VTGOP making effort to get more women serving in State House

This newsletter is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

Democrats have built an entire non-profit to support women who want to run for office — it’s time that Republicans started supporting their women in measurable ways too.

Right now we have about a dozen women serving in the VT House but ZERO Republican women who serve in the Vermont Senate.  We can do BETTER.


Republican women serving in the Vermont State House

Take a moment to DONATE today and help to show your support for the number of strong and courageous women we have representing our party – but also to help us recruit and train even more for 2022!

Today is International Women’s Day, and while every day is a good day to support Republicans – today it’s worth focusing on the Republican women that serve from around the state.

Click the link and donate $12, $32, $80 or more to help support conservative women to get their campaigns up and running to take on the Democrats this fall.

This is especially trust at the top of the ticket where we have two fantastic women running for office.

Paul Dame,
Chair, Vermont Republican Party

P.S. If you know a woman (or are one) who would make a great candidate for House or Senate, have her contact us to get some more info about what is involved by clicking the link here:

Image courtesy of VTGOP

One thought on “VTGOP making effort to get more women serving in State House

  1. According to those on the left, these are not “women”, simply because of their political affiliation, adding to their existing confusion about what constitutes gender.

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