Video: Venezuelan socialists warn US citizens against socialism

In a Campus Reform interview at a Venezuelan Freedom rally in Washington, D.C., victims of Venezuelan socialism urged Americans to reject socialism.

“Bernie Sanders is your enemy. Do not ever get involved with this individual or any of the other socialists,” one participant at the rally warned.

Image courtesy of Public domain

4 thoughts on “Video: Venezuelan socialists warn US citizens against socialism

  1. I believe AOCrazio is pushing the socialist mime so hard she will single handedly
    scare off 76% of the voters. 24% are hard socialist ANTI-Americans now.
    She Guevara wants to kill off The Airlines Aviation Industry, The Energy (non greentard) Sector, The Automotive industry, Plastics Industry (no more cell phones). Then give everyone that got put out of work a new greeny house, livable wage (for doing nothing) Free health care, Free Education.
    I think her and burnee have some magic money tree seeds because with out a economy there isn’t any money…

  2. It’s a gradual process over time… little by little power is taken away from the people……

    Prophetic….happening way too fast in our little paradise called Vermont

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