Video: Racism, slavery, free everything dominate Democratic debate

Democratic presidential candidates got into heated exchanges about illegal immigration, health care and racial issues throughout the first night of the second round of debates.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Löwenstein Center

3 thoughts on “Video: Racism, slavery, free everything dominate Democratic debate

  1. When someone who is white is critizied for any valid reason by a black man, hethe gets no push back as he is entitled to his opinion.Yet when a black man is called out by a white man for an honest difference, there’s all Hell to pay. He’s a racist, racist.

  2. But what about RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA…..
    funny there hasn’t been one word mentioned in the 2 demontard givawaythons
    about the biggest leftarded issue of the last 2 1/2 yrs…Maybe they’ve finally given up, except for nadless and shifforbrains, on the Russia Hoax..
    or it’s morphing into RACIST, RACIST, RACIST now..with a little Reparations on the side and a dash of Whitey privilege…

  3. Yup, when you don’t have a plan or a solid answer, use ” Rule #1 ” from the Democrats
    handbook, it’s Racism, Racism, Racism Or use ” Rule #2″, It’s because of Trumps, What a
    pack of fools !!

    I cannot wait to see what clown comes out of this circus, to go against the President.

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