Neil Johnson: Vermont Republicans are being framed

By Neil Johnson

The media and propagandists are very powerful in this state. They are controlling the message and lying to the good people of Vermont. They want division, discord, power and money, and they have achieved their goals.

Others wish for love, joy and peace.

If Republicans continue taking the bait, in which others are allowed to frame the argument, Vermont will not come together in peace and prosperity. For at least 20 years of elections the Republican Party and voters have fallen for the same trap and same arguments. Because of this, those who wish to solve problems are kept from obtaining office, and those who want division stay in power.

Vermont Democrats, Republicans and independents have far more in common than we do in disagreements. Vermonters are very tolerant — live and let live, it’s your life, it’s your destiny, chart your course, discover universal truths, be your own person.

However, many in our state work to create division. They feed organizations from both sides to keep us from coming together, and they keep us from bearing the fruit of truth that brings us love, joy and peace — the basic spirit of Western civilization based upon Judeo-Christian truths.

On May 6, 2019, Kristen Vrancken submitted a commentary entitled “The Fallacy of the Vermont Republican,” which listed all sorts of reasons why Vermont Republicans are evil and repugnant and should never be associated with, due to their racist tendencies.

In particular, Vrancken claimed that the characteristics of former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker apply to Vermont’s governor and every Republican in our state. Walker will be speaking along with Gov. Phil Scott May 30 at the Hilton Hotel in Burlington. The event is sponsored by the Vermont Republican Party.

Let me set the record straight and respond to each of Vrancken’s claims about Walker and Republicans in general.

“He’s anti family.” Vermont Republicans are very pro-family. Many believe that family planning is the essential foundation for a stable home and prosperous state. Vermont’s statistic with 50 percent of all births being unplanned is a serious issue. Having a sound family basis — financially and relationally — before bringing a baby into the world is something everyone can agree is a good plan. Drugs and alcohol abuse breakdown the family structure. Affordable home ownership is a stable foundation to build a family.

“He’s anti-worker.” Vermont Republicans are pro-worker. Not only that, but they are pro build your own company, charge your own wage, set your own hours, be as successful as you like, do not be limited by a minimum wage job. This sentiment is shared by many. Vermonters of all walks want our teachers paid well. They have backed this up by offering the best benefit and wage package bar none across our state. Republicans want financial stability; they want the retirement fund in good order. Sadly, those in power have made things worse, not better, with regard to teachers’ retirement.

“He’s anti-choice.” Vermont Republicans, independents and Democrats all agree that children should be born into a stable situation where there is love, security and time to raise a child — it’s paramount to the well being of our children. People are choosing; people are taught it’s OK to do something else. Why haven’t we all addressed the issue of 50 percent of births being unplanned? It’s something we can all agree should be planned, so babies are cherished. It’s not 1950 — we know what causes pregnancy, there really is no excuse. Yet we are pigeonholed into fighting over something that science, religion and nature all agree on, because we are selfish. So we fight rather than come together in the true spirit of love, joy and peace.

“He’s corrupt.” Vermont Republicans seek justice. To deny there are corrupt Republicans would be to deny reality. Ask any Republican, “Are there corrupt people in your party?” They will agree with a resounding yes. They too want corruption to stop. There is also corruption in all parts of government. You will find that Republicans will walk side-by-side with any Democrat or independent to reduce and eliminate corruption. Don’t believe me, ask any Republican. It’s also why so many are staunch defenders or our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which protect the smallest minority, even the single person, against tyranny of the majority and corrupt governments and officials.

“He’s homophobic.”  Republicans are not homophobic. By far the vast majority have no interest in your personal sexuality. Unless you are the married partner of the Republican, they are usually not interested in your sexuality. Sex is used today more than ever to confuse and divide people. It is the original glue that keeps people together; it is very powerful stuff. Religion, science, anthropology and nature all conspire in natural agreement. In being selfish, and in seeking one of the ultimate sources of pleasure, we can often go astray from a divine plan supported by nature, with heterosexuality perhaps being the biggest offender by far.

“He’s racist.”  Republicans are not racist. This is the favorite divisional tool in today’s tool box labeled Alinsky’s special tools — everyone is racist. Republicans want the best for their brothers and sisters regardless of color. Republicans would be the first to offer school choice so people in poor areas, regardless of color, can step outside of their failed public schools and get a good education for free. As a society we honor Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Larry Elders and any other successful person of color. We want others to enjoy and share the fruits of America by adopting our principles and foundational truths that set our country apart and above all others. We’d love for Mexico to do the same; the choice is for Mexico and its citizens to make. Would they rather have a constitutional republic with a Bill of Rights? It’s easy and available to copy. Or would they have a country led and influenced by drug lords?

“He’s anti-democracy.” This statement the writer got 100 percent correct. Independents and Kennedy Democrats are also anti-democracy. Why? Because we are a constitutional republic. This fundamental, simple, yet extremely powerful slight is an indication of how far our educational system has completely failed our country. To not understand these basic truths, to not understand the basic foundational differences between our country and all others, means we have fallen prey to intentional misleading, outright lying, and propaganda that is being spread across our country.

We all need to avoid he many traps set for us to divide, to hate, and to take away hope. The choice is ours to make. Vermont Republicans seek love, joy and peace — the fruit of Western civilization. What will we choose this next election? What will you support: hate or love?

Neil Johnson, of Waitsfield, is state chair of the Green Mountain Party and was a 2018 candidate for state House in the Washington 7 district.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/DonkeyHotey

8 thoughts on “Neil Johnson: Vermont Republicans are being framed

  1. One thing Republicans are very good at is letting Democrats define them. Doesn’t work out so well at the polls. The ultimate irony is most Democrats live according to conservative philosophy, then vote for liberals.

  2. Came across this comment in a WND article about a Conservative Republican (Ami Horowitz) running as a Democrat:
    “There have been tons of democrats posing as republicans and running in the repug primaries. We have very few true conservatives remaining in the gop. I think it’s brilliant! I’m going to have to look into this guy. At least he’s honest about being conservative. I love it.

    Ami states ““The Democratic Party has become the party of socialism, open borders and late term abortions. They’ve become so radicalized over the past several years that I feel compelled to try to bring some sanity into the discussion,” he said.

    Bottom line, VT is loaded with Liberals that vote blindly for Socialists. If a Dem is on the ballot, automatic choice. So, if true Vermonters run for office, do so as a Dem, far better chances. When in office, vote conservative and reality. The dumb vote for the dumb, so the dumb don’t know who they are voting for. Walla, the VT Dome is transformed. It’s all in the healine.

  3. This is out right communism. The school of Alinski.

    There are ways to have such people removed, never to influence again. This is pure hate speech. A person that should never be around children. There’s NWO & Soros money here.

    • I’m glad to see someone call it what it is, “communism”. Using the word socialism just glosses over the truth.

    • “There’s NWO & Soros money here.”

      Yep, her pusssy hat group is financed by Tides which is as NWO as they come…
      From the web site:
      © Women’s March Global, a project of Tides Center. All Rights Reserved.

      Biggest group of H8ters you’ll ever find…

  4. Kristen Vrancken works for the state of VT, Children & families. Disgusting, a self-proclaimed liberal who uses her podiun=m to spread hate, lies and distrust.

  5. Vermont Republicans are being framed, they let it happen……………..

    So stand up and stop the rhetoric, start pushing back with the facts, the liberal Left
    can’t handle the truth !!

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