Video: Is prostitution really a victimless crime?

Ericka Redic interviews Bethanee Syversen, founder of ExPOSE, an organization dedicated to fighting sexual exploitation. As Vermont legislators debate legalizing prostitution, some argue the sex trades are victimless and should a person’s choice. But is it really a choice?

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  1. Holier-than-thou much…Another important story becomes a dartboard for oh-so tiresome false-argument straw-manning of VT GOP – everything that’s wrong with VT is *not* GOP leadership fault. And exactly how does this move the ball. As a member ongoing baiting and bashing demoralizing, unproductive and offensive.

    In my poverty send small amounts to GOP, RKBA groups, and signed up for newsletters – try it sometime! Wearing my pins and buttons a potential conversation-starter. Not much but at least it’s something and can be counted on to do what I can. A woman at post office stopped me as I walked away from vehicle and yelled that she loved my bumper stickers – Gun Owners Of VT and NRA. Also have VT GOP windshield stickers id-ing me to other party members – try it sometime!

    If anyone really cares about this and any issue can weigh in and add voice by respectfully contacting Senators, Reps and VT GOP directly. And how would someone whose well-intentioned political efforts have all completely failed advise anyone on how to win.
    Fixation upon a perceived and unproveable reasoning of why influence of VT Republicans are on a losing streak a noneffingstarter sir. As we can plainly see our election system and vote has and is not protected by Commissar Condos. Any official who typifies those requesting an accounting as “conspiracy theorists” and voting in VT is a-ok as long as one intends to move here has alot to hide.

    We start to win by getting involved – not pointing fingers and barking ordersThe smart-money and guidance from Patriot-centered thought leaders is to educate citizens so inclined to involve self @ local level and fill open government, committees and political leadership seats. And learning how parties actually work and function by joining the party to have a seat @ the table where a difference can actually be made. A wave of Patriot donors coming into the party will make a difference at some point.

    Fog-City Midge – conservative video journalist from Steve Bannon War Room left comfort of DC for West Palm, checked positions available in precinct:
    Maggie Vandenberghe, aka Fog City Midge, shares just how easy it is to become a precinct committeewoman. From the Real America’s Voice studies in Palm Beach, Vandenberghe explains how to follow Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy. “Now I’m actually a public elected official, which is surprising to me because it was just that easy,” she said.

    • And its not just our daughters…look at our sons and grandsons who are also objects of this victimhood trade…and the least of these our potential brethren…not funny anymore is it *facepalm*

  2. People really need to watch this video, it exposes that prostitution is already legal in our state house. Another thing it exposes is what is not being said.

    Remember, Norm McDonald? The Republican who had consensual sex and was brought up on prostitution charges, front page of Vt Digger? Like every other week? Remember the out rage???

    What do we see now on the papers????. on this bill??.

    What kind of evil, twisted, sell out propagandists do we have in our press????.

    the lobbyists know they can get anything passed in Vermont! Want to know something? The people of Vermont have noticed this too!!!!!

    And Vermont being the “champion of women”????? This is the most sexist bill against women, it’s basically saying you are too stupid to do anything other than lay on your back and give BJ’s, neither of which takes more than two brain cells. Yeah, let’s pimp out our daughter in job fairs at high school.

    Where is the governor on this one? Is he checking which way the NWO winded is blowing? There are 17 people in Montpelier with a brain, this might be a good one to stand up and shout. GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!!!

    Yeah want to see how truly corrupt, how much our legislature is totally owned by out of state lovpbbyist, how utterly stupid and/or corrupt our representatives are? How our press is COMPLETLY OWNED AND OPERATED by political operatives, state propagandists intent on doing evil and harm on the Vermont citizen, here you go!

    Where is the VTGOP? Just curious? This is a slow pitch over home plate, might be able to knock this one out of the park. God help us, please, we clearly do not know what we are doing.

    • VTGOP,
      If you take stance “We are against prostitution”

      The reply will be, So you are against sex workers? so you are agaist womens freedom of choice? So you are racist? You know prostitution was made illegal for interracial marriages!

      No, this is the most sexist, demeaning bill against women on the planet. It is saying the women of Vermont are to stupid to hold a real job. It put our young boys and daughters in harms way. It opens the gates for sex traffickers to work openly in our state (do they need an ACt 250 permit for this? Just curious?)

      This exposes what a complete sham the progressives are for being the champions of women they “claim” to be. This is how you properly frame the game. This is how you expose the progressives on every issue they twist and convolute with their lies.

      This is how the VTGOP starts to win. Don’t let them frame this conversation. Don’t let them sell our children to sex traffickers, sex traffickers are illegal slave owners, something Vermont made illegal in our constitution. See that old document still has merit. So does the good book.

