Non-Vermonters receiving ballots, but double voting ‘rare,’ VT election office says

By Guy Page

Vermont voters who have moved out of state are receiving mailed ballots for the November 8, 2022 general election.

In response to Vermont Daily Chronicle questions about possible double-dipping by voters, the Vermont Secretary of State’s office conceded some former Vermont residents are receiving ballots, explained the legal consequences of getting caught voting in two different states, and urged Vermonters voting elsewhere to have their names removed from Vermont checklists.

Last night, Shannara Johnson, a former Morrisville resident and 2020 candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives, emailed Vermont Daily Chronicle a photo of the Vermont ballot she received in the mail – in Ohio, her new state of residence.

Shannara Johnson

“Today, I received this forwarded Vermont mail-in ballot. So much for election safety,” Shannara Johnson noted with the photo of the Vermont ballot.

Vermont Daily Chronicle this morning asked the Vermont Secretary of State’s office: “A former Vermont resident and current Ohio resident and registered voter emailed me yesterday saying she received a Vermont ballot in the mail. What’s to stop her from voting in both elections?”

SOS spokesperson Eric Covey promptly emailed this response:

“The security and integrity of Vermont elections are our office’s top priority.

“Ballots were sent to all active, registered Vermont voters. It is possible in some instances that voters have moved and did not submit notification to the Clerk/BCA of their move.

“Voting twice is a very serious offense, and there are significant legal repercussions. Voting by mail in Vermont requires the voter to sign a sworn affidavit that they are who they say they are, that they are eligible to vote, and that their vote was not dully influenced. This signature is done under the pains and penalties of perjury.

“Anyone wishing to commit an act of double voting would have to perjure themselves and risk significant legal penalties when caught, all to what end? To influence an election in a state they no longer live in by a single vote?

“Attempted double voting is incredibly rare, and when it does happen it is caught, investigated and acted on.

“You know as well as we do that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. If you disagree, please provide actual evidence of voter fraud in Vermont elections.

“Fortunately, the local checks we have in place when the Clerks process incoming ballots mean that in the very rare case that someone does decide to cheat they will be discovered.

“The security and integrity of Vermont elections are our office’s top priority.

“Universal ballot mailing and voting by mail has been proven as safe and secure in Vermont, and nationally. It has been used in red and blue states for years, and even decades in some cases.

“The voter you reference should contact their former Town or City Clerk to inform them that they have moved, and can be removed from the voter checklist. The Clerk will provide instructions on the return or destruction of the ballot they were mailed.”

VDC asked Covey to provide details about “the local checks we have in place when the Clerks process incoming ballots” and will publish his response when received.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Shannara Johnson

23 thoughts on “Non-Vermonters receiving ballots, but double voting ‘rare,’ VT election office says

  1. Without up-to-date checklists and mailing addresses, how can the anyone know who is voting or if they are not. Its impossible and clearly election fraud at the highest levels of vermont government.

  2. I think everyone agrees every vote should matter, so what about my legally cast vote? All it takes is one illegally cast ballot to negate my vote. So anyone who says illegal voting is not “widespread” is missing the point. No matter how many illegal votes there are, every one of them is negating a legally cast vote.

  3. The VT Election office is full of sh….!

    Any 6th grader who has studied civics (you have to go to a private school or be home schooled for that course) will tell you that the potential is there to screw over the people, big time. And that person would be right on.

    Condos now knows that Vermonters are onto this charade, so he is making an exit. Maybe he will make an exit before his pants catch on fire. What a fire that would be!!!

  4. An open invitation for fraud, concocted by the feds and here we go again…walk or drive to the polls and vote in person…the “pandemic is over” says Joe Zero Biden…so let’s return to normal, in every way, including traditional voting…

  5. It could be, those ballots, if returned to VT post offices, are collected from VT post offices by Vermont ballot harvesters, who will fill them in and have them stuffed by Dem/Prog operatives in vote counting centers into a ballot boxes

  6. Vermont is the ONLY Universal Vote-by-mail state that doesn’t have Voter ID and/or up-to-date voter rolls with signature samples for verifying that the ballots return were the votes of the intended recipient/voter. Vermont’s Secretary of State and his Election Office minions have no idea whether the returned ballots are actually the selections of the apparent voter OR someone else who has “adopted” the ballot as their own. The Secretary of State’s Election Office regularly reminds town clerks and members of local Boards of Civil Authority that they (the SoS Election officials) have no statutory authority to “investigate or enforce” violations of Vermont’s Election Laws.

    In Vermont, Election security is nothing more than a game of “Three-Card Monte” where the citizens are tricked into believing that the Election is “fair” even though there is no evidence to confirm the claims of the Election officials.

    • When a group of Vermonters file a class action lawsuit against the State of Vermont, elected officials, and all bureaucrats who willfully and knowingly violated our civil rights, our constitional rights, and many other criminal acts, our Republic will be saved. We have the right to petition to remove them all and we have the obligation to save future generations. Until Vermont actually represents our motto “Freedom and Unity,” Vermont will remain the opposite and never be ethical or lawful again. Which organization has the guts to make a stand and get it done?

