Vermont to become ‘destination state’ for obtaining sex, end-of-life drugs and abortion

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Montpelier City Hall

By Guy Page

Vermont is trending to become a destination state for all Americans seeking to legally buy sex, lethal end-of-life drugs, and abortions currently illegal in their own states.

Legal or decriminalized prostitution will draw NY sex trade, Montpelier City Council warned

After several out-of-state working prostitutes encouraged the Montpelier City Council to repeal its anti-prostitution ordinance, a New-York based worker with victims of sex trafficking urged caution: any state neighboring New York considering decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution should understand it will be drawing sex consumers, providers, and and traffickers, a New York-based worker with victims of sex trafficking told council at its August 24 public hearing.

“Sex buyers will flock from neighboring states, and sex trafficking will increase to meet the demand,” Mitha Choudhury, Program Coordinator at Sanctuary for Families in Jamaica, a suburb of New York City, said.

Nevertheless, the City Council voted unanimously to repeal the ordinance. Repeals do not require city voter or legislative approval, so the ordinance has been stricken from the books. The 2023 Vermont Legislature is expected to consider legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution.

Lawsuit demands out-of-staters’ access to physician-prescribed lethal drugs

The 2013 law legalizing what opponents called physician-assisted suicide, and what supporters call compassion in dying required that lethal drug prescription recipients be Vermont residents. But in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court August 25 against the State of Vermont, longtime advocate and Dr. Diana Barnard of Middlebury argues that the law’s residency requirement violates the U.S. Constitution. The law prevents out-of-state patients of Vermont physicians from receiving the care they want and need, and prevents Vermont physicians from providing the care they deem best for all of their patients, the lawsuit asserts.


Last month, Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont) promised to do “all I can” to help Planned Parenthood in Vermont perform abortions for residents of states where the June Dobbs Supreme Court decision has made legal abortion more difficult or impossible. “The folks at Planned Parenthood, as well as local physicians, nurses, and advocates are already seeing an influx of patients seeking care in Vermont, after failing to receive it in their home states,” Welch said. “I learned so much from this dedicated and empathetic group, and I admire their commitment to welcoming those from outside our state in need of care while maintaining high-quality care for Vermonters. I remain committed to doing all I can to support our physicians, nurses, and patients as they fight for reproductive rights in Vermont and across the United States.”

With Welch and Planned Parenthood — the abortion provider whose former lobbyist, Rep. Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington) is Vermont Speaker of the House – united in commitment to provide abortions to out-of-staters, it’s likely the Legislature next year will be asked to support interstate abortions.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Images courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR and Wikimedia Commons/John Phelan

11 thoughts on “Vermont to become ‘destination state’ for obtaining sex, end-of-life drugs and abortion

    • And they are lauding Leahy and Sanders? They brought beautiful Vermont to this denigrated, morally bankrupt state.

  1. Vermont will be known as the murdering state.

    Kill unborn babes even after birth, kill the baby at 9 mos along,

    If you want to die come to Vermont and our Drs will do it.

    Want to start a prostitution business come to Vermont, and they will give you a license hey no problem. If there are not enough girls they will promise your daughter’s granddaughters big money

    what has happened to Vermont? 1) We allowed out of staters into our government
    2) Our Governors, Senators, and Congressman got greedy
    3) Voting fraud and don’t say there wasn’t
    4) We had a Gov and 2 Senator who was involved in fraud.
    (Jay Peak and Burlington College)
    5) Follow the money
    Teenagers, and college students instead of getting on the pill or making sure the boyfriend uses a condom, get pregnant no big deal they can just abort it..

    I met a college student who just had her 4th abortion. I asked her why her answer “It’s my body”
    There are so many married couples out there who can’t have children, and who would give anything to adopt a baby/small child. It’s almost impossible to adopt as abortion are so easy to get.
    What has become of Vermont, we were once a beautiful state a state that was great to raise a family in.
    Now we have killings, drug trafficking, stealing and other things. Lets face the truth we Vermonters allowed this to happen. We allowed these liberals democrats into our state and take over.. They are making Vermont into the state they left..Our Governor calls California Gov about how to do things.. Scott even admitted it. There’s so many good true Vermonters who have left the state they grew up in and loved..
    God help our country and Vermont.



  2. Follow the money.

    Legalized prostitution:
    Illegal human trafficking fee$, Licensing fee$, mandatory medical exam$, birth control and $TD pharmaceutical$, venue rental$, etc.,etc.,etc.

    Physician assisted suicide:
    Lethal pharmaceutical$, organ harve$ting, physician’$ fee$, etc.,etc.,etc.

    Procedure fee$, organ and other human ti$$ue harve$ting, follow-uo pharmaceutical$, etc.,etc.,etc.

    Maybe we should call VT “The GRAVE Mountain State” because it’s going downhill quickly.

  3. Maybe we can offer package deals; ski pass and abortion? Leaf season bus tour and prostitutes at your hotel that night. Legal pot for all of them! Just think of the money to be made!

    As for me and mine, hope home sales are still doing well next year and we can get out of here.

    • or prostitutes that come with ski lodge rentals.Remember Soylent Green where the beautiful young women came with rentals and were thought of as “furniture”.

  4. My Twin State is in the process of falling.
    My NH town once tried to secede and join Vermont- because it was considered more Conservative than NH to their minds.. and look at it today.
    This breaks my heart.

    And, I’d like to point out here LOUDLY: There have been many people right here that disagreed with all of this along the way and now can say “We told you so”.
    Where the hell did they think these decisions were going to lead too?

    I recall reading an article one time from a man that took his 4 kids and left Vermont because he said the state was a very dangerous place to raise a family in.. and this was years ago.
    In my humble opinion, the state is in an emergency on many fronts..
    I sure hope the breaks will get slammed into the floorboards fast.

  5. The degenerate politicians in Montpelier (the majority, not all) need money to fill the State’s coffers and shore up the teachers’ pension plan, so they are looking to obtain it any way they can. This is abhorrent and evil. And want to bet Amendment 22 will also open the door to legalized infanticide in Vermont if it passes? This is all blood money! 30 pieces of silver.

  6. Disgusting how far the progs have dragged us to the gutter in such a short time,
    pre 70’s we were known as a conservative self-reliant hard working peoples… now we’re on the hit list for Sodem and Gomorrah…

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