next by Mueller who enhanced the ridiculous Welch move into the cellar.
      Someone is looking out for Vermonters; it is definitely not Welch, Condos, Leahy, or Sanders.

  9. At this point these two yo-yos know the truth. They just play to the brain dead Vermonters who voted them in….of which there are many, sad to say. They continue to spread the lies and false narrative of the party because that’s what the base wants to hear. “To Hear”. because they are too dumb and too lazy to think for themselves. And that’s the service Condos and Welch (and let us not forget Leahy and Sanders) provide. Interpretive.

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