    • Ha Ha. “Election Security” is just the way to “secure” that Dems & Progressive are on the win column. What also needs to be cleaned up is the vote fraud out of VT’s colleges and Universities. It needs to be checked, thouroghly.. Progressives gerrymandered a large area around UVM to include as many off campus student apts as possible. If a student has a “street address” (not a dorm address)….they CAN VOTE. So what you get is grass roots progressive activists canvassing UVM off campus kids and targets OUT OF STATE one…because BTV never checks ANY residency. This is how the Progs get many fraud votes and it is HOW Bernie Sanders first won BTV mayorship by TWELVE VOTES way back when. Total voter fraud. He won because he had several hundred fraud out of state UVM kids. THEY REGISTERED & VOTED…but they pay out of state tuition, they pay NO VT resident income taxes. their cars are registered out of state…and they get NO VERIFICATION mail in ballots. And to THIS DAY…Bernie stiill get’s votes that way.

  7. A caller from Maine the other day on Howie Carr’s show brought up a good point worth thinking about.
    Governor Janet Mills in Maine was just asked why she is so opposed to Voter ID and she said that she didn’t think Maine needed it !!
    She then went on to talk about how wonderful the people of Maine are and a whole lot of BS about how the people wouldn’t ever do such a thing basically.. It was pretty hard to listen to her go on.

    This caller said that Maine has of the highest levels of WELFARE FRAUD in the whole country.
    So he says “If this many people are committing Welfare Fraud, why wouldn’t those same people cheat in elections to keep their stolen Welfare coming?
    AND what does this say about the people? not as squeaky clean as Janet Mills is thinking is what I think it says.

    I think this is a really good point… makes me think that if Vermont is exploding with crime, and I’m sure there is plenty of Welfare Fraud in VT too.. then the same thinking could apply to VT or anywhere really.
    A crook is a crook!
    I’m thinking there is surely a connection between the amount of crime and the amounts of Voter Fraud. Afterall, wouldn’t crooks want to keep the people soft on crime in office???
    Sounds like common sense to me.
    These criminals do whatever they have to do to keep their graft going- including voter fraud.

    I’m not a huge fan of “Studies”, but I think we need one about this.

  8. Vermonters, vote for Republican candidate H Brooke Paige for election integrity, preservation of historical documents, return of civics education, and more from the secretary of state’s office.

  9. Is ‘mail-in’ balloting problematic? A reasonable person should think so. Consider these press releases.

    – Delaware judge rules no-excuse mail-in voting unconstitutional

    – A Pennsylvania court has ruled that the mass mail-in ballots that played a pivotal role in the 2020 election chaos are unconstitutional.

    – Texas federal judge rules mail-in voting procedure unconstitutional, orders officials to fix signature verification

    – Harvard Law Prof: USPS Failures Expose Constitutional Violations in Vote-By-Mail Laws of Several States

    – WOBURN, MA — Nearly a year after the November 2020 election, Democratic Secretary of State Bill Galvin says he’s troubled over the future of mail-in voting.

    – BALTIMORE, MD — There is a new round of legal filings and arguments this week over when mail-in ballots should be opened and tallied, with the Maryland Court of Appeals set to hear oral arguments on the issue on Friday.

    – Wisconsin Supreme Court prohibits use of most ballot drop boxes

    – Lawsuit: Georgia mail-in ballot postage is unconstitutional

    Now what was that about ‘the big lie’ again?

    • You won’t see any relief in Vermont from the secretary, that’s the problem,
      they want the illusion of no confusion, Just as Jim Condos a fox in the hen
      house !!

  10. It is this ladies fault, who shows the wrongly forwarded ballot out of state. It is she who did not duly get her name removed from the voter list with the town or city clerk. I think the REAL question is that….when they do find fraud ballots like this one, mailed back….WHO are they voting for? Dem or Repub? My hunch is any frauded & returned mail ins from out of state… will largely have a straight Dem vote cast…and you will see very few Repubs frauding. Dems are all about Saul Alinsky tactics…. read his “Rules for Radicals”….almost all is fair if it achieves your end. And that includes vote fraud.

    I am an R and I duly removed our names from the register at my town clerk before we left.

    • It’s everyone’s fault for going along with a carte-blanche mail-in ballot methodolgy.

      How do you know ‘this lady’ didn’t inform her town clerk she was leaving?

      Why didn’t the town clerk know in the first place? Was the ladies house sold? or rented?

      Why do mail-in ballots not have a ‘do not forward’ notice on them.. or a ‘return to sender’ notice in the case they are considered for forwarding?

      The problems with mail-in ballots are many. Despite what VT’s Sec. of State claims.

      • Jay there was a very huge expensive study done years ago that was looking at different voting methods and the thing that they learned was that mailing in ballots is the most vulnerable for voter fraud.. and guess what they are now doing !!

        Howie Carr brought this up on his radio show and I did vaguely remember this study, it was years ago.
        It seems that this study has pretty much wound up being the blueprint for what they are now doing.
        I question now what the real reason of the study even was.. what they said and what they did were two different things.

    • “when they do find fraud ballots like this one, mailed back” The problem is there is NO WAY to identify these ballots as fraudulent.

  11. Deleware Supreme Court ruled vote-by-mail and same day registration unconstitutional. Hallelujah! Case law established and big decisions still to come. Vermont is in the crosshairs now. Deep pockets will be getting emptied. Eugene Hu, CEO of Konnech arrested – election data stored on Chinese servers. Executive Order 13848 “It’s goin’ down, I’m yellin’ timber”

  12. If anyone thinks that mailing out ballots to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that didn’t request
    one, isn’t a plan for fraud than what is………..

    This may have good intentions, but how do you rectify what was mailed out at ” taxpayers ”
    expense, and what was actually received and verified that all ballots are counted for, yeah
    that’s what I thought !!

    And folks, that’s how they win……..we have good people and bad people

    • While I can’t speak to anyone’s state of mind, i.e., their intent to defraud, I can reasonably make the claim that our Sec. of State and election officials are incompetent.

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