Vermont voting machines do not use Smartmatic software, Winters says

Vermont uses Dominion voting machines but does not use Smartmatic software, Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters told Vermont Daily this week.

Earlier this week, Winters confirmed that Vermont uses Dominion voting machines, “a much older model than those being called into question by the conspiracy theorists.” Yesterday Vermont Daily posed a follow-up question: “What software is used to tabulate the votes? Is it Smartmatic?” Winters’ response is printed verbatim below.

“Our tabulators do not use Smartmatic software.

Vermont Secretary of State's Office/Twitter

Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters

“It may also be of interest to you and your readers to know a bit more about the process we use to ensure votes are counted accurately and securely:

“Approximately 155 towns use tabulators. The rest are hand count towns. All towns in Vermont use Accuvote Optical Scanner vote tabulators. This is an older model that has not been newly manufactured for many years. We are still using them because they have been well-maintained and do not see a large volume of ballots like in other states (low mileage). These employ basic optical scanning technology that reads the ovals marked on paper ballot by the voter. They do not create an image of the ballot like many newer models. There is no weighted or fractional voting option on these machines.

“The tabulators are never connected to the internet or to each other. The results from the tabulators do not pass through a corporation or third party. The tabulators produce a paper printout of the results. The data is transferred from the tabulator tape printout, by hand, by the clerk, into our election management system for the purpose of results reporting.

“In the 48 hours after the election, the clerks do a very careful matching of the voter entry checklist and the number of votes counted to ensure they match and confirm their results.

“After the election, the Secretary of State’s Office conducts a random audit of at least six towns where we pull all of their paper ballots and rerun them through different machine provided by a separate, independent auditing company. We have been doing this for many years and have found that the tabulators we use are more accurate than hand counting. In those audits, we have never found more than a few vote difference, often caused by the human transcribing of the results and not the machine itself. These machines are highly accurate and trustworthy based on that experience and if you ask a town clerk, they will tell you the same.

“The other states being called into question in the presidential election also have paper ballot backups and do similar post-election audits.

“People are right to ask questions. However, wild accusations without at least some evidence to back it up simply undermines faith in our elections and has in fact resulted in death threats to good, hard-working election officials of both parties. Press conferences, online videos and tweets are not evidence. Looking to the court cases, we have yet to see these same allegations of widespread fraud presented under oath and with admissible evidence.”

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Image courtesy of Vermont Secretary of State's Office/Twitter

27 thoughts on “Vermont voting machines do not use Smartmatic software, Winters says

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    Use a Roku for streaming and tho Pluto for me is buggy also carries live MSM which I studiously avoid – I find myself there all the time plus free 24/7 James Bond…yay! 😀

  2. As Joseph Stalin sez “Its not who does the voting but the one doing the counting the votes” that wins elections lol.

    Freudian slippage of crooked Condos “Transparency Tours” the red-flag for me – pure projection imho, have long believed elections in VT, NH and ME rigged. Never strongly suspected the machines but the students which NH got rid of and my my look at the results.

    With the drop in college students – Condos had to go to plan B? Also allows second-homers to vote if according to his divine powers they ‘intend’ to move here.

    Illegals are voting also imo.

    • Anyone who calls the ones questioning the vote “conspiracy theorists” cannot be trusted.

      And I’d like another set of eyes – such as an honest IT tech that looks for voting machine criminality – not these two given their compromised history. If they found nothing I’d be surprised.

      • Pants on fire alert: Inquiring Minds Edition

        — Dominion Voting Systems: Connecting the Dots
        By Jim Hoft Published November 22, 2020 at 2:13pm 451 Comments

        emphasis added
        “According to Harris, a manipulation technique she found in Diebold’s **AccuVote central vote tabulator ** is able to read totals from an untraceable bogus vote set within its software. “By entering a two-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created; and this set of votes can be changed in a matter of seconds, so that it no longer matches the correct votes,” she has said. And she has demonstrated this live on television. Her conclusion is: “You can easily edit the election.”

  3. We have been relaxing our voting standards in Vermont for a reason, and that reason cannot be explained away by COVID, the pandemic, that is not really a pandemic, unless you fudge the math and statistics to make it so.