      • Only a progressive would come up with a bill this stupid, only a RINO would be stupid enough to sign on to this. Where are Beck and Benning? Maybe they can chime in this bill?

  3. Missing from the conversation on legalization of sex trafficking is the prostitution of young boys and other vulnerable males. The misery of males and females living in the shadows sold via a trafficker is a grim reality.

    “Stop That Traffic” Tour Raises Awareness About Boys Trapped In Human & Sex Trafficking
    By Jubileecast News Nov 09, 2020 12:19 AM EST
    …Founder Vince Serrano IV explains that sex and human trafficking is a bigger problem in the U.S. than many people may realize. “Some people think this problem is only on the other side of the world, but there was a sex trafficking ring busted near my home recently and it’s become a reality to me now,” he says. “This situation is in our backyard…

  4. I’m sitting through the video now, well, done, well done. So there is an evil in Montpelier, this is just evil, that the majority control of our state and are ok with this? Then you guys talk about how they scam all the stupid stuff down our throats…… Study bills…yeah we are totally being played. TOTALLY.

    So was it a coincidence that a couple of months before the lock down for corona virus…..????

    No, there is some tremendously evil crap going on within the walls of Montpelier. Your explanation of how they are framing this bill is just opening the can of evil that’s in our state.
    All the porn sites started pushing interfamilial sex. Why are we not at the very least TAXING this???? It’s not free speech, it’s base entertainment at best, it can’t print what it truly is.

    So we have brought this up on Vermont Digger for some time, and pornography in general and they would delete all our posts on the danger of pornography…….this is coming from complete corrupt, evil and/or utterly stupid people in Montpelier.

    This is all planned. Purposely imported into our state. This in not the average Vermonter saying, you now what, wouldn’t Vermont be a nicer place to live if we legalized prostitution? Career day for being a pimp, getting into our school system…sounds like great idea.

    News papers are NOT talking about this…. that is no accident. We were censored on Vermont Digger…all the time anytime we brought this topic of porn up.

    People need to watch this entire video. In particular about social media.

    there is much to glean from this interview. Much to understand how corrupt, evil and how much out of state organizations are controlling our state, while our representatives sell us out. Infuriating…

  5. Another important and timely story Ms. Redic – thanks for soldiering thru despite maddening equipment glitches. As VT continues descent into financial abyss shining a light on what is in actuality a victimhood trade with profound and far-reaching consequence – aftermath will not end well for our state imo. Legalization will create or increase the hidden market of luring males and females into the sex traffick industry.

    Males and females who want companionship for sex or whatever do not need sex trafficking to accomplish this or to necessarily be in a relationship. There are plenty of bars in VT – pick one lol. And there are VT males and females using online dating services.

    This is all about creating a demand for one purpose – increasing another taxation revenue stream for our state at the expense of trafficked males and females provided to a mostly male consumer base. Most of the demand is for the very youngest and most vulnerable – this is the primary goal of legalization.

    VT will be on the sex-tourism map attracting and marketing perversion. There are few if any females or males operating alone tho may appear to be pimping selves.

    The DemocratMarxist Party has finally run out of other ppls money and with budgeting billions to big-ticket items – increasing taxes will not meet their goals as VT has reached tax-fatigue with our governor now pleading with US government to send more illegals to our state.

    • The Link Between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking
      Bureau of Public Affairs
      Washington, DC November 24, 2004
      — A path-breaking, five-country academic study concluded that research on prostitution has overlooked “[t]he burden of physical injuries and illnesses that women in the sex industry sustain from the violence inflicted on them, or from their significantly higher rates of hepatitis B, higher risks of cervical cancer, fertility complications, and psychological trauma.”…

      — State attempts to regulate prostitution by introducing medical check-ups or licenses don’t address the core problem: the routine abuse and violence that form the prostitution experience and brutally victimize those caught in its netherworld.

      — Prostitution leaves women and children physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually devastated. Recovery takes years, even decades—often, the damage can never be undone…

  6. If you reduce sex to the equivalent of a transaction, how does that protect men and women? If it’s no different than making a hamburger for someone, what does that do for the protection of women? If sex is reduced to a monetary value, then that what will be the remedy of unwanted sex? $5.99? $100? $1,000? One of the main tenants of subverting a nation is to confuse people about their sexuality.

    Science, religion, anthropology, common sense and anyone who has messed their life up with sex, knows full well the power, the lure of sexuality.

    making rules for radicals your Bible and Karl Marx/Saul Alinsky your God is going down the wrong road. Vermont government has adopted a failed religion, without wisdom, mercy, love or forgiveness. They will reap what they sow.

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