Vermonters to march for higher energy costs in name of saving Earth from climate disaster

Thousands of people around the world are preparing to participate in a weeklong global climate strike in late September.

The climate activist organization 350Vermont, which generally relies on young people and school children to advocate for its political causes, is gathering much of the local protests.

The event, which will take place Sept.20-27, will coincide with a UN Climate Summit in New York City on Sept. 23. The goal the summit is to accelerate progress towards meeting the energy standards of the 2015 Paris Climate agreement. The United States exited the Paris Agreement in 2017 over economic concerns, as green energy costs significantly more than energy derived from fossil fuels and nuclear sources.

YOUNG PEOPLE IN FRONT: Increasingly, young students are taking the leading role in calling for what amounts to austerity measures in terms of energy, all in the name of saving Earth from global warming.

According to 350Vermont’s press release about the climate strike, millions will hit the streets to demand urgent action on climate change.

“It is on course to be the largest global mobilization against climate breakdown, with over 6,000 people in 150 countries pledging to organize events to date,” the group states.

In a video put out by, several young people pledged to take action in September.

“We are the younger generation, we are the ones that are going to be affected, and therefore we demand justice,” says one young woman interviewed in the video.

Another girl says she’s joining the strike because “if we don’t fight for our future now, soon we won’t have a future to fight for.”

Observers can expect to see a range of planned activities from rallies and music concerts to “teach-ins” and protests targeting fossil fuel companies and the banks that provide them with financing.

The Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice will coordinate with its annual Reclaim Power mobilizations to call for the “transformation of the energy system.”

President Trump during his 2016 campaign expressed skepticism that a dramatic energy transformation towards higher-priced green energy is necessary or good for the economy.

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,” Trump said on Twitter, later explaining that large competing economies such as China benefit from having the U.S. adopt regressive energy policies.

One analysis published by Americans for Tax Reform concludes that the Paris Accords would have a negative impact on the U.S. economy:

The agreement, however, would not just have hurt the country’s growth as a whole, but would have trickled down to low-and-middle-income Americans. If the U.S.’s participation in the agreement had been allowed to move forward, energy costs would have skyrocketed, in turn raising the cost of utility bills for families and increasing the costs of consumer goods.

A recent study by Chicago University indicates that states with renewable energy portfolio standards (renewable energy quotas) have had their economies suffer as a result of higher energy prices.

In other countries that have aggressively implemented high amounts of wind and solar power, the costs of energy for these residents has gone up as much as two-fold.

The September climate strike approaches just as a new climate study from Finland has cast doubt on the International Panel on Climate Change narrative that the world is going to end in 10 years if global warming policies aren’t quickly enacted. The Finnish study examines the models and methodology that the IPCC uses to reach its dramatic conclusions, and it breaks down where the faults are and why those conclusions should be questioned.

“Because the anthropogenic portion in the increased CO2 is less than 10 percent, we have practically no anthropogenic climate change,” the study states. “The low clouds control mainly the global temperature.”

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16 thoughts on “Vermonters to march for higher energy costs in name of saving Earth from climate disaster

  1. Nuclear is already the plan for full implementation of Paris Accord imho…Sierra Club and UCS are already onboard and cheerleading the prospect…as is which is the pied-piper indoctrinating and weaponizing youth.

    When Kerry said cryptically following PCA that even if we as a planet enacted all of it – it still wouldn’t be enough – making this feature loud and clear. So the only way to achieve the goals is nuclear.

    The green lobby doesn’t wan’t that cat out of the bag until its safely in statute with sharp teeth as in crushing penalties bc it would fracture the movement and motivate the antis. And since buildout is extremely costly we would be paying in advance to build them and safety would be reduced to cut costs iow another entitlement for so-called ‘green’ fuel…by making carbon unaffordable.

