VRLC: Vermont media treats abortionist as unbiased source when discussing Proposal 5

Editor’s note: This is an Oct. 7, 2022, update by Vermont Right to Life Committee.

Dr. Lauren MacAfee, who performs abortions at the UVM Medical Center and previously at Planned Parenthood, has made several recent media appearances (WCAX, WPTZ, VT Public) promoting passage of Proposal 5, which would enshrine unrestricted unregulated abortion in the Vermont Constitution. Media outlets have failed to acknowledge her conflict of interest and her extensive involvement in the passage of H.57 and Prop 5.

MacAfee testified before the Legislature multiple times in support of H.57 and Prop 5, and is currently appearing in Planned Parenthood’s advertising promoting a “yes” vote on the Constitutional amendment. In this segment of her testimony, MacAfee explains how she performs abortions in the second trimester and beyond. Other abortionists, however, can use different methods and techniques.


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9 thoughts on “VRLC: Vermont media treats abortionist as unbiased source when discussing Proposal 5

  1. As far as Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, follow the money! It’s all about the 30 pieces of silver.

  2. In other words: We never have to worry about a live birth abortion because we “KILL” the baby by a poisonous injection or we cut the umbilical cord and wait for the heart to stop beating before we proceed with the abortion.

  3. The spirit of Pol Pot lives on within the DNC and Progressive parties. The Lion is charging and they’re time to repent is dwindling by the hour.

  4. Of course she does. I can only imagine the value of full term baby organs on the open market. Who really benefits from full term abortion, possibly planned Parenthood will pay woman to not abort their pregnancies until the last possible moment.

  5. Late term abortion is a gruesome way to end a life from any perspective. As I listened Dr. MacAfee matter-of-factly describe the abortion processes, I was struck by the absence of reasoning leading up to it. Rare as late term abortions may be, why are they prescribed so late in the pregnancy?

  6. Wow….

    It’s amazing the stories we can tell ourselves. It’s amazing how we can use words to make things sound medically and morally acceptable.

    We need to pray for the women that were told all these lies. Forgiveness. More loving. We have an excellent example to follow, and it’s not this doctor.

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