Watch every Democrat in the recent Lt. Gov. debate voice support for a carbon tax on home heating

Watch every Democrat candidate in the recent LTG debate voice their support for a carbon tax on home heating oil, propane, natural gas, and kerosene — and throw gasoline and diesel into the mix! Is this why you send people to Montpelier? To make life in our state less affordable? They seem to think so!

Image courtesy of Vermont Fuel Dealers Association

9 thoughts on “Watch every Democrat in the recent Lt. Gov. debate voice support for a carbon tax on home heating

  1. We have many violations by AmeriGas that happened over 10 years ago where money still has not been reimbursed to the homeowner in the proper amount.

    We have the attorney general’s office the people in the state of Vermont miserably in their defending the gas laws that were put in place to prevent gas companies from putting our neighborhoods in jeopardy through careless actions.

    I had my own equipment stolen by AmeriGas… AmeriGas violated the laws by never warning me 20 days in advance they would remove their tank from my property because I was upset that it took them over two weeks to come and investigate a gas leak..

    Instead they chose to come on to my property snag the tank drag it across my backyard and send it full back to their yard…

    All of these violations of the law in the state of Vermont.

    Save them went on to lie and say they had received permission from The authority in charge and Clarendon Vermont to remove the tank and transport it full…

    All of these lies have continued until today…

    This was first reported through the attorney general’s consumer assistance program where nothing was done..

    It was also reported to the Vermont fuel dealers association where nothing was done…

    I am still trying to work with the attorney general’s office where they seem complacent in the fact that although laws were violated so be it

    This is a sad day for vermonters all the way around….

    Wasn’t it for month fuel dealers who fought to implement having tanks removed and replaced and red tagging tanks so that people can’t not heat their houses?

    I think it’s pretty sad when we have violations of the people in the state of Vermont and not one damn place steps up to stop those violations and make sure the people in this state are compensated properly.

    I’m still waiting to hear back from the attorney general’s office regarding theft that took place on my property and violations of the propane laws that took place on my property and on our highways.

    There is no one in the state of Vermont who cares about us and whether we are safe or not regardless of what we are being told.

    All of this was reported 10 years ago and I asked for places to go to report the many violations that were committed by AmeriGas however I did not receive one iota of help from anyone.

  2. Fuel oil is already over $6.00 a gallon, just how do the Democrats expect people on fixed income to survive?

    • Simple answer. It is Liberal policis that are forcing undersupply and underinvestment in oil & gas….which causes higher prices. I woudl expect heating oil to be closer to $6 a gallon come winter. Did you know most of hew englands heating oil is shipped from EUROPE? why? Because onerous Enviro regulations shut down most of the east coast refineries…..they were unable to operate profitably, so they shut down… Liebrals shut down piopeline expansion to ship up here. THEN! the Democrats put in the JONES ACT which severely limits the amout of non US ships that can operate in te USA (uinon protection) to carry fuel from Gulf coast to New Angland. ALL UNIONIZED DEMOCRATS. Do a google search on Jones Act.

      So when heating oil hits $6 and vermonters are broke and freezing…the DEMOCRAT SOLUTION will always be the same…..FREE STUFF…subsidize….Heating Oil Assistance programs. BUT, the Federal gov’t will be budget contstrained to lavish the huge $$$ free money to VT… VT will just use their own money, create more budget deficits to subsidize the people that voted enviro Dems in …to begin with 🙂

  3. The D’s and P’s are politicians to the agenda not to the citizens… The
    sooner voters realize this the sooner we can be freed from the tax shackles
    they wish to put us in… all in the name of a war that can’t be won..
    Warm mongering..

  4. Until it actually happens, very few will believe there is an alternative. What better lesson was there than Biden being elected President? Who could ever have believed the extent of the resulting misfortune?

    Unfortunately, the majority of the Vermont electorate are still oppressive, omnipotent, moral busybodies, struggling to think well of themselves. They are hard-wired to believe whatever social construct of the day is generally accepted, even when it’s demonstrably misleading. Tis’ always better, in their collective minds, to go along with the generally accepted practice, than to accept personal responsibility for independent, merit-based thinking. Not only do they prefer to be collectively wrong, they prefer the ‘lowest common denominator’. It’s only ‘fair’. Independence and personal success are their sworn enemies. Why else do they not develop the alternative legislation they demand of others? Clearly, they don’t know any better. And anyone who professes to know better is the sworn enemy of their self-professed fairness doctrine. Misery not only enjoys company, it demands it.

    • Evidence to the contrary… In 2016 Phil Scott beat Sue Minter by 9 points in a Dem wave year in VT hammering her on her support for a future Carbon Tax on gas and diesel. Last cycle, 2020, Mike Morgan and Sally Achey, two first time Republican candidates, knocked out the Speaker of the House and the Progressive Caucus leader respectively by hammering the over the issue of those incumbents’ support for a future carbon tax. Voters are willing to vote these people out if A) they are made aware of what’s happening, and B) the candidates offer a clear alternative.

      • Voting them out and replacing them with sane people is absolutely required to rescue Vermont from the SOCIALIST, DEM/PROG ABUSERS OF VERMONTERS.

        IT JUST HAS TO END IN November, 2022.

        Your future livelihood depends on it

    • By all means, I intend to spread the word whenever anyone seems inclined to listen. After all, as Rob Roper mentioned, “Fuel prices are a bigger issue this year than they were two years ago.”… thanks to Joe Biden and his (mis)handlers. What better proof of the resulting misery can there be? My remarks are directed to the moral busybodies out there, the one’s on Rob Roper’s list and those who support them. They remain inclined to the defense mechanism of denial for the outcome of their behavior. And whatever their motivation, such as it may be, holding them accountable, as Joe Biden is about to be held accountable, is based on exposing their motives. Misery doesn’t have to be contagious… I hope.

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