Vermont House GOP Caucus: Letting 16-year-olds vote ‘politically expedient’ for Democrats

The following statement is by House Minority Leader Pattie McCoy, R-Poultney, on behalf of the Vermont House Republicans following the House’s override Friday of Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of a Brattleboro charter change that lets 16-year-olds vote and hold office in town.

“Vermont Democrat lawmakers have sent a series of mixed signals when it comes to their trust in young Vermonters. As it pertains to certain local elections, Democrats want 16-year-olds to be able to vote. But, according to the framework Democrats have structured, those same 16-year-olds would have to wait two years before they could play the lottery or join the military; 6 years before they could purchase alcohol or tobacco; and 7 years before they could be considered an adult for criminal proceedings. There is no consistency. Rather, there exists a patchwork of unclear and confusing contradictions.

“In fact, when Vermont Democrats recently worked to raise the age of ‘youthful offenders’ through age 22, they cited research indicating that these younger individuals take more risks, are more prone to peer pressure, and are less future oriented. Apparently, Vermont Democrats only feel young voters are mature enough to make informed decisions when it might be politically expedient.

“Governor Scott’s veto of this legislation that House Democrats have now rejected was simple and sensible: the Legislature should be consistent on the age of adulthood. This should apply not only for different types of activities, but for all elections as well. Opening the door to early voting in certain elections in specific municipalities only worsens the Legislature’s ‘cafeteria’ approach to the concept of adulthood, where Democrats pick and choose when the age of majority is reached.

“Vermont House Republicans are disappointed in the House’s decision to override Governor Scott’s veto of H.361, and hope the Senate will give the issue more deliberate consideration.”

Image courtesy of town of Brattleboro

11 thoughts on “Vermont House GOP Caucus: Letting 16-year-olds vote ‘politically expedient’ for Democrats

  1. You can’t join the military or police departments or buy alcohol or cigarettes or sign a legally binding contract until you are at least 18 at the earliest. Or age 21 in some cases. But you could vote for policies that affect all of the above at age 16??????? The Democrats and Progressives in our Legislature are insane. Actually, what they are is corrupt. They have a death grip on power and are willing to use children to maintain that grip. Vermonters voted these leftists into office. Live with it. Actually, die with it, as it will be the death of any semblance of our Constitutional Republic. What we will end up with are children who have a VERY incomplete understanding of the principles of the Republic being asked to help destroy it from within. This is apparently what Vermonters want. Look at the results of the most recent elections. Most conservatives running for office were not elected. Liberals were.

  2. Yes democrats have completely lost their minds. Trust me on this one. Ive seen people in my family go completely off the deep end and i know my family is not alone. I would argue the mainstream media is largely at fault for this in addition to the mass psychosis so many fell into after 2 years of covid hysteria. The fact is young people ARE being indoctrinated at younger and younger ages. Historically this occurred mainly at university level but now it starts in preschool so naturally they’d want to lower voting ages accordingly. Generally people come to their senses when they see real world ramifications of such policies but today it seems their minds and eyes remain closed for prolonged periods of time. Now the whole world is paying for it. Just look at our current national and international state of affairs. It may take a true global catastrophy before the masses begin to see through the liberal fog. This seems likely to occur sooner than later. Teach your children real survival skills and they just may live to see the world ‘s return to sanity.

  3. The kids in America have been so dumbed down.
    Ask a 16 year old how the government works- how does government even in their own town work?
    They can’t answer that I bet.
    Being an informed voter matters.
    A 16 year old today can’t even keep their room clean yet.

    I watched them ban the sale of tobacco products here in my community, people must be 21 years old now for purchases.
    What they said pretty much in a PC manner was that people are too stupid to know not to use tobacco products until aged 21– but then they are smart enough to vote?

  4. These leftist child predators find another way to pray on and abuse children and ruin their lives forever.

  5. No voting until you can contribute to the country instead of take from it. I also agree
    EVERYONE who votes should be paying some Taxes. Voting in commies to give
    you freebees should be off the table. No skin in the game no right to vote for the game
    masters…most 18 year olds don’t have enough life experience to vote responsibly how
    in heck does a 16 year old???

  6. at 18 I was convinced that only democrats care about people. then I entered the work force and watched President Reagan and quickly learned otherwise.

  7. Another way for Democrats/Progs to cheat their way to a win – what’s new? Democrats and Progs prove over and over that lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, defamation and dirty tricks are the bricks they lay on the road to victory. Unfortunately, it appears the public falls for this tactic hook, line and sinker. It’s pathetic.

  8. So…a 16 year old is smart and responsible enough to vote, but military enlisting is @ 18 and illegal to buy a beer before 21…..

  9. Have the Democrats gone out of their minds. 16 yr. Olds voting. Have have raised 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
    Letting 16 yr. Olds vote would be a disaster. The can be bought! Few make good decisions at that age. Democrats will do anything to get votes.

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