Video: About the lifeguard fired for opposing CRT in Essex

“We cannot create an unsafe environment at our pool, nor can we create a situation where any of our residents feel unsafe or unwelcome at our pool,” they said. So he’s fired.

16 thoughts on “Video: About the lifeguard fired for opposing CRT in Essex

  1. We’re dealing with this over in N’Hampsha too.
    Here is a article just up on this by our new rising star Dan Concannon:

    Dan made Breitbart and he’s gaining quite a following.
    You might want to check him out and see what he says that you can use over here in Vermont.. he’s a good man that quit his job over this.

  2. Parks and Recreation is a public company and therefore subjected to constitutional rules. They need to be sued, regardless of what Ivan Smith above says, because they broke the law. One thing we know for sure about those on the left, they will ignore the law if they think they can get away with it.

  3. The only way these people will learn anything is to sue, sue, sue, all of them. This SJW and the Woke crowd is nothing more than a cult of people who ignore our federal and state constitutions and most of them are transplants. The rest of them who follow along are the sheep. Cheaters, cheat – complainers, complain, haters, hate and the sheep follow. I didn’t see or hear any inclusion or tolerance from the wokesters on the Recreation board. They should not be allowed to be near Vermont’s children. They need to be fired and the teenaged life guard rehired. John Klar for governor 2022!

  4. Hey Johnny, as we on the left know, just because you have the right to free speech, doesn’t mean you can keep your job. Or be on fb and not be blocked. Etc…

    • Well, that would be similar to saying that you have a right to voice your opinion hear but TN doesn’t have to print it. Maybe, we don’t want to hear your babble and disrespect for the a teenagers right to his opinion. And then your typical wise guy lefty disrespect in, “Hey Johnny”. You belong over at VtDigger but I forgot they won’t let you talk over there in that rag so you show up here where we can all express our thoughts. Even those like yours that we don’t want to hear but let you babble on anyway.

      • Hilarious that the leftwingnuts are so lonely they arrogantly head straight into rightwing line o’fire lol.

        Tho John Odum’s once robust leftwing comment platform finally selfdestructed, go figure, Thevpo . org echochamber welcomes haters and Communists in all forms, VPR, VTGravedigger, Sevendaysvt all have comment platform on FakeBook account.

        So plenty of oh-so boring options 😀

    • As long as you know we don’t have to accept your business – some on the left simply don’t get that.

    • Ivan is confusing free speech and criticism with hate speech. Ivan is confusing speaking the truth with racism. Ivan is confusing speaking one’s mind with dereliction of duty.

      Ivan is right in tune with the new thought police. Congratulations, Ivan!

    • Please examine the link in the article. The government cannot fire people for off-site speech, or it is violating the First Amendment. This Rec Dept does NOT have the right to impose its ideology on employees, let alone punish them for their political speech outside of work. That’s existing law. So, you on the Left are mistaken, shocking as that may be for you…. 🙂

    • Wrong! Direct violation of constitutionally protected speech. Cannot be fired for expressing an opinion unless a private business that spells out terms for employment.

  5. Parks and Recreation needs a overhaul. The newest trick of the leftist fascist is the cancel culture, if they can’t defend their objective to turn you into leftist sheep they will quiet you by threat or get you fired.. Hopefully the student wins a huge settlement
    for his infringed on 1st Amendment Right to speak without fear of retaliation. Second he uses some of that money to run for and win the boss spot over these woke-sters and fires them all for playing social just us games on parks and rec’s dime..

  6. Excellent John…thank you!
    “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Mead

  7. “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.” – Winston Churchill

    Well done John…

  8. I feel very unwelcome when I am forbidden to speak of whether Second graders are born with life long original sin.

    Those who will not allow discussion, have no standing – to stomp on those,
    who hold long standing traditional views – which have stood the test of generations.

    Admit this CRT is Very new and completely untested! An ivy tower Conjecture, literally!

    Make your case , stand your ground, but do not throw bombs at other citizens,
    whose grandfathers died to free the slaves – to be the best that the FREE BLACKS persons can now be.!!

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