    But should we accept the premise that somehow the requirement for voter identification is somehow disenfranchising of marginalized individuals either and therefore unfair? After all, to suggest this would be to marginalize those very same people by lumping them into a group that strips them of their individual identity!

    Slight of hand can create an illusion, making us believe what we are seeing is real and factual, even in a small state like Vermont and even though we use a more privative form of technology.

    The integrity of our vote demands verifiable controls that cannot be diluted by the confusion of untraceable mass mailings, haunted by a shadow of illegitimacy.

    One vote, one identity, one request at the polls or by absentee ballot insures election integrity!


  4. There is a big picture to any accusations of election- rigging. True or Not, the accusations made after the 2016 elections and the accusations before, during and after the 2020 elections call our attention for the appearance of fraud, scandal, rigging- whatever you choose to call it. Democrats rallied around “Russia-Russia-Russia” for 4 years, claiming Trump illegitimate. Now, the shoe is on the other foot.
    Regardless of any “evidence” Sidney Powell may have- a thorough Federal investigation is required.
    Democrats demanded it in 2016, a Special Prosecutor needs to be demanded now. For all the bombast about election integrity, I for one remain convinced of abuses and fraud, past and future- Even here in Vermont. Mr Condos’ assurances make me even more suspicious.

      • So now they a pig piling on Sidney Powell, saying she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, EVERYONE is shunning her.

        Trump camp…she’s not our lawyer…

        Tell you what, that tells me there has been a whole lot of cheating from all sides Rep, and Dem…..nobody wants people to find out the truth.

        I suspect Sidney Powell will be the most truthful….these voting machines and counting machines are such garbage…….

        • Of course you think Republicans are rigging elections – beloved Democrats can’t be doing all this – they love America! Republicans are rigging the elections – that’s why Trump won. Uh huh.

          Tho Republican governor of GA is about to get a*s handed for rigging election – for the Democrats lol.

          Truckloads of votes only for Biden w/no creases delivered in the middle of the night in large Democrat-machine cities and states, also by flashdrives as counting was simultaneously stopped. Oh my – no Republicans allowed?

          Dems are doing it bc they’ve done the math and know it’s the only way they can win as they are extremely unpopular and clustered in areas that population does not count bc of Electors – so they *cannot win*.

          There’s a suspected Dominion whistleblower(s) thats giving Powell the dirt in hard copy.

  5. Stolen Votes Confirmed by Voters Themselves

    In Pennsylvania,

    1706 people who had REQUESTED “Absentee” ballots, according to state records, were called.
    556 people responded, during the phone call, they NEVER requested an absentee ballot.
    Also, the state did not count 436 of the “Absentee” ballots.

    In Wisconsin,

    A registered voter can request a ballot claiming “Indefinitely Confined Status”
    Normally about 1000 such requests are made each election year.

    According to data from the Wisconsin Election Office, more than 200,000 such requests were made in 2020.
    The increase is highly suspect, and likely would be grounds to DENY certification to Wisconsin

  6. This mail-in ballot scam is going to bite the Dems big time in the big picture,
    luckily Vermont is behind the times, but do we really know ballot verification,
    legal voters ……..Nah ??

    All that is needed for a fair and honest election is a ” requested ” absentee
    ballot or go to your poll and cast your ballot, and an ID should be required as
    verify who you say you are.

    It’s a pretty simple process if your ” Honest ” some will try and win by hook or
    bt crook and we are seeing that play out !!

  7. In Georgia, the first recount, provided for by law, was just to verify the ballots, Biden or Trump, and allocate as needed.

    Biden’s lead was reduced by a few thousand votes, because it was found a lot of votes were not even counted!

    The second recount, also provided for by law, will involve verifying signatures on ballot envelopes and those on file with Town Clerks.

    This will reveal:

    The difference between the number of ballots cast and the number of envelopes with signatures.

    That difference may be very large, which would indicate ballot box stuffing.

    Ballots coming from signed envelopes would be the normal procedure. They likely were counted.

