Video: Green New Deal absurdities catching up with Ocasio-Cortez

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called herself “the boss” Friday after rolling out the Green New Deal.

Cortez spoke at the “Girls Who Code” event at the New York Hall of Science on Friday, and fought back against the public criticism of the Green New Deal.

“Like I just introduced Green New Deal two weeks ago and it’s creating all this conversation, why? Because no one else has even tried. So people are like ‘oh it’s unrealistic. Oh it’s vague. Oh it doesn’t address this little minute thing.’ And I’m like ‘you try. You do it. Cause you’re not.’ So until you do it, I’m the boss. How about that?”

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8 thoughts on “Video: Green New Deal absurdities catching up with Ocasio-Cortez

  1. The Green New Deal, GND, to be implemented by 2030, appears to be an accelerated version of the wind, water, sun, (WWS) Plan by Jacobson, published in 2015, which is aiming to be implemented by 2050.

    The GND Plan is more extensive in scope and has a shorter timetable than the WWS Plan. Here are some quotes from the GND Plan:

    – “Upgrade and/or replace every building in America”
    – “Replace every internal combustible engine vehicle”
    – “Connect every corner of America with high-speed rail”
    – “Replace all fossil energy with alternative energy sources”

    The GND and WWS Plans would use no fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil), no nuclear and no bio fuels. The latter would be providing just a small percentage of US annual energy, but would require at least 3 times as much area as all of US cropland! See URLs

    NOTE: If fossil fuels were banned, how would the people deal with the loss of all plastics, including smart phones, laptop computers and wide screen TV’s? Everything in our modern lives is composed of fossil fuels. Imagine hospitals with no medical/surgical equipment and roads and runways with no asphalt pavement. That would be the 100% renewables future.

    Significantly increased, near CO2-free, nuclear electricity would be a much better approach than wind and solar, if GND folks want to maintain their standards of living.

    The GND and WWS Plans would use electricity for light duty vehicle transportation (cars, minivans, crossovers, SUVs and 1/4-ton pick-ups), and low/high-speed rail, and would use hydrogen for much of other transportation, including water and air transport.

    The GND and WWS Plans are for 100% of US primary energy to be supplied by mostly wind, solar and hydro; primary energy for electricity generation is only 40% of all primary energy.

    The GND and WWS Plans claim ALL of US energy requirements would be met with the below listed energy sources. The WWS Plan list shows the following:

    30.9% onshore wind,
    19.1% offshore wind,
    30.7% utility-scale photo-voltaic (PV),
    7.2% rooftop PV,
    7.3% concentrated solar power (CSP) with storage,
    1.25% geothermal power,
    0.37% wave power,
    0.14% tidal power, and
    3.01% hydroelectric power.

    That means about:

    – 87% of wind and solar would be wind and sun dependent, i.e., randomly variable and intermittent
    – 7.3% of CSP would be steady and dispatchable, but seasonal (higher in summer, lower in winter)
    – 1.25% of geothermal would steady and dispatchable
    – 0.37% of wave power would be wind dependent, i.e., randomly variable and intermittent
    – 0.14% of tidal power would be steady and dispatchable, but vary with the tides, i.e., diurnal
    – 3.01% of hydro power would be steady and dispatchable, but seasonal (highest in spring, lowest in summer)

    With at least 87% of variable, intermittent electricity supply (dependent on random wind and sun conditions throughout the year), grid-scale storage would be required to cover daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal variations. The grid-scale storage has to be connected at many places to the existing high voltage grids to ensure 24/7/365 electricity service, at a reliability of at least 99.98%.

    • While I continue to be amazed by the stats you post, let me just say the entire premise of CO2 being an evil poison global warming contributor is total unadulterated boolshyte and should be treated as such. It is a waste of real energy to fall into sparring with those of the Green Is Beautiful mindset.

  2. That video reveals it all.
    Here is a know-it-all entity
    Totally out of control
    Totally animated
    Totally full of herself
    Totally spouting a lot of nonsense.
    Likely never heard of energy systems analysts
    And the people who she gathered around her likely are in for a rude shock.
    Instead of dreaming of riding coattails and glowing careers saving the world, they will be in a mire of oblivion and soon be forgotten, looking for a job.
    What would happen, if they use that entity as a reference to get hired for their next job?
    Give me some air.

    • “When are Democrats going to recognize she’s bringing more harm than good to their party”

      Hopefully NEVER.. They fully deserve her and It’s great to see all the dimwits jump on board
      her platform without giving it a second thought. Their like the liar media, one spews the rest
      jump on board…showing them for what they are, ignoramus Anti American scum.

  3. You may be the boss of the dummrats AOCrazio but your a spec in the vastness of the US gooberment.
    Perhaps your eagerness to push the decimation of the US economy buy killing off major sectors that now supply a major source of tax revenue have made people see you for the dunce you are..

    Top that with unemployment of 20-30 million workers you’d be putting out of work now you got pissed off
    people that see you as a spoiled rich brat gone crazy on power.

    Throw in a 97 TRILLION price tag and we all now know your completely insane…

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