    Personally not afraid of carbon and do not believe we can do without it… if total and parellel emissions from entire project as well as maintenance are taken into consideration nuclear is is not much of a savings over carbon, nor is solar or wind…solar will destroy the land these arrays are sitting upon imo. However all of the above will use dizzying arrays of slanted stats to push their agendas and special interests.

    To make things fair *all* should be in the mix. And for national security we need it all – allow market forces to decide – competition will bring the price down which is the real reason for the fighting – competition is in the interest of the consumer not the producers. And let the local areas decide on each. No more subsidies *period* this would vastly reduce the lobbying and associated ‘nonprofits’…

  2. How wonderful, what an opportunity for these people to feel important, intelligent and morally superior. (All while having absolutely zero measurable impact on climate change)

  3. Lets let them think they have won. Starting on Columbus day until next memorial day they can only have power when sun is shining. That means no lights or heat until about 11am to 3pm. Before and after that they can use candles. — Ought to give them time to really think about reality, and wonder if they are smart of just really stupid.

    • Objection! Candle wax is a hydrocarbon-based energy source. They will have to use daylight only, glow-lite sticks, or possibly fireflies. Wood heat is also out because wood is cellulose, and cellulose is carbon-based. So they can huddle under their natural-fiber blankets and shiver while they eat their raw vegetables in the dark.

  4. For a glimpse of how this will turn out in Vermont have a read to see how things have “Progressed” in Germany… to the tune of $36 Billion annually. Vermont can even find the coin to clean up the lake and you think Vermont can handle this? It’s a pipe dream and the taxpayers are going to take it on the chin HARD. German emissions have hardly fallen.

    Here’s the problem with sun and wind energy:

    It’s not dense enough to replace NG/Coal/Nuke. It just isn’t going to happen.

    “Solar farms take 450 times more land than nuclear plants, and wind farms take 700 times more land than natural gas wells, to produce the same amount of energy.”


  5. Note that this is not the usual “protest”. This is a “strike”: skip school, leave jobs, civil disobedience, shut down traffic etc.

  6. March on mad fools!If you think the higher cost of fuel in Vermont will dampen useage and save the world, you’re more delusional than we thought.

  7. So I assume all these ” Climate Crusaders ” either walked or rode there bicycles
    to these events ??

    As I have seen their ” Upper Echelon ” all take their ” Private Jets ” to these events,
    to protest ” Global Warming, CO2 emissions ” and all the other ” sky is falling ” rhetoric
    all are Hypocrites and that Includes Vermont’s own Crusader ” Socialist Sanders ”

    Don’t worry as the Queen Crusader ” AOC ” only give us twelve years, before the world
    explodes……………….Now there’s an Idiot !!

  8. The Democratic Socialist (360) of today are little different from their peers of the 30’s
    Germany. Scare the little children into a frenzy and diminish their need to QUESTION
    authority. If the little kiddies would pick up some books and do a little research they’d see the whole global warmism hoax for what it is. A un-provable lie that’s based on lies and models that don’t
    match or prove the hoax. It’s not science it’s a collective lie that has been outed by the Finnish and Germany studies of late, proving the lie with data. That is science… The little hitler youths would do better to not listen to the charlatans and maybe pick up a book on history to know what not to repeat…

    • and I forgot to add, why we don’t see pictures of dead birds under the mighty windmills
      that are chopping their heads off at brisk rate???? that’s where they are
      REALLY are dying..

  9. If the world truly is going to end in 10 years, what in gods name could this feeble effort to stop it from ending have?
    I suppose when your indoctrinated and have a degree in activism critical thinking or questioning anything doesn’t even enter your mind.

  10. Perhaps we could build a special housing unit for these young protesters. No televisions, no video games, limited computer use, and temp will be set at 60 degrees all winter. If they really want to “do something”, they should set the example.

  11. Protest,protest,protest. Is there anything that they don’t protest. Why not trying to go to work to make a living instead of spending your useless time protesting something you probably know little about.
    Who’s footing your living cost? The government i would guess.
    Make these people get a job…..

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