Video interview: Ethan Allen Institute prez says Vermont on path to least secure elections

If S.15 passes, Vermont would have the least secure voting system in the country. In this video, reporter Matthew Strong interviews Rob Roper of the Ethan Allen Institute about S.15, the all-mail voting bill, and what it means for Vermont.

Image courtesy of TNR

3 thoughts on “Video interview: Ethan Allen Institute prez says Vermont on path to least secure elections

  1. Of course SOS now pats himself on the back in the afterglow of yesterday’s so-called “audit” of the March elections. But doesn’t he know that simply recounting paper ballots cast does nothing to uncover fraud? Once ballots are separated from their “Certification” envelope, there is no way to know whether a given ballot was fraudulently cast!! Adding insult to injury, Mr. Condos’ office tells BCA members like myself that it doesn’t matter if voters fail to include their printed name, town, or date on the “Certification,” and that the voters’ signature doesn’t even have to be legible!! So much for election integrity! What an outrageous disregard for the rule of law! Vermonters deserve better. Change at he top is where to begin.

  2. The least Secure voting process in the country, yup that’s what Vermont progressive
    legislators want, a ” free-for-all ” when it comes to elections, win by hook or by crook !!

    Voting is pretty simple, register to vote if you want, not because ” they ” want you too
    and go to your local polling location and vote, an ” ID ” should be required, or you can
    request an ” absentee ” ballot, yes request !!, this ” publisher clearing house ” style of
    balloting mass mailing is just a gamble and is justified by Jim Condos ….pretty pathetic.

    Wake up Vermont, look at the condition the state is in, and look at who’s in charge party
    wise and who is proposing the bill ?????

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