Video: Vermonters stand up, speak for liberty at Independence Day event

At an event hosted by Vermont Liberty Network, state Rep. Vicki Strong, Mary Hahn Beerworth, Elizabeth Walton, Guy Page, and others spoke up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

3 thoughts on “Video: Vermonters stand up, speak for liberty at Independence Day event

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    • Good Afternoon Mr Parker – may I inquire the impetus for your warning on this thread. Rino Republicans as well as Democrat Party and followers need to be called out for their actions as well as ppl who continually disrupt and derail conservative authors and conservative voices – no matter how much honey they pour on their hate.

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  2. Great speakers.. wish I went to the event. It’s so good to see people voice their opposition to the progressive wrecking ball that’s doing its best to destroy what we love. They won’t win. We will stand up and fight them on every front. Write your legislators.. let them know how you feel and vote accordingly!

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