Warren wants to get rid of Electoral College

By Whitney Tipton

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced Monday at a CNN town hall in Mississippi that she wants to get rid of the Electoral College.

“Every vote matters, and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College,” she said at the town hall hosted at Jackson State University. Warren announced her bid for the 2020 presidency on February 9.

“Come a general election, presidential candidates don’t come to places like Mississippi, they’ll come to places like California and Massachusetts because you’re not the ‘battleground’ states,” Warren said, explained her reasoning.

Those who oppose getting rid of the Electoral College argue that future elections would be decided in a handful of populous states like California and New York, permanently disenfranchising voters in smaller states.

“The Electoral College preserves federalism,” explained Julia Shaw at The Heritage Foundation. “It requires a presidential candidate to win simultaneous elections across 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

Mississippi, a smaller state population-wise, ranked 31st for total votes (1,206,357) in the 2016 presidential election. The top 15 states generated more than 90 million, well over half of the 136 million nationwide total. Warren did not elaborate how leaving the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote would make Mississippi more attractive for presidential campaign visits.

Warren also spoke of other policy proposals during Monday’s open forum, including the relocation of Confederate statues to museums and “a constitutional amendment that protects the right to vote for every American citizen and makes sure that vote gets counted.”

Warren also talked about reparations, pledging support for a commission to study the issue “so that our nation can do what’s right and begin to heal.”

The senator did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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9 thoughts on “Warren wants to get rid of Electoral College

  1. Electoral Collage isn’t the only thing the pandering squaw is squawking about. I unfortunately
    watched a few mins of her campaigning on one of the Demotard propaganda channels and
    she was spewing the “Reparations” bullcrap. She never did come out
    and say payola was on the docket even after the interviewer prompted her for that answer.
    Only thing she said was we need a commission and we have very knowledgeable people
    in this area, yea right.. race baiters you mean.

    That’s the extent of the Demontard clown show, all pandering all the time.

  2. So how can you win an election, keep changing the rules or get rid of the ones you don’t like.

    So just think about it, our founding fathers had the foresight years ago to see is one or two
    large groups could sway an election……… there turning over in their graves, listening to this
    educated idiot Elizabeth Warren.

    New York or California ……..want a win, don’t let it happen !!

  3. Just another devious liberal who conveniently leaves out the fact that without the electoral college the presidential election will be decided by New York and California. If this happens you will never again see anyone but democrats be president ever again.

  4. For a collage prof she sure comes off a dunderhead. The title UNITED “STATES” of America would not be united if rulers were only elected from high population areas eg NY, CA. These area’s show their ineptness in picking true leaders as shown by their bankrupt city’s and non caring of actual citizens promoting criminals and criminal activity. If that were to become the case we would also have to change our
    title to United States of $hitholes which I don’t like as much as the one we have now.

  5. I think they need to establish an electoral collage in the State of Vermont. That would stop Burlington, Montpelier, Bennington and other populist towns from controlling the State.
    Elizabeth Warren is just another Bernie that screams and yells to get attention. Lost souls

  6. The electoral college has been in place for many years to prevent states like California and New York from taking over the US.

    Both parties and the US political stability has benefited from it.

  7. Of course she wants to change the rules; change the goal post. The Democrats are on the losing side of history these days.

  8. Of course she does, she wants us to be democracy, a form of government our for fathers abhorred for justifiable reasons. It’s called mob rule and is the preferred transitional government to socialism/communism,oligarchy, take your pick.

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