    It is possible ballots-for-Biden, without a signed envelope, were found “somewhere”, i.e.,“manufactured”, and counted.

    The plot thickens!

    Stay tuned, as it finally gets more interesting.

    Some Georgia election officials immediately stated, they do not want to go to “verifying signatures” They likely know about some ballot box stuffing!!

    If Trump can prove that in one state, it likely is true for many other states, especially swing states.

    Also, there will a run-off election for two US Senate seats, which are do-or-die, for Republicans.
    It is very important to set the precedent of verifying signatures to minimize fraud.

  8. Good to know this about Vermont.
    However, that is not the case in other states, especially swing states.

    According to videos, it was shown, by Princeton university professors and students, the more recent voting machines can easily have their software changed, within a few minutes, to have them count as desired, especially in swing states.

    Now back to the registered voter lists.

    It is well known to Town Clerks, the lists are not up to date, because people died, moved away, etc.

    Many names on the lists do not have the required voter identification, such as:

    birth certificate, or citizen papers,
    proof of residence,
    up-to-date photo ID

    Those names likely were voted in Vermont and elsewhere. Those ballots were counted as legal, whereas, in fact, they should have been rejected.

    If the TSA operated that way regarding airline safety, we would have frequent 9/11s events.

    Lists being flawed was proven by Vermont sending ballots to all registered voters, many of whom responded, “my relative died ten years ago, we moved out of state ten years ago, he does not live at this address anymore, etc.”

    It is possible to collect the names of the responses and vote held-in-reserve reserve ballots for a favored candidate, as recently happened in various states, a form of harvesting.

    It is possible for mailed ballots to arrive at a nursing home and for the staff to fill them out, as they see fit, have the old people sign them, and mail them in.

    My mother, over 90 at the time, marked her ballot with an unrecognizable scribble.
    Ah, yes, the joys of getting old.

    It is possible for US postal workers to back-date mail-in ballots, or to throw them in a dumpster, or whatever, as was proven with video surveillance cameras.

    It is also possible for people to fill out spare mail-in ballots for there favored candidates, bring them to the ballot-counting building at 2 AM, and have them counted, as was proven by poll watcher videos, and the accounts, on video, of ballot-counting workers.

    Remember, these ballot-counting workers likely were happy to have a temporary job.
    Almost all of them would be reluctant to be a whistleblower, as it would be easy to intimidate them.

  9. Questions:

    Did ballots get mailed to our voters from out of state and not from our town clerks?

    How is it we have almost the identical % vote break up between Trump and Competitors as last election.

    We had more voting than when Bernie ran for president and there weren’t massive anti trump swing?

    How is it that prominant politicians been out for years, lost intensively, I’m referrring to Browning and Rodgers in particular?

    Are they going to declare Gray a legitimate candidate when she doesn’t meet the basic qualifications of being an citizen and live in Vermont 4 years prior to election date?

    If our officials work against the constitution and the laws written by the legislator there will be serious consequences for going against them.

    Everybody is running cover……there is enough questions within our systems in the United States that if someone were truly concerned, we would do a hand count for our state. Demonstrate fully how open and honest we are.

  10. This does not matter, Sidney addressed this.
    Obviously, there are other machines and software out there in the marketplace that do the same thing.. Ya know about that pesky Capitalism thing?
    When something is working then guess what! More people want in on it and make competitors!
    There are a whole lot of elections that have been successfully stolen with this stuff all over the world, do you think we are dumb enough to think there is only one name brand that works this way?

    • Let’s put this in perspective. In 1969, we put a man on the moon and safely returned him to earth, IN 1969!!! You cannot tell me that the technology upgrades for this day and age are not available to be in the 21st century, literally. If the thugs, crooks, and political malcontents would just step aside voluntarily and let honesty and good and proper judgement rule the roost we would not be in the fix we are in, and yes, this applies to Vermont. Listen up CONDOS and all your hacks!!!!! You better shape up, or it will be gonzo city at some point soon.

    • Good point – looks like Dominion got lots of customers bc they were selling the fix. The’ve packed up and fled all over the place…hmmm

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