Video: What is Vermont’s culture?

“There are different cultures, of course, and we’re being told in Vermont that ours is very terrible, that it’s a white supremacist culture. Really, we’re a proud tradition of agriculture.”

Image courtesy of USDA

3 thoughts on “Video: What is Vermont’s culture?

  1. Welcome to Multicultural Mayhem. The left’s successful plan to destroy the unique American culture. Culture is not race, culture is not ethnicity, culture is a belief system! Multiculturalism creates fundamentally and diametrically opposing belief systems that destroy any national unity. No nation can function under those conditions and a tyrannical form of governance becomes necessary to keep order.

  2. Spot on John, and Long Live the Green Mountain Boys spirit and not the attempt by the CRTheorist liars to urbanize us into the mess they left…

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