Video: Do millennials still ‘feel the Bern’?

Do students at American University still “feel the Bern” for former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders?

One student admitted that he doesn’t know much about him, but that a lot of his friends “have very similar values like him.”

Another student said that while his progressive track record and values were good, “the Democratic party could use less old white men.” Multiple students believed the best thing he could do for the movement is step aside for a woman of color.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/AFGE

8 thoughts on “Video: Do millennials still ‘feel the Bern’?

  1. Young people are so forward thinking….. let’s elect someone based on their race and gender, they forgot sexual orientation.

  2. The Problem with millennial’s is that they have been “educated” by our teachers and professors.

  3. WOW – Bernie got himself all spiffed up for his big announcement – sporty new haircut, et al. Unfortunately he’s still almost 80 years old, there’s still that shady land deal of Janes and he’s still the same ole commie!

  4. Problem with millennials is that their history lessons have been so doctored that they know nothing about the USSR (doubt they know what the letters stand for), World war II and what started the whole mess and most of the horrors of socialism since. All they see is free, free, with someone else paying for it. Sad.

  5. Wow, Bernie raises $4 Million within 24 hours of his 2020 bid, that means all his minions
    have tapped out there EBT cards, Unemployment checks or Daddy’s money !!

    Now they’ll wait for the ” Free Stuff Mysiah” to lead in 2020………. Idiots.

    Hopefully, they all walk off the cliff and take there Mysiah with them.

  6. Yepers Out with the Old Commie in with The New Commies. Burnedout
    has even changed his policy to Demontard Policy and away from his normal blame Wall St., R’s, Kochs, Banks line..

    The White Clan MeTo Gurls (at the state of Union spch) do air a lot of
    Toxic anti Masculinity. I couldn’t really see anything feminine about them or I would have just called them toxic feminist I’m sure the millennials would
    rather one of them then the ol coot with the balloon brush hairdoo..

  7. Ahhh, the ‘old white man’ routine. No doubt Toxic Masculinity, too. But has to be white. Not that I care about Sanders; he’s spent. But notice the attack on WHITE!!

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