Video: Should felons vote while in prison?

Should convicted felons be allowed to vote while serving out their prison sentences?

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said the right to vote is “even for terrible people” who might have committed “a terrible crime” at a town hall Monday.

D.C. residents told The Daily Caller News Foundation what they thought of the idea and if there ought to be any limits on voting rights at all.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Should felons vote while in prison?

  1. Leftards think not only will they vote for them they will vote for more
    gun restrictions on the law abiding citizen targets of the criminals to make their
    profession much safer when they get out. Your safety is the last thing on the leftards minds.

    This is also why leftards want “petty crimes” to be dismissed. Support of criminals not
    citizens. Petty is being described as over 1000 bucks worth. So they will be good robbing
    house holds as long as they steal the cheap stuff.

  2. Oh, lets us not forget the mentally disabled and those temporarily or permanently held in mental facilities.

    Should they not be given free rides to voting stations, or should the voting stations come to them?

    No person left behind, no matter what the cost.

    Oh, lets us not forget the 12 to 15 million illegals, courtesy of our dysfunctional immigration “laws”.

    Give them a driving license, whether they have a car or not, and let them vote, as well?

    No illegal person left behind, no matter what the cost.

  3. Of course Bernie wants criminals to vote, they will vote for him. Handouts for votes, good trade Bern…

  4. No one should have the “right” to vote while serving a sentence in prison or jail, no matter the level of the crime. And that includes misdemeanors. For non violent offenders who are felons (white collar crime mostly, or protest-related non violent felony charges such as trespassing at a nuclear power plant, or tax fraud, or political “fixer” crimes, or theft of merchandise worth over $500), once they have fully completed their sentences, that might be worth another look after they are released and rejoin society, depending on the crime. No violent felons (murder, rape, bank robbery, home invasion, kidnapping, violent assault, using a gun in the commission of a crime, drug lords, etc.) should ever be allowed to vote again. Even for felons, there are levels of severity. Those should be taken into consideration. Stealing a car will earn you a felony charge, but there is a HUGE difference between a carjacking while threatening injury or death to the occupants of the vehicle, and stealing a car parked on the street while no people are present, especially for a first offense. Both are felonies, but one is a fourth degree (?) low-level felony and the other is a first degree felony, as I understand it. The lowest level of felony might be eligible to vote after the sentence is fully served, and a set number of years (three? four?) passes with no further repeat of criminal activity. But no one still in prison should ever be able to vote from prison. That is unacceptable. Also, the right to vote must be reserved for American citizens only, criminal activity or no criminal activity. Giving the right to vote to non citizens is itself theft from legal citizens.

  5. Hey don’t knock it. In prison they get food, a bed, heat, a social life, exercise, warmth, a roof, clothing, no bills, facilities and no shoveling snow. Not exactly the Life of Reilly, but close.

    Heard many stories about some commit a small crime in the fall so they can be in prison for the cold winter months, then set free. Some cases crime does pay.

    But with the mega bucks the Sanders make (many fraud events) they’ll buy another house on the taxpayer, but the her should answer for her past.

    • I like the way you think. And putting it out there! Bravo man. Thanks for sharing. I’m with you 100%

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