Video: Natural gas vs. wood chips? How bad is McNeil power plant?

“Generally Irritable” host Ericka Redic interviews Al Davis, the founder of Alstam, about using natural gas versus wood chips for energy. Davis has more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of duct burners.

7 thoughts on “Video: Natural gas vs. wood chips? How bad is McNeil power plant?

  1. Actually this is a dumb interview as both the interviewer and the interviewee both seem to think that CO2 is a global green house gas pollutant. Granted Mr. Davis certainly understands the difference in efficiencies between natural gas and wood chips, but did not seem or want to acknowledge that the CO2 produced by either wood chip or natural gas combustion is reabsorbed by the native forest as a CO2 sink.

    In addition the focus on CO2 as a cause of catastrophic climate change which needs to be controlled and stopped is a ridiculous point of view which probably both would agree with (I hope).

  2. Wood chips? You need big trucks, big logging machinery, chain saws, more trucks to get to the chipper, then more fuel for the chipping machines, then a 30 car railroad train every day to bring this pure fuel to Burlington downtown.

    Why not just used pipeline natural gas Why not Nuclear power plants for electric ??!!

    • This is a great example of why you should listen to your parents, listen to the elders…because they may know more than you think…

      Science….novel idea, Vermont schools should really get into it.

  3. This should be mandatory viewing by every Legislator, all Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Enviro-Nut-jobs, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club & Conservation Law Foundation etc….Even if you have to tie them to their chair, screaming, to watch. A classic, factual example of “IL-Liberal-Logik”.

    “…‘iIn order for democrats, liberals, progressives, et al, to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’… …(ex-Vermont part time resident, playwight David Mamet.)

    • Listen VERY carefully when he says that creating fear in people, ensures “power” to those creating the fear. It is all been done before….read Machiavelli & especially this quote that explains the 50 years of “catastrpohic” fears (dozens of examples) Liberals hoisted to the voting masses…but they never really happen as predicted.

      “It’s Machiavelli’s historical observation that “whoever controls the people’s fears becomes master of their souls.”

      “The formula for achieving such mastery has not changed in millennia: stoke any fear, turn the fear to hate of whomever and whatever you accuse of standing in the way of safety, and make yourself the agent of that hate. The formula works when its dynamic embeds itself in the masses’ behavior—even when the master himself is the one to be feared. That is because stampeding humans readily give up their souls and become no more mindful of their own interest, than steers. Hence, whoever manages to madden crowds – while directing their hysteria onto his enemies, stands to reap power.”

      “Trump-Derangement-Syndrome”…. proves up all Machiavelli says :